How to use the Assigned agent feature

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On JivoChat you can assign an agent to each chat. This feature allows your agents to easily identify the teammate responsible for a particular conversation. It also makes it easier for the admin to analyze the clients list on Jivo application.

This article will explain how to use the “Assigned Agent” feature.

When the customer sends a message in the chat for the first time, the agent that accepted the conversation is automatically assigned to the chat. In subsequent chats, the assigned agent will remain the same even if another agent accepts the chat and communicates with the customer. If necessary, you can manually change the assigned agent at any time.


To select another agent, click on “Assigned agent” and select the agent from the drop-down list. You can search for the agent by name, position, email or phone number. To leave the chat unassigned choose the option “Not selected”.


On Archives section, on Clients tab, you can filter your clients using “Assigned agents” filter. You can also download a file with clients data including the name of the assigned agent.


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