How to Recover Instagram Account

updated February 7, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Do you want help on how to recover your Instagram account? With so many passwords we have to deal with every day, it's common to forget some of them, including from this social media, preventing you from accessing your Instagram profile.

Therefore, with just a few steps it's possible to make a new password and enter your Instagram once more if you have access to the registered email address or phone number. If not, it's more complicated. In case of being hacked, it may be necessary to take more measures. Check out the article to learn more about it.  

Why Can't You Access Your Instagram Account?

The first step to learning how to recover an Instagram account, it's identifying the reason why you can't enter your account. For each one, you will need to take specific actions. The main issues usually are:

  • Forgot the Instagram password and/or username;
  • Deactivated your Instagram account;
  • Deleted the Instagram account;
  •  Instagram banned your profile.

How to Recover Instagram Account if You Forgot Your Password

In case you forgot your Instagram account password, there are two simple ways to recover access, through your cell phone number or email address. When you create an Instagram account, the platform asks you to register them, and if you still have both, you won't face problems with making a new password.   

Email Address

1 - Open the Instagram app;

2 - Click on "Forgot Password?";

Instagram log in section

3 -  Insert your email address or username;

Troubling logging in Instagram page

4 - Click next;

5 - You will receive an email with a link to create another password. Click on it, and follow the steps. 

Cell Phone Number

1 - Open the Instagram app;

2 - Click on "Forgot Password?";

3 - You will be redirected to another page, click on Phone;

Trouble loogging in page

4 -  Insert your cell phone number;

5 - Click next;

6 - You will receive an SMS with a link to create another password. Click on it, and follow the steps. 

How to Recover Instagram Account Without Email or Phone Number

What if you changed your phone number and your email address, not having access to either of them anymore? It's still possible to recover your Instagram account, but it's more difficult since Instagram wants to prevent other people from passing as you.

1 - Open the Instagram app;

2 - Click on "Forgot password";

3 - Click on "Can't reset your password?";

4 - Instead of choosing the phone number or email address to recover access, select "try another way";

Choose a way to recover your Instagram account page

5 - On the request support page, choose the option "The login code was sent to a cell phone number or email address I don't have access to";

6 - Insert your current email address; 

7 - Instagram will send you an email with instructions regarding how to recover your Instagram account. 

To prove your identity, Instagram may ask you some questions, solicit you to describe your problem, and send a picture of yourself holding a code sent by the social media network. Without access to the email or phone number registered in your account, though, it isn't 100% guaranteed that you can recover the Instagram account. 

How to Recover Your Instagram Account if You Were Hacked

If you have been hacked, first make sure that the hacker didn't access your email as well. After this, follow the same steps as if you have forgotten your password, and change it immediately. Once you enter your Instagram account, go to settings and enable the two-verification step, which is a security measure that makes it difficult to be hacked.

If your email has been hacked, or you lost or had your cell phone stolen, you will need to get in contact with Instagram support. Access the Help Center, go to Login and Passwords, then Hacked Accounts, click on "I think my Instagram account has been hacked", and follow the instructions. 

Can a Deleted Instagram Account be Recovered?

If you have deleted your Instagram account without thinking first, and now wish to reactivate it, unfortunately, it isn't possible. You will have to create a new account, a check if your old username is still available, if not, it's necessary to make another one as well. 

That's why, if ever consider deleting your account, think well about the decision first. Mainly if we are talking about a business or content creator's Instagram account with many followers, and a high engagement rate. If you delete your profile, you lose all of this and will have to start over. 

How to Recover a Disabled Instagram Account? 

If you inflicted Instagram Terms of Use or Community Guidelines, your account can be disabled without any warning. When you try to access Instagram, a message will appear telling you that. 

If you believe there was no reason for your account to be disabled, it's possible to appeal the decision. Enter your username and password once more, and follow the instructions Instagram will give you.

 It's always important to pay attention to the platform rules, violent, sexual, and naked pictures can't be posted, and hate speech and messages encouraging self-injuries are forbidden. Buying followers, using bots, and posting fake news are also actions that may make you lose your account. 

Follow Security Steps to Avoid Problems With Your Instagram Account

Now that you have learned how to recover the Instagram account, there are some actions you can take to prevent losing access to it. If you change your email or phone number, make sure to alter this information on your account, Instagram will send a message to your new and old emails or phone numbers to confirm the alteration. Enable the two-step verification system to prevent hacker attacks.

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