Why Use Live Chat on Food Delivery Pages

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Live chat on food delivery pages can help you enhance customer experience, and increase sales. Imagine someone is scrolling through your restaurant's menu, and wants to ask some questions before deciding what to order.

With a live chat, all the person has to do is type a message and contact someone from your team. It's a fast and effective solution to avoid losing sales. Besides, it shows concern for your customers and can improve your brand's image.

Check out the article to learn more about the benefits of implementing live chat on food delivery websites.

What Is Live Chat?

Live chat pages

A live chat is a type of software you can add to your website to enable visitors to talk in real time with your team. The live chat widget is displayed like a small box on the corner of the pages. The website visitor clicks on it to start a conversation with a real agent instead of a chatbot.

It's possible to make a proactive invitation, so the live chat window will pop up when the visitor enters a page. They are invited to interact through live chat. Some of the best live chat platforms available allow you to set up personalized invitations based on where the user is located, the number of times they have visited the website, and the time spent on the site.

The customer support team uses the live chat platform to keep track of all visitor interactions. This enables them to solve customer problems faster and identify sales opportunities.

How Does Live Chat Work?

The process to install a live chat on a food delivery website is very simple. First, you need to choose what is the best live chat software for your company, choose a plan, sign in, and install the software on your computers and mobile devices. You can even use a free live chat plan, such as JivoChat offers.

You will receive code that must be embedded in your website's code so the widget will appear on the pages of your choice. Many live chat software, including JivoChat, allow you to customize the widget design, and create personalized messages too.

It's possible to create customer profiles and store all the information about the previous interactions each one had on your website, for instance, the food orders they made and visited pages. Your agents will have access to the same dashboard, so they can manage conversations, follow-up tasks, and redirect messages to one another.

The best live chat apps (JivoChat included) function as centralized communication platforms where you can integrate the live chat, email, and social media messages so you can manage all of them in one place. This helps to avoid mistakes, such as not seeing messages or ignoring previous customer interactions.

5 Main Live Chat Features

1. Proactive Chat

A proactive chat means you will be able to target specific website visitors based on the information you will get when they access your website, such as location, number of times they visited your website, and time spent on the page.

It allows you to create customized messages to interact via the live chat. For example, if someone has left items on the cart, you can ask them why are they leaving or encourage the purchase with free shipping or a coupon discount,

2. Intelligent Chat Routing

Intelligent chat routing is essential to enhance productivity and save time. It's the technology responsible for analyzing when a customer sends a message on the live chat and automatically redirects it to the agent best fit to solve the query.

3. Customization Options

An efficient live chat software must also provide you with multiple customization options. You should be able to personalize not only the messages that will pop up in your website chat window but also the design, so you can align it with your brand's visual identity.

4. Management Features

Check if the free live chat software of your choice offers tools that facilitate the process of managing customer interactions. An integrated dashboard where you can control messages from multiple channels, assign tasks, and keep track of them is fundamental.

5. Integration Capabilities

Also, the best free live chat software must allow you to integrate it with other applications, including social media platforms, CRM, and email marketing tools. It's important to keep all the information synchronized, integrating the applications you use helps to avoid mistakes.

6 Reasons Why Use Live Chat on Food Delivery Pages

1. Easy to Use for Agents and Customers

A live chat for food delivery support is easy to use for both sides. Customers will find an intuitive interface in the format of a pop-up window where they just need to write their questions and press send to start a conversation.

Agents, on the other hand, can manage all customer interactions in a centralized dashboard where it's possible to create customer profiles, analyze data to get useful insights, create and assign tasks, and automate repetitive tasks.

2. Quick Problem Resolution

If a customer has a problem with a food order, for instance, instead of calling to the restaurant or talking to a chatbot, they can solve the issue faster using the live chat. However, you need to count on a well-prepared team, trained to act quickly and always find the best solution, this way you avoid getting mad customers.

This has a positive impact on how your brand is perceived and encourages customers to buy again on your website and even recommend it to their friends and family.

3. Reduce Costs

Keeping a call center is much more expensive than using a live chat, and you can reduce the number of calls significantly. Besides, by aligning the live chat with a chatbot, it's possible to offer 24/7 customer support without spending more.

4. Enhance Customer Experience

The way customers perceive your restaurant or food delivery service is connected not only to how delicious the food you serve is but to many other factors such as efficient service, fast delivery, price, and how easy it is to make an order.

Having a live chat helps to enhance this experience by offering customers an efficient and simple way to get in contact with your company, and solve any issue.

5. Increase Sales

When you enhance customer experience and offer high-quality service the sales increase as a consequence. Instead of waiting for an email response or calling your company, the customer can just send a message about what is preventing him from completing an order and receive appropriate help immediately.

Your sales team must be able to identify the best solution and offer it to the customer, preventing you from losing deals. Besides, receiving personalized help adds credibility to your company, and improves customer satisfaction.

6. Increase Customer Loyalty

The use of live chat on food delivery pages helps to straighten the relationship with your customers. Talking directly to them enables you to get to know them better and have insights about how to improve services and products to solve their demands.

On the other hand, customers know they can count on efficient and quick support when they need it, through live chat, which encourages them to keep buying from your business. It's possible to nurture a long relationship with them.

Enjoy the Benefits of Live Chat on Food Delivery Pages

Now that you understand how using live chat on food delivery pages can help you grow your business, what about trying to implement a live chat on yours? Remember your team must be trained.

They must learn how to use the live chat, and how to offer the best customer service for this strategy to work. Keep up to date with customer demands and try to improve continuously, the live chat will be useful for that as well.

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