9 Invaluable Business Technology Tools to Save Time and Money

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Thousands of business technology tools exist to save you time and money. While having choices is beneficial, selecting the best solution/s for your business can be overwhelming at times. However, you don't need to worry. Here's a top business technology tools many of which offer free trials and/or plans to help you get started.

Best Technology Tools to Save Time and Money

1. Finteza

If you need a tool that can furnish you with a comprehensive analytical system, opt for this one. Finteza allows users to examine the performance data of their respective social media campaigns. Additionally, it aids in monitoring and regulating organic traffic levels to your website from different social media platforms.

2. Adobe Sign

Nowadays, as everything is undergoing digitalization, the utilization of paper for official documents has become obsolete. Consequently, signing hard copies of documents is gradually becoming outdated.

The increasing prevalence of digital documents in the workplace has further emphasized the necessity for e-signatures. Adobe Sign can serve as a practical and user-friendly solution for both companies and individuals seeking to meet their e-signature requirements today!

3. PDF scanner app

Working with paper documents has become less common, but it is not yet possible to completely abandon it in most types of business. Using the scanning tool, you can easily digitize documents for further analysis, processing, or transmission.

Like any normal business owner, you want to use the best document scanner. For many users, it has become a PDF scanner app, as evidenced by reviews.

You can download the application on the App Store, reviews are also available there. While you are thinking about scanner app downloads, your competitors are using AI to analyze huge amounts of data.

4. Asana or Trello

Task management tools offer small business owners a convenient and cost-effective solution to save both time and money. By digitally tracking tasks instead of relying on manual methods, you can significantly improve efficiency in communication and task monitoring, for yourself and your employees.

Popular online task management tools like Asana and Trello can help you effortlessly stay organized with to-do lists, project progress, and calendars. With automated reminders and updates, you can avoid the need for manual monitoring.

5. EtherpadGoogle Drive

Businesses should possess versatile communication and file-sharing software. It aids in reducing email congestion and enhancing productivity. Numerous collaboration software programs are available, so selecting the one that meets your requirements is crucial. Etherpad, an exceptional business tool, warrants consideration. This program enables collaborative document editing, thus promoting project management efficiency.

6. Zapier

Automation tools are revolutionizing brand operations by enabling greater efficiency and scalability previously unattainable. Incorporating automated processes not only enhances overall efficiency but also reduces reliance on third-party services, leading to cost savings.  They have similar functionality but have their own specifics.

For instance, you can configure automation to:

  • Save Gmail attachments directly to Google Drive.
  • Instantly tweet your freshly published blog post.
  • Automate email triggers based on specific customer interactions.
  • Streamline form responses by adding them to a spreadsheet.
  • Automatically save new Google Docs files to Dropbox.

7. SalesForce

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms like SalesForce are invaluable resources for gaining and retaining clients, uncovering hidden revenue, and tracking potential, current, and former customers.

A CRM helps you manage relationships from the primary interaction through your marketing and sales funnels, provides tools for nurturing those relationships, and allows you to make solid business decisions based on actual data.

With a CRM, you can track the number of new customers added during a specific period and view contracts by region or type of product purchased, enabling targeted follow-up messages for referrals or repeat business.

8. Calendly

Regularly hosting meetings with your employees is crucial for the proper functioning of your company. In this regard, Calendly can serve as a valuable tool to rely on. It enables scheduling meetings, appointments, and events for individuals or organizations.

You can utilize this tool to share specific meeting time slots with your team of employees or assign individual check-in times with the heads of your company.

Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with the Zoom meeting app, simplifying meeting scheduling. Moreover, it provides automated users with email reminders to ensure they do not overlook their scheduled meetings.

To achieve success and maintain an organized approach, businesses must pay attention to every aspect of their work. With the availability of these eight different types of tools, your company will be well-equipped to surpass competition in the market.

9. Google Drive

Every business requires a secure location, both offline and online, to securely store confidential information and other crucial files. Additionally, accessibility is a key consideration.

Google Drive is a free cloud-based storage service that allows users to store and access files online. The service synchronizes stored documents, photos, and more across all devices. A free Google account provides up to 15GB of storage across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos.

Alternatively, a paid Google account (which includes branded business emails for your team) offers 30GB storage (Business Starter plan is priced at £4.60/user/month). Additionally, there is an option to purchase an upgrade if additional storage is needed.


If you want business technology tips, start using more automation tools. With additional tools, you can reduce downtime, reduce the amount of time spent on tasks, and eliminate delays due to team communication problems. All you have to do is choose which tools are most suitable for your type of business and activity.

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