How does a profile picture influence live chat conversion

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Aliona Malkova
Aliona Malkova

Directly! We’ve researched that a human photo in live chat can increase conversion to dialogue by 1-5%. In other words, a visitor is more likely to come into contact with a person than a cat, mop, or Pokémon.

This means that by simply placing a person’s photo, you will receive more requests from potential customers and will be able to convert them into sales.

How to choose the right photo

Take any real photo with a friendly smile. How formal it should be is up to you. It is important that the picture is lively and evokes positive emotions.

Select a JPEG file of no more than 2 MB and a size of 400x400.

No stock photos please

Rest assured, the customer has seen the image of a girl with a headset a hundred times and on various sites. This has long become a pattern completely unrelated to live communication.

No celebrity photos please

Celebrity photos may bring you visitors' jokes, but these will most likely be non-targeted leads. Converting them into sales is unlikely.

No suitable photo? No problem

You can select a random photo from the Jivo image library. We've collected realistic portraits that encourage site visitors to start a conversation. And yes, you’ve got it right - if you can’t get your own, use the image of another trustworthy person.

How to upload a photo

There are three ways to set a profile pic in JivoChat:

  • the picture is uploaded by the account owner
  • the picture is uploaded by the agent himself;
  • the picture is selected from the image library.

To add the profile picture in live chat:

  1. Go to the Manage section
  2. Select My Profile
  3. Upload a suitable photo

Done! Now your live chat has a human face that inspires the customers’ trust.

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