How to make the chat pop up only once

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If your visitors complain that the chat window is popping up too often, you can adjust your triggers according to these instructions.

These changes will limit the automatic pop up of the chat window so that it will be opened only once after a visitor enters the site.

In your JivoChat Web App or one of our Desktop apps, go to Manage -> Channels -> Settings (below the channel name) -> Triggers section to limit the automatic popping up of the chat window. For example, let's consider a trigger named "Proactive Invitation on Every Page":

  • Presence of agents online - this condition is required when setting up any trigger, which determines the mode of the chat (online, offline).

  • Time on page - the time that a person has to spend on the page before the trigger starts to work. Enter the required time in the field.

  • Time since JivoChat window was closed - set the time until the next triggering, if a person has closed the chat (x), or clicked "Cancel". This means that if the visitor closes the chat and goes to another page, the chat window will "pop up" again at the specified time. Set it to 99999 sec if you do not want the chat to popup again.

  • Time since the last proactive invitation - prevent the chat window from popping up when the visitor didn’t click close (x) or "Cancel" and simply passes through your site. Set 99999 sec and chat doesn’t open again.

  • As a result the trigger should look like this:

Please note that you should be using ALL in the following conditions.

Don’t forget to save the settings by clicking the "Save" button on the bottom part of the trigger settings.

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