How to Use TikTok Filters and Boost Your Videos

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
Content Manager

Instant makeup and funny effects, you can enjoy both with TikTok filters. If you are among the 1 billion people who use this social media platform worldwide, you probably have already seen videos with different filters or used them in your content too.  

The filters are a success and have become a tool to attract the audience's attention. Content creators and brands from different niches are using them to create unique videos, some of them have even made their own filters to engage more with the audience. 

It's important to understand how these features impact your content and learn how to use TikTok filters to your favor. 

What Are TikTok Filters?

TikTok filters are a video edition tool that you can use while recording your video or after it. When you insert a filter, it modifies video elements such as brightness, contrast, and colors. There are filters that change the video background, turn the image in black and white, add makeup to your face, and much more. 

How to Use TikTok Filters

Another advantage of TikTok filters is you don't need to be an expert in video editing to know how to apply them. If you are going to record the video directly from the TikTok app, what you need to do is:

1 - Enter your  TikTok account;

2 - Click on the "+" button to start creating your video;

3 - Set up the video time;

TikTok record video page

4 - Click on the filter button on the right side of the screen;

TikTok page to record video

5 - Choose the TikTok filter you want;

6  - Adjust the intensity of the filter;

TikTok filters and filter intensity

7 -  Press the red button to start recording. 

TikTok record page

If you have already recorded the video, it's also possible to add TikTok filters.

1 - Enter your TikTok account;

2 - Click on the "+" button;

3 - Click on "Upload";

4 - Choose the videos and images you wish to use;

5 - Click on the filter button on the right side of the screen;

TikTok edit video page

6 - Select the filter and adjust its intensity;

TikTok filters page

7 - Click on "Next" and publish the video.

TikTok page

Difference Between Filters and Effects

When accessing the TikTok app, you can apply filters or effects to your videos. They have a similar function, the main difference is a filter changes the video entirely, altering the colors, while an effect can change just a detail, for example, changing your hair color or adding freckles to your face. 

How to Use TikTok Effects

Applying TikTok effects is very simple, it just takes a few steps:

1 - Enter your TikTok account;

2 - Click on the "+" button to start making the video;

3 - Click on the effects icon on the right side of the screen;

TikTok video edition page

4 - Choose the effect you want to use and start recording the video.

TikTok effects

If you have recorded the video outside the app, upload it, and choose the effect. 

Enjoy the TikTok Filters

Now that you have learned how to use the TikTok filters and effects, start testing them in your videos. Each filter communicates a different vibe, choose according to the video style and message you want to pass. Analyze the metrics to know if the filter use impacts how the audience reacts to your content.

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