Smart Certificates As A Marketing Tool

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Baris Bingol
Baris Bingol
CMO - Sertifier

Most of us think that certificates are useful for the receiver of the certificate. They can use it to understand their skillset, get a job or further improve their educational background. And these are all correct! But smart certificates on the other hand, offer much more and not only to the receiver.

First things first: What is a Smart Certificate?

Most of you may have never heard of the term "Smart Certificate". And you may be bored of everyone putting "smart" in front of everything and trying to make it a thing… But trust me when I say this, we didn’t want to name it "Smart Certificate" either at first, we just had to! Because it really is smart. Keep reading and you may find that the normal, boring certificates you knew are long gone!

** Smart Certificate** is the 21st century version of the certification system, which is the best way of presenting someone’s skill set. Compared to printed certificates, smart certificates have a lot of benefits, are an undeniable need and a method for documenting social skills in an increasingly digitised world.

The Smart Certificates of Sertifier are impossible to be faked thanks to the unique serial numbers and time stamps. They are securely protected on a blockchain based system and verifiable when needed. Distributing certificates with this method creates benefits for the distributor such as: protected corporate identity, savings on money and time, transparency and traceability whereas for the receiver it provides an easily organisable cv and a digital educational passport.

Sure, but how does this have anything to do with Marketing?

An often overlooked but much more important benefit of digitally created certificates is that they create organic promotion for your business. Whenever your learners use, share or add their certificates to their LinkedIn page, they are also promoting your business too, for free! This can be as effective of a promotion as word-of-mouth, since your target audience can see these certificates often from their peers. Tons of people share their Smart Certificates they got from our system each day. The people who see these shared certificates can then check out where they got their friend earned them from with one click!

Not only does this allow your business to reach more people but it also creates credibility unlike any other. There is not a single reason to not use certificates if you can and this is where Sertifier comes in. Sertifier allows you to create, send and store smart certificates and priceless educational data for your business.

If you are interested in this, have an e-learning business or want to learn more on closely related topics, be sure to check out our blog! And if you have any questions you can reach out to us on our website or our social media channels. Start using Smart Certificates as a marketing tool now and get a lead!

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