AI Live Chat: How to Use It to Improve Customer Service

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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With the development of AI live chat, companies have the opportunity to use it to enhance customer experience, reduce response time, and offer 24-hour customer support. This helps the live agents work, so they can focus on more complex tasks.

It's important to keep up with the latest technologies to find ways to improve the results and avoid becoming outdated.

What Is AI Live Chat?

AI live chat is a live chat software empowered by artificial intelligence. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand the questions sent by the customers and formulate the best answers.

Artificial intelligence learns and improves their interactions as they have more access to data about the customers and the company's services. The AI gets more efficient over time, and it's capable of analyzing customer sentiment, automating tasks, and providing data-driven insights.

The use of artificial intelligence doesn't mean the Live Agents will stop interacting with the customers. The AI works like an assistant, providing chat solutions and tips for the agents. The human interaction is very important, it shows concern and attention to the customers.

5 Benefits of Using AI Live Chat

Live chat conversation with a chat bot

1. Improve Service by Learning with the Interactions

As the AI answers queries and increases its data access, it's able to identify patterns, and pain points, analyze speeches, and tone of voice, and become more efficient as it gains more efficiency with time.

They develop more accurate and personalized responses, understand the customer's needs, and offer the best answers.

2. Detect Customer Intent

The artificial intelligence is capable of identifying the customer intent by analyzing previous interactions, the words used, and the data available about each customer. This way it's possible to provide highly personalized customer service.

3. Save Live Agents Time

The AI is in charge of answering the customer's frequently asked questions, solving less complex product and service problems, and providing insights. Therefore the live agents save time , and are able to focus their work on more important issues.

4. Gather Customer Insights

The AI collects data and analyzes the customer interactions. Based on that, it provides valuable insights for lead generation, sales growth, nurturing customer relationships, encouraging them to engage with the brand, and finding solutions to achieve the company goals.

5. 24/7 Availability and Immediate Responses

With Live Chat AI you can offer 24h customer support since the AI will always be available to interact and solve customer issues. This helps to improve customer experience, encouraging them to become loyal customers.

How to Use AI Live Chat for Customer Support

Analyzing Customer Sentiment

The AI can identify customer sentiments through data analysis. It analyzes and tracks speech trends, recognizes patterns, and interprets word choices. Knowing the customer's sentiments is highly useful to know what type of content you should produce to engage with them, and to come up with sales strategies based on their feelings.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the AI to answer frequently asked questions. This way the live agents don't have to type the same answers over and over, saving their time. The AI makes searches to develop the most accurate answers.

Automate Responses

You can use the AI to create live chat scripts chat for different situations. It generates headlines and messages according to previous word results success. The AI also helps you to identify the best time to send emails, based on each customer's opening email habits.

You will be able to automate the response based on trigger actions and make proactive invitations.

Qualify Leads

The AI analyzes customer behavior, identifies risks, and creates lead scoring. Therefore, you will be able to focus the marketing actions to convert the most qualified leads. Besides, you save time since you don't have to analyze data manually.

Balance Technology with Human Interaction

AI live chat is a resourceful tool that you can implement for multiple purposes. However, it's important to remember the importance of live agent interactions. Some customers don't like to interact with AI, so you need to offer assistance to them. Find the balance between using AI tools and nurturing relationships through live agent interactions.

With the Jivochat live chat for websites, you will find the best automation solution and enjoy a responsive interface where the live agents can build customer profiles, keep track of every interaction, and communicate with their co-workers through the JivoChat Team Chats

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