15 Wix Ecommerce Templates to Help You Create Your Store

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Are you starting to plan your online store? One of the most important steps is to choose a design that matches your brand identity and enhances the user experience. When you use Wix to create a store, you are going to count on the Wix ecommerce templates. 

They were pre-built, making it much easier than having to design the website from scratch, you won't need to be an expert on the area. You can select the template that offers the functions and visual structure you desire, and personalize it with the drag and drop tool, using the Wix editor tool. 

Before choosing the best Wix ecommerce template, make the exercise of putting yourself in your customer's shoes. What would call their attention on a website? What would make an interface easy to use for them? What would make them keep wanting to navigate on the website? 

Knowing your customer profile is essential to creating an effective website, which will help you to increase conversion rates and sell more. 

1. Life Etc.

Life Etc. template

Life Etc. Wix ecommerce template has a minimalist design that is focused on highlighting the products. On the first page, you can insert a sequel of images, which makes the interface more dynamic, and underneath it, use the section "featured items", to show the best sellers, for example. 

The clean design avoids that the user gets confused with too many visual elements, and enables you to have an intuitive interface. The template also includes the pages "About", "Journal", "Contact", "FAQ", "Shipping and Returns", "Store Policy", and "Payments". 

It's a template recommended for clothing stores, giving the opportunity to show the clothes details, and use amazing images that make them stand out.

2. Kings of the road

Kings of the Road template

The template Kings of the Road was designed having in mind sporting goods stores, but it fits for different categories as well. It has a modern design with a touch of color that makes it fresh and young. In the first section, you can add a video to the background, a useful strategy to catch the readers' attention.

Then, in the second section of the website, insert the products to direct to the store. The navigation is simple, by scrolling down, the user will have access to the website’s different sections, including "About us" and "Contact Us".

You can add social media buttons, and insert a form to enter the email address and subscribe to updates. 

3. Equals

Equals template

Equals’ ecommerce template also provides a more colorful design but keeps the clean and symmetrical style. The colors are inserted on the details, for example, in the search bar or on the background of the page, but without affecting readability (always pay attention to that), and help to catch the attention to where you want to emphasize.

It's a clothing store template, but it can easily be used for other categories. It has a menu on the right side, which helps to navigate through the store sections, which includes the "Most Wanted Items" section where you can highlight the best sellers. 

It's also possible to show Instagram's feed on the website, creating a more integrated experience. At the footer of the website, you can add social media buttons, and also a form to subscribe to the mailing list. 

4. EZ

EZ template

EZ Wix ecommerce template presents a contemporary design that has everything to do with electronic stores and can be used, for example, for a product's landing page. It allows you to highlight its features and other details. 

The template contains the pages "Home", "Newsletter", "Support", "Expert Reviews", "Shop", "FAQ", and "Contact". The review section is a strategy that helps to give credibility to the product you want to sell, increasing the customer's trust by providing independent opinions. 

While with support and FAQ sections, you can solve the main doubts from your customers, and improve the shopping experience. 

5. Flamingo Designs

Flamingo Designs template

Flamingo Designs is a vibrant ecommerce template that suits perfectly with home accessory stores. The full-width image on the background of the home page helps to catch the attention and stimulate to keep navigating through. 

The single-page design makes the interface easy to use, making it more practical and fast to find any information needed. The user can quickly discover more about the brand, explore the product categories, send a message, or click on the social media page buttons. 

6. Bowtie Company

Bowtie Company template

Developed for accessories stores, the Bowtie Company template has an elegant and sophisticated touch that is perceived on the details, for example, in the word fonts used.

The color scheme that uses deep forest green, spring yellow, black and white also helps to make the design more refined without being colorless. The single-page design enables the readers to access all the information and sections they want just by scrolling down.

You can insert a video on the background of the home page, which makes it more dynamic. The template includes the sections "Home" and "Shop", and you can insert your brand's Instagram feed to it. 

7. Lulu & Pepe Dog Apparel

Lulu & Pepe Dog Apparel template

The color scheme of the Lulu & Pepe Dog Apparel's template is cozy, yet modern, and invites the user to keep browsing. As a template built for pet apparel stores, it focuses on the use of several images, displaying different products. 

The sections are divided into "Home", "Shop", "Size Guide", "About", and "Contact", and you can insert your  Instagram feed on the home page. The template is framed by a fixed border where the social media page buttons are added and can be accessed whenever necessary. 

8. Ania Gaudi

Ania Gaudi template

Ania Gaudin template has a chic and elegant design suited for jewelry stores. The color scheme along with the symmetrical way that the images are positioned helps to pass that impression. The name of the store is put on vertical in the middle of the screen, and it remains fixed as you scroll down.

The template has a single-page design where the sections are divided into "Home", "Shop", "Best Seller", "Inspirations", "Contact", "FAQ", "Shipping & Returns", and "Store Policy". The contact addresses are on the footer while the social media buttons are inserted on the footer.  

9. Poster Gal

Poster Gal template

With a pastel color scheme, Poster Gal presents an intuitive template where you can add banners to redirect the customers as they scroll down the home page. The banners are positioned in squares and rectangles in different colors creating a symmetrical look, and also redirecting the reader’s eye to the main messages. 

The sections are divided into "Home", "Shop", "About", "Contact". At the end of the home page, there is the section "#Poster_Gal", where you can create an inspiration board with posts made by your customers, using your company's hashtag. 

10. Awesome Sneakers

Awesome Sneakers template

Awesome Sneakers, as the name suggests, is a Wix ecommerce template made for shoe stores, its colorful, dynamic, and modern design helps to highlight the products.

On the home page, the full-width image on the background calls attention to the sneakers, and the main message, "Shop now", is put in a box in a different color. Then, the screen is divided into 2 banners that redirect the uses to the men’s collection and the women’s collection. 

Underneath it, there is an animated fig that shows different sneakers models, which makes the page more appealing. The CTA is strategically placed in the middle of the page, with different colors. 

11. Soundbeam

Soundbeam template

Soundbeam is a Wix ecommerce template suited to create a product landing page. With a neutral color scheme, and using images as background, it has a clean and minimalistic single-page design.

In the first section, the product is presented to the user, who can click on the "Order Now" button and buy the item, or keep scrolling down to discover more about its features. You can create a section to highlight the product’s main advantages, and also insert a review section.  


Tote template

If you are looking for a minimalist design to display your products in a simple and easy-to-navigate interface, Tote is a template that should be considered.

On the home page, the user can already see the products, prices, and click on them to know more about each one. You can organize the items to highlight the best sellers on the first line and the sales on the second one, for instance.

Scrolling down, there is a space to add more information about your company on the "About" section. The other pages included in this template are "FAQ", "Contact", "Shipping & Returns", "Store Policy", and "Payment Methods". 

13. The North Pole

The North Pole template

With a black and white color scheme, The North Pole template was created for a backpack store, but its minimalist design fits well in different categories. 

The black background in contrast with the texts in white helps to create a sophisticated layout and to highlight the images, inserted as banners to redirect the users to navigate through the products categories. 

The website template includes the sections "Shop", "About", "Forum", "Contact", "Search", and "Search". There is a fixed bar on the right side of the template where the social media buttons can be easily found every time someone needs them. 

14. Pure Juice

Pure Juice template

Pure Juice is a Wix ecommerce template made for a food store. It provides a simple design where the focus is showing the products and making their characteristics stand out. The home page has a white background with the product’s image and a CTA to buy it, direct and effective. 

Then, the visitor can navigate through the shop category, where all the juice flavors and prices are displayed, in this case, and also go to the sections "About", "FAQ", and "Contact Us".

Inserting a touch of color to the design the "add to the cart" button is in green along with the "Let's chat" button, which is fixed on the right corner of the pages and redirects the user to a live chat. 

Cookie Shop templates

The Cookie Shop template is another option for ecommerces that are looking for templates suited for online food stores. With a pastel color scheme, the design gives you space to add several images of the products and make the readers want to taste them. 

On the home page, you can create a dynamic background with a sequence of several images, and the "Shop Now" button that redirects the website visitor to easily buy the items. You can add the "Best Sellers" section, and also integrate the Instagram feed to be displayed on the home page. 

Choose the best Wix Ecommerce Template According to Your Needs

Create your own Ecommerce with Wix today

There is a big variety of Wix Ecommerce Templates, to select the best, it's important to have in mind your potential customers' profile, and what functions you need to have in your online store.

Make a list of the buttons and sections you wish to insert, and also research for ecommerce examples, it can help you to get inspired. Remember to always put user experience as a priority.

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