14 browser extensions for managing your business remotely

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Clayton Quist
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More and more work is taking place outside of the office. Whether it’s due to constant travelling or because people are working at home, there are various online tools which make remote work easier, letting you access archives from any device, anywhere. Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera have a series of browser extensions that you can install and use directly, meeting all kinds of needs. Whether it’s to save links to look at later or to exchange archives via the internet, check out these 14 browser extensions to help you manage your business remotely.

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1. Pocket

This is one of the best online tools for saving links to read later. One of its main advantages is letting you increase your productivity. With this tool, when you access an interesting page of content that you need to take action on, but you can’t act or read it right at that moment, you only need to click on the extension icon and the link will be saved. Have a look at Pocket’s page or download the app for Android or iOS.


Pocket is available for the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

2. Google Analytics URL Builder

Analytic’s URL Builder do Analytics is a useful tool for anyone working with marketing in general, especially in the area of content and social media. It lets you generated codified links that can be created for specific campaigns or to help with the performance of your Facebook and Twitter posts, or any other social media. Google Analytics URL Builder is only available on Google Chrome.

3. Evernote Web Clipper

Although the Evernote application provides the complete experience, you can’t always install it, especially on public computers. Even though it doesn’t have all of the same features, the extension Evernote Web Clipper lets you save links, text excerpts and images with just one click. You can also assign things to be saved into specific folders in your Evernote account, which can be accessed through the software or through the apps for Android and iOS.

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Evernote Web Clipper is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

4. LightShot

This is one of the best browser extensions to download. This tool lets you capture any image being displayed on the browser. What’s more, you can decide how much of the screen you want to capture and edit it slightly. You can add text to the image, including boxes or arrows, or use a highlighter, and you can also immediately print it, save it, search for similar images on Google or share it on your social media accounts, as you can see in screen shot below:


LightShot is available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

5. Buffer

Software for managing social media profiles, the Buffer extensions makes the process of sending an image or content to your page easier. Rather than copying a link, logging into your Buffer account and then publishing it, you can just click the button with the tool’s icon. A window will open, and then you only need to write the post’s content, along with adding an image or link, and then publish it, or program it to be published at the best time.

Buffer is available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

6. Window Resizer

Although the majority of current sites already have responsive designs, that is, they adjust to any screen size, whatever the device, it is always a good idea to test this before launching a page. Window Resizer makes this easy by letting you see a webpage on different screen sizes, like smartphone or tablet size, without needing to change devices. Window Resizer can only be installed on Mozilla Firefox.

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7. LastPass

Do you need to change devices all the time, but have trouble remembering the passwords for all the services you use? LastPass works like a password bank. This extension works through a master password, which you need to memorise in order to access it. When you login to the extension, any site for which your username and password is stored will be accessed automatically. Within the tool, it’s possible to add new information, as well as editing and deleting passwords that you won’t be using any more. The big advantage of this tool is that you can use it on different browsers, as your account will be the same.


LastPass can be installed on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

8. Wappalyzer

This browser extension is perfect when you’re looking for references to construct your site or blog. This is because Wappalyzer analyses a page and finds out what kinds of software it users. For example, if an ecommerce site is known for great online customer service, you can access the page and find out via Wappalyzer which online chat platform it’s using. Another example is that you can find out what was used to build the site, whether it was Shopify, Magento or one of these other [sites to start your ecommerce] (/blog/ecommerce/websites-to-start-ecommerce.html).

Wappalyzer is available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

9. Discoverly

Discoverly is perfect for integrating social media like Facebook and Twitter, mainly to find profiles. Its main function is to help the user track down the other profiles of someone they’ve found on a social network. For example, if they’re a Facebook user, have found a quality text and decide to follow the author, they can use Discoverly to find their Twitter handle and follow them there too. This is a great way of making connections with influencers in your area.

Discoverly is an extension exclusively for Google Chrome.

10. Bitly

The world’s most-used tool for shortening links, Bitly is used so that you take up too much space with links, particularly useful for posts on social networks with character limits, like Twitter and Instagram. It becomes even more useful in combination with extensions like Google Analytics URL Builder, which builds long links. This extension lets you generate a short link immediately, as well as giving you access to analytical tools on the site itself. It also lets you immediately share the shortened link on your social media.


Bitly is available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

11. Colorzilla

This is especially useful for designers, or professionals in general that work with colours. Colorzilla lets them identify the colour code of any element of a website. You can also use it to check which position this colour is in in the colour hexagon. This extension is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

12. Dropbox

A browser extension for one of the best cloud storage tools couldn’t be left off this list. The Dropbox extension makes access to your page through browsers easier, meaning you can send and download archives, as well as sharing them with work colleagues. The Dropbox extension can be downloaded for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.


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13. HTTPS Everywhere

An option for increasing the security of your computer against the threats that could be posed by some sites, HTTPS Everywhere transforms sites in HTTP into the safer HTTPS. This feature is extremely useful in cases like making purchases on virtual stores that haven’t yet updated their format, providing you with more security when you enter your details on the page, particularly sensitive information like credit cards.

HTTPS Everywhere is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

14. Download Chrome Extension

Although it’s little used, Opera is one of the best browsers out there. Although Chrome has the highest number of extensions, Opera has a trump card, a plugin which lets you use extensions from Google Chrome! When you install Download Chrome Extension, you can access the Chrome extension shop normally and download whatever you like to use with Opera, including the extensions we’ve mentioned here. It’s worth remembering that not all plugins work properly with the browser, and you’ll need to test them.

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Which extensions do you use most on a daily basis?

Working remotely has its benefits, but it can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a way of accessing your archives, and notes no matter where you are. That’s why you need to organise your routine, as well as the tools you’re going to be using. Even though there’s no specific browser extension, Jivochat lets you provide customer service from any device, whether it’s a public computer and you’re using a browser, software for a Pc or Mac, or a mobile device, whether Android or iOS. Find out about its [features] (/features/) and the [available plans] (/pricing/)!

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