20 Best Wix Website Templates

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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If you use Wix as your content management system (CMS) and to build your website, you will find several solutions to help you create responsive pages that are search optimized. The platform doesn't require coding or design skills, and to make it easier you can use the best Wix website templates.

Why Use Wix? 

Create a Wix website today

Wix is worldwide known for being one of the best website builders platform, which offers you solutions to create your website, manage, edit, and publish content. You will count on an easy-to-use design editor where you can choose the pre-built template that suits your needs, then customize it by dragging and dropping the elements you wish to include, resizing, and positioning them. 

Wix also offers several tools to enable you to create a fully customizable online store and manage it. You can provide a great customer experience by personalizing all the details of your ecommerce, such as the storefront, product pages, cart, and the checkout process. Besides, it allows you to sell in different marketplaces and control everything from a single dashboard.

To help you gain visibility and grow organic traffic, Wix also provides multiple SEO tools. You can customize the URLs and meta tags, the platform creates sitemaps automatically, optimizes site images, and enables you to have a mobile-friendly website.

20 Best Wix Website Templates

Business & Service

1. Real Estate Consultant

If you are in the real estate business, having a website that highlights the images of the currently listed properties, shows your experience, and clients' testimonials can help you conquer new customers. 

Real Estate Consultant template

A well-developed website gives more credibility and that template is developed for that. The minimalist design makes the images stand out, and the single-page layout enables users to easily find the information they are looking for. 

2. Tech Company

When we talk about businesses that are in the tech industry, having a website is fundamental. After all, a tech company needs to be updated with the digital world. It's even more crucial to deliver a great user experience and a design that matches the brand's identity. 

Tech Company template

This template helps you to deliver that with a mobile-friendly, and modern layout. You will count on a built-in subscribe form to easily generate leads. Besides, you can make a "pricing plans" section where visitors are able to see the values, and features of each plan and quickly sign up to use your product. 

3. Law Firm

This modern and sophisticated Wix Website template is suited for law firms and enables you to create different sections on a single page layout. You can, for instance, present the practice areas, your team of attorneys, and insert a contact form as well. Customize the design by adding your company's logo and the brand color palette. 

Law firm template

4. Financial Consulting Company

The Financial Consulting Company template has a minimalist and modern design that enables you to showcase your services, team, and clients' testimonials. You can allow your clients to book consultations online, provide them with financial tools, which the access can be controlled as you prefer, and develop a finance blog too. 

Financial Consulting Company template


5. Accessories Store

If you wish to have an online store, it's essential to know how to display your products to grab the visitors' attention, and also know how to organize your ecommerce in multiple sections according to product categories. This will make it easier for customers to navigate through and find what they want. 

Accessories store template

The Accessories Store Wix website template provides exactly what you need: a minimalist layout that focuses on the products' images. When passing over each product, the visitor will see a button to go to the products page, and then they can choose to click on "add to the cart", or "buy now". 

6. Supermarket

Perfect for grocery stores, food delivery services, and online retailers, with the Supermarket template you have the opportunity to build a website that has an intuitive interface and provides a good customer experience. You can divide the products into categories such as "food", "beverage", and "personal care", and enable clients to create wishlists. 

Supermarket template

You will find a built-in subscription form that you can put on the website so clients will be able to subscribe and be updated about sales and new products. You also have the option to insert a search bar, facilitating the product search. 

7 . Clothing Store

The Clothing Store template has a clean design developed to make the photos of your brand's clothes accessories stand out. On the home page, it's possible to display multiple images dynamically, and also insert the links to your social media pages on the side. 

Clothing store template

As the reader scrolls down, they can see the featured items or the ones on sale. Create a section to present your brand, a blog where you have the opportunity to talk more about the fashion world as well. This can help customers to engage more with your brand. 

8. Electronic Store

With the Electronic Store template, you can create a log-in section, enable visitors to favorite products, add a search bar, and separate the items into multiple categories. Highlight specific products or discounts on the home page. 

Electronic store template


9. Business CV

Have you ever tried for a job vacancy and one of the requirements was to present your portfolio? That's very common for copywriters, architects, illustrators, and designers, for instance. The Business CV allows you to have a website to showcase the projects you have developed, talk more about your experiences e and show your resume. 

Business CV template

10. Copywriter

As a copywriter, it's interesting to have an online portfolio where you can show articles, ebooks, and other types of text that you have written. This template has a single-page layout and allows you to insert links to your works, a section presenting yourself, and a contact form so people can get in touch with you. 

Copywriter template

11. Illustrator

An illustrator's online portfolio should highlight their illustrations, right? That's the purpose of this Wix website template, make your projects stand out, the center of the design is the images you are going to insert. You can also add a section to tell more about you and a contact form. 

Illustrator template

12. Fashion Designer

The Fashion Designer template enables you to add a video to your home page where you can show a collection you have made, for instance. You can add multiple sections to your website, including an image gallery with your projects, an "about", and "contact" pages too. The layout follows a minimalist style, and it's completely customizable to transmit your brand's visual identity. 

Fashion designer template


13. Online Course Platform

With this template, you have the opportunity to create an incredible course platform. The Wix Video app enables you to easily upload, organize and share video content, so your students will have access to your classes with no trouble. The layout has a modern style and focuses on highlighting the videos and images, starting from the home page with a video in the background. 

Online course platform template

14 . Education Blog

The Education Blog is a Wix website template developed for teachers, academics, and researchers to give you a space to share your articles, ideas, and projects. You can have multiple sections such as a blog, an about me page, an area to get in contact with you, and also insert a form to subscribe to your newsletter, in case you have one. 

Education blog template


15. Wedding Invitation

Having a website dedicated to a wedding can be very helpful to the groom and bride and to the ones invited to the ceremony since you can add all the information about the event, hour, address, gift list, and dress code, for instance.

Wedding invitation template

With this template, you will count on a beautiful and elegant design, with a floral theme, which is completely customizable and allows you to add your photos to personalize the pages. 

16. Business Conference

A well-constructed website is essential to promote a business conference, and with this template, you can present all the information about the event to convince people to participate. Enable people to RSVP through the website, check the conference schedule, and who are going to be the speakers. 

Business conference template

17. Music Festival

With the Music Festival template, you can sell tickets online, present the lineup, sync with its Instagram account to display the feed on the website, and include all the information necessary about the event. Besides, it's possible to add a section to show the sponsors and also insert a form so people can subscribe to the festival's newsletter if you are going to create one. 

Music Festival template


18. Fashion Blog

With Wix Blog, it's easy to maintain your blog always updated and provide a high-quality website for your visitors to navigate. The Fashion Blog template was built for influencers who want to have a space that enables them to engage and build a closer relationship with their followers. But, you can also add an ecommerce to it, and enjoy this minimalist layout to build your store as well. 

Fashion blog template

19. Wellness Blog

Are you a personal trainer, a Yoga teacher, or do you work in other areas related to health and well-being? Having a blog may be the opportunity to engage with your target audience and discuss important topics. With this template, you will find a layout that's colorful and clean, which enables you to easily publish articles and talk more about important topics. 

Wellness blog template

20. Business Blog

The Business Blog template has a corporate style that is perfectly suited for professionals who are looking for creating a blog focused on work and developing connections with potential clients. You can add a search bar so visitors can easily find the articles they want to read, also insert links to your social media page, and include a subscription form for a newsletter.

Business blog template

Plan Your Pages and Choose the Best Wix Website Template

There are hundreds of Wix website templates to choose from, but before selecting one, it's essential to plan your website. What is the purpose of your website? Who are you going to talk to? What section are you going to have on it? You will see that by answering those questions, it becomes easier to draw the path you want to follow with your website.

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