How to Share Reels on Facebook

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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If you are wondering how to share reels on Facebook, this task is simpler than you think. The same video that you publish on Instagram can be reposted on Facebook, which is a great feature since it allows you to reach different audiences on both platforms. Check out the article to know more about it. 

How to Share Reels on Instagram and Facebook at The Same Time

The reel feature on Instagram was released in 2019, at the time users could publish videos that had only 15 seconds. Nowadays, it's possible to upload videos up to 15 minutes in length. The content format, which is similar to TikTok videos, has become a success. 

In 2021, the Meta company started testing the reel feature on Facebook too and made it available around the world in 2022. You can watch reels on this social media network by accessing the "Watch" section and selecting "Reels". 

Facebook will suggest reels based on the content you like to see on the platform. It means you can see reels from profiles and pages that you don't follow. That's a great asset for brands and digital creators who aim to expand their reach and conquer visibility because they can drive the attention of users who don't know them yet. 

If you already record reels to publish on Instagram, you can use the feature to publish a reel on  Instagram and Facebook at the same. What you need to do is: 

1 - Open the Instagram app, enter your account;

2 - Click on "+";

3 - Select "Reels";

Instagram reel page to record or upload a video

4 - Record or upload the reel you want to publish;

5 - Edit the reel if necessary;

6 - Click on "Next";

Instagram reel, the image shows a plane above the clouds

7 - Add a caption and choose a cover for the reel;

8 - Click on "Recommend on Facebook", and turn on this option. Instagram will ask if you want to share all the next reels on Facebook as well, click yes so they will be available on both platforms automatically. 

Reel settings page

Recommend on facebook page

Instagram notification asking where it's written "Previous reels won't be affected by changes you make here. Turn on for all reels. Turn on for this reel. Cancel".

How to Set Up Your Instagram Account to Always Share Reels on Facebook

If you want to enable Instagram to automatically share your reels on Facebook when you post one, it's also possible. Just follow the steps below:

1 - Open Instagram and access your account;

2 - Go to your profile page;

3 - Click on the menu icon;

4 - Click on "Settings";

Instagram menu

5 - Click on "Account";

Instagram settings menu

6 - Select the option "Sharing to other apps";

Instagram account menu

7 -  Click on Facebook;

Sharing to otther apps menu

8 - Select if you want to share your Instagram content on your Facebook profile or page;

9 - On "Your Instagram Reels", click on "Set Up";

Saring across profile menu

10 - Choose the option "allow" to share your reel to Facebook automatically. 

Share your reels to facebook page

Now, every time you publish a reel on Instagram, it will be sent to your Facebook profile or page without you having to click on anything. 

How to Share Reels on Facebook After Posting on Instagram

The instructions given above refer to sharing reels you will publish in the future. If you want to know how to share reels on Facebook that have been previously published on Instagram, the necessary actions are different. 

1 - Open Instagram and access your account;

2 - Go to your profile page;

3 - Select the reel you want to share on Facebook;

4 - Click on the share icon;

Instagram reel showing building on a street.

5 -  Click on the Facebook icon;

Share reel page

6 - Create a Facebook post.

Facebook post page showing a link to the Instagram reel

Notice that in this case, the reel won't be shared as a Facebook reel, it will appear on your timeline with a link to access the reel on Instagram. You can also share the reel on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Snapchat, by clicking on their icons or copying the link to the reel. 

How to Share Reelsl on Facebook Groups

If you are part of Facebook groups, those are spaces where you can promote your reels to increase visibility and engagement. 

1 - Open Instagram and access your account;

2 - Go to your profile page;

3 - Select the reel you want to share on Facebook;

4 - Click on the share icon;

5 -  Click on "Copy link";

6 -  Go to Facebook, and open the group where you want to share the reel;

7 - Create a new post in the group and paste the link to the reel.

The group participants who click on the link will be redirected to Instagram. If you have already shared the reel on Facebook, you can send the link to the Facebook reel instead of the Instagram one. Depends on what you prefer according to your marketing strategies. 

How to Share Reels on Facebook Messenger

If you want to send one of your reels via Facebook messenger, you have to:

1 - Open Instagram and access your account;

2 - Go to your profile page;

3 - Select the reel you want to share on Facebook;

4 - Click on the share icon;

5 - Click on "Messenger";

Share reel page

6 - Select the person you want to send the reels to, and click on "Send". 

Enjoy Instagram and Facebook to Boost Your Reels Engagement

Now that you have learned how to share reels on Facebook, enjoy this feature that easily connects both social media networks to talk to different audiences. It's likely the same people who use Facebook every day aren't the same ones who are always using Instagram, therefore you may present the same video to them, increasing your reach.

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