15 Best AI Chatbots For Customer Service in 2024

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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AI chatbots have become a trend in technology tools for customer assistance. Companies have implemented this solution in various industry sectors to help enhance customer experience, nurture leads, and increase conversion rates.

However, to take advantage of the AI chatbot's potential it's indispensable to understand how it works and learn to use its features to achieve your goals. Check out the article to learn more about it.

What Is an AI Chatbot?

AI chatbots are computer applications that use machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to simulate human conversations. They become more efficient as more interactions and data for analysis they have.

The AI writer can generate human-like and accurate responses based on organizational knowledge, customers' use of word analysis, and pattern identification. Due to that, the AI chatbots detect customer intent, produce high-quality content, offer efficient assistance, score leads, and provide insights.

5 Essential Features in AI Chatbots

1. Easy to Use

Look for an AI chatbot that is easy to use. Its interface should be intuitive and enable you and your team to understand how to use it efficiently and quickly. The onboarding process should go smoothly.

2. Advanced AI Model

Check out if the AI chatbot of your choice is up to date with the latest developments in machine learning and natural language processing. It should be able to analyze customer sentiment, retain content, and generate relevant responses based on the context.

3. Analytics Tools

High-quality AI chatbots must have analytics tools to measure key performance indicators, create customer profiles, and provide reports with insights regarding how to improve customer assistance, engage with them, boost sales, and many other improvement ideas based on your goals. This way your team can make data-driven decisions, diminishing the error risks.

4. Integration Options

Observe if the AI chatbot of your choice allows you to integrate it with other apps. Ensure It's compatible with your website, CRM system, and other essential software for your business that must function aligned with the AI chatbot.

5. Security and Data Privacy

It's fundamental to guarantee your company and customers' data is protected. Check if the AI chatbot complies with data protection regulations, and uses encryption protocols. You should also verify the privacy settings

6 Ai ChatBot Benefits for Customer Service

1. Enhance Customer Engagement

Implementing an AI-powered chatbot on your website can help engage with customers. You can trigger proactive messages based on customer behavior.

For example, if the customer is navigating a product page, the AI assistant can offer help to show the product's benefits and functionality. If the customer is reading an article on your blog, the chatbot can suggest content based on the theme.

Besides, when the customers receive personalized and useful information and have their questions solved, they feel more inclined to engage organically with your brand. This can happen by recommending your product to others, commenting on your posts, and sharing your social media content.

2. Reduce Costs

AI chatbot use helps to reduce costs because your agents can focus on more important tasks. They won't be overloaded with assignments that could be automated, and you won't need to hire more staff.

You can also reduce costs by implementing actions based on the data-driven insights given by the AI chatbot, which is capable of analyzing customers' behavior and identifying trends and needs. Therefore, the chances of success for new strategies increase. You don't have to make decisions based on guesses, which diminishes the risk of losing investment.

3. Saves Time

Chatbots that use artificial intelligence can formulate highly accurate responses with a human-like tone of speech. As a consequence, the live agents can leave the AI in charge of answering the chat in many situations.

This saves a considerable amount of time since the AI chatbots can answer multiple people at the same time, 24 hours a day. Customer support becomes more efficient, and the agents more productive.

4. Generate and Qualify Leads

Another benefit of AI chatbots is their ability to detect and qualify leads. The AI chatbot can detect the website visitor's intent based on previous interactions, identify opportunities, and act upon them. It also defines the most effective marketing actions to convert qualified leads into customers.

5. Faster Response Time

Your website visitors won't have to wait for an answer when sending a message through the chat. The AI will answer them immediately, which increases engagement, and conversion rates, and adds credibility to your company.

When customers receive an answer right away, you enjoy the opportunity to catch their attention for more time. Through the chat conversation, they can be convinced to buy a product, sign up for your newsletter, or follow other calls to action.

6. 24-hour Customer Support Availability

With AI chatbots you can offer 24-hour customer support since the AI will always be available to interact and solve customer issues. This helps to improve customer experience, encouraging them to become loyal customers.

15 Best AI Chatbots for Customer Support in 2024

1. JivoChat

The image shows a robot with several dialogue baloons around it.

JivoChat has an AI chatbot solution for small, medium, and large businesses. It uses natural language understanding (NLU) processes to understand the messages, formulate accurate answers, and respond in a human-like manner. Besides, you can build a bot by yourself or through a contractor.

The chatbot qualifies users, shares information for making a decision, collects contacts, and passes the "warmed-up" client to the operator. It's available 24/7, and you can integrate it with all JivoChat channels, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and much more.

Key features:

  • Sales optimization
  • Natural language understanding
  • App integrations
  • Customized scenarios
  • Qualify users
  • Automate actions
  • Collect data
  • Work with clients 24/7
  • Human-like responses

2. Jasper

Jasper home page

Jasper AI chatbot has learned from billions of content published on the internet, which enables it to develop conversations about complex subjects. It also has an intuitive interface that aims to simplify its use.

It can follow storylines, pick up from previous interactions, generate unique content, and understand and write in more than 30 languages. You can integrate it with various apps as well, including Webflow, Google Sheets, and Zapier.

Key features:

  • Data analysis
  • Offer insights
  • Expansive base of knowledge
  • Familiar design
  • Generate unique content
  • Understand and write content in more than 30 languages

3. ZenoChat

ZenoChat page

You can tailor ZenoChat to your company's needs and style. It allows you to build a personalized AI based on your input, and knowledge to prevent generic interactions. You can customize your AI personas too.

It's possible to create your own AI chatbot and train it on your data. All you need to do is upload your files, define your personas, and set the AI chatbot characteristics. You can use it on more than 30.000 platforms.

Key features:

  • Create custom AI chatbots
  • Train it with your data
  • Define a persona with a specific tone of voice
  • Fix grammar and spelling
  • Support over 25 languages
  • App integrations
  • Personal intelligence

4. WriteSonic

WriteSonic page

With Write Sonic, you can offer 24x7 customer support, serve global customers in more than 50 languages, automatically measure resolutions, and integrate the AI chatbot with WhatsApp, SMS, and other channels. The Ai chatbot also offers personalized recommendations to customers and can automate the shopping experience.

Write Sonic chatbot has been used in various industry sectors. For example, in universities as a virtual campus guide. In the real estate sector, it enables agencies to offer instant property details, schedule viewings, and offer personalized buying advice;

Key features:

  • AI copilots
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Automated employee support
  • AI-enhanced conversational commerce
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • App integration s
  • Data encryption

5. Workativ

Workativ assistant page

AI chatbots can also enhance internal communication, and that's what Workativ enables you to do. You can solve employee IT issues instantly powered by conversational AI and app workflow automation.

Turning your knowledge base into generative AI chats for user queries is also possible. Connect bots with apps to automate repetitive tasks to free your support agents. Another use for Workativ Ai Chatbot is HR assistance since you can automate employee requests too.

Key features:

  • Chatbot builder
  • FAQ builder
  • App integrations
  • Sensitive data handling
  • Analytics
  • Context switching
  • Custom answers
  • AI suggestions

6. Certainly

Certainly home page

Certainly was designed to allow you to build tailor-made AI conversational chatbots. It enables you to provide global customer service with multiple domains and multilingual demands. You can create an AI salesperson that intelligently recommends products and helps reduce returns.

With Certainly AI chatbot, you can provide customer service in over 100 languages, 24/7. The AI collects customer data and provides various insights. It also drives customer activation by engaging with them through humanlike conversations, quizzes, and games.

Key features:

  • Supports over 100 languages;
  • 24/7 automated service
  • Collect customer data
  • Drive customer activation
  • Contextual understanding
  • Humanlike responses
  • App integrations

7. CoSupport

CoSupport page

You can use CoSupport AI copilot to work in different roles. As a business analyst, your employees can require customer issues analysis, for example. It can act as a product management assistant offering insights about how to improve the products based on customer behavior.

It can also answer marketing questions from your team, provide data like the most visited pages, and give suggestions based on their inquiries, such as generating topics for the company blog. You can automate customer service, and count with an AI agent assistant as well.

Key features:

  • AI copilot
  • Provide insights into key areas of your organization
  • Customer service automation
  • Generate personalized responses
  • Employee support
  • Business intelligence support
  • App integrations

8. Ada

Ada home page

Ada allows you to have an AI agent ready to answer customer questions on multiple channels, including voice and email messages. You can automate over 70% of customer inquiries by connecting the AI agent company knowledge database.

Instead of following a script, the Ada AI agent will figure out how to best resolve an inquiry, even the most complex one. It reasons through a problem and identifies the best step to take. Ada has quality checks, which are applied to every response to ensure they are safe, accurate, and relevant.

Key features:

  • Perform complex tasks
  • Complies with proprietary safety filters
  • Retrieve information from thousands of knowledge sources
  • Speaks your language and aligns with your brand
  • Engage in human-level reasoning
  • Automatically measure solutions
  • Supports more than 50 languages

9. ChatBot

Chatbot 2.0 page

The ChatBot 2.0 is AI-powered, driven by data, but designed to be controlled by you. This means you can get your own AI model to generate relevant answers to user questions. It sticks to your data, giving you full control over the responses.

You will connect the AI chatbot to your data source, which can be your website, company knowledge base, or help desk tickets. Then, the ChatBot will crawl your data to develop a personalized AI model that's ready to use.

Key features:

  • Create a personalized AI model
  • Train Your Bot
  • Customize the bot's look
  • App integrations

10. Fin

Fin chatbot interaction

Fin is the AI chatbot developed by Intercom. It uses artificial intelligence models to automatically solve customer issues, with safe, and accurate conversational answers based on your support content.

Fin understands complex queries, asks clarifying questions, provides 24/7 support, and works with Intercom's help desk. It can answer questions using multiple sources, segment customers, and triage complex problems to transfer to your support team.

Key features:

  • Natural language conversation
  • 24/7 support
  • App integrations
  • Content targeting
  • Segment customers
  • Instant answers from multiple sources
  • Support 43 languages

11. Zowie

Zowie chatbot

Zowie chatbot is powered by the new X2 Gen AI Engine, and it was developed to fulfill e-commerce support needs. Trained in real conversations, it focuses on solving customer demands and delivering outstanding user experience.

This AI chatbot doesn't use scripts, it creates personalized answers that embody your brand tone of voice and style. It offers support in 175 languages, works across multiple channels, and recognizes intent to provide personalized support.

Key features:

  • Built for e-commerce
  • Capture your brand voice and style
  • Human-like responses
  • App integrations
  • Speaks 175 languages

12. Botsify

Botsify home page

Used by over 120,000 users worldwide, Botsify enables you to launch a no-code website chatbot within minutes. Its AI chatbots are designed to be highly conversational and provide quick and accurate answers.

You can integrate the chatbot with multiple channels, like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, and SMS, to reduce response time and answer all your leads and customers. You can also count on Voice AI, which acts as a realistic human agent.

Key features:

  • High scalability
  • Highly conversational chatbot
  • Lead generation
  • Collect data
  • Voice AI
  • Chatbot builder

13. Giosg

Giosg AI chatbot page

Giosg allows you to provide personalized customer journeys, automated support, and tailored interactions powered by Open AI. The AI chatbot can recommend products, and share valuable information to help customers make informed decisions.

You can give your AI clear role personas from product experts to customer service agents, and provide unique instructions, so it can perform these roles based on your goals. To enhance user experience, train your AI with information from your website and databases. Tailor the chatbot to be aligned with your brand's voice and identity.

Key features:

  • Provide personalized support
  • Natural language conversations
  • Accurate and relevant answers
  • Data secure
  • Unique Ai personas
  • Multisource knowledge bases
  • Tailored for your brand

14. Zendesk

Zendesk AI agents page

Zendesk AI Agents automatically detect what customers want, and respond like a human agent would. They create unique replies fueled by the content in your knowledge base. To improve the interactions even more, you can set the AI tone of voice to match your brand.

You have control over how AI agents respond by tailoring and customizing the way they should interact.

Key features:

  • Offer nonstop service
  • Eliminate high-ticket volume
  • Detect what customers want
  • Match the tone of voice to your brand
  • Collect data

15. IBM

Watson X Assistant page

Watson X Assistant is the IBM solution to deliver consistent and intelligent customer care with conversational AI. Powered by large language models (LLM), it has a user-friendly interface and enables you to offer self-service support across multiple channels.

It's a natural language AI chatbot that understands human conversation, and it's designed to provide answers grounded in your company's content. It collects data, provides insights, and can simplify workflows.

Key features:

  • Large language models
  • User intent recognition
  • Auto-learning AI technology
  • Personalized chatbots
  • Constantly enriched by cutting-edge technology
  • App integrations

Choose the Best AI Chatbot for Your Company

As you can see AI chatbots can be implemented for multiple functions, and help your company improve customer support significantly without increasing costs. Analyze the AI chatbot options that are better suited for customer support and start enjoying the benefits they can offer for your business.

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