20 Brazilian social media blogs to follow and understand everything about it

updated January 28, 2022
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Having an internet business and not having presence on social networks is currently the key to failure. Even if you have an excellent email marketing or have a product catalog with great photos, if they are not advertised on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, it will be difficult to attract more customers. But if you're still learning all about it, we've compiled a list of 20 social media blogs that you can follow.

1. Marketing de Conteúdo

Created by Rock Content, an agency specializing in content marketing, the blog teaches you how to create content for your blog and social networks in order to optimize reach and conversions. The blog deals with the various texts, podcasts and videos that you can use in your content strategy. It also works with (and teaches) about the most diverse concepts and ramifications of digital marketing.

2. Midias Sociais.net

Focused exclusively in social media management, the Mídias Sociais.net is an agency that provides exactly the same service as the content of your blog. The site features tutorials, strategies for various situations and case studies, among other types of texts related to the subject.

3. Resultados Digitais

One of the largest publications in the ​​digital marketing area, Resultados Digitais works especially in the ​​education area, offering online courses, while offering educational content in your blog. The website is well complete when it comes to social networks, but it also addresses other aspects in the marketing area, including organizational industry, such as people management.

Resultados Digitais

4. NeilPatel.com

Considered one of the greatest gurus in digital marketing, entrepreneur Neil Patel has released a Portuguese version of his website. He uses the space he created to teach other professionals involved in the digital marketing field, and uses his own experience. Like most blogs mentioned in the list, its content is very comprehensive, with tutorials ranging from how to get more followers on Instagram to tactics to create posts titles for your texts.

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5. Marketing Drops

Divided into five areas - ecommerce, social media, digital marketing, crowdsourcing and communication,Marketing Drops is a digital marketing consulting company. To promote their service, they have a blog focused on offering marketing tips for various industries and markets, as well as tutorials on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and many other topics.

6. Hubspot Brasil

Belonging to the list of the most used digital marketing platforms in the world, HubSpot has a team and its own blog in Brazil. The website addresses the most different aspects of marketing, including social media. Its content includes lists with suggestions of resources to consider in its strategy, among others things.

7. Escola Freelancer

With almost 7 years of existence, Escola Freelancer is one of the biggest references in Brazil in relation to the life of an independent professional. The blog is led by Luciano Larrossa – one of our authors! – a specialist in Facebook Marketing. Currently, Escola Freelancer has produced content focused precisely on the use of social media in its business, in addition to other parts of digital marketing such as email marketing and blogging strategies. Click on the link to access Escola Freelancer´s website.

8. Viver de Blog

As the name suggests (Living from Blog – in free translation), Viver de Blog focuses its content on monetization of web sites and content production. Just as with sites such as Hubspot Brasil or Marketing Drop, this blog has tips for production directed to social networks. Besides the blog texts, the site also hosts online courses.

Viver de Blog

9. Digaí

Another website focused on selling online courses about digital marketing, the Digaí blog has texts and podcasts about infoproducts, use of social networks and other areas such as SEO and content creation. The blog addresses current news while offering diverse and comparative tutorials of tools used in digital marketing.

10. Shopify

The blog from one of today's largest ecommerce platforms. Normally, the log content from Shopify are translated from the international version. Most of the texts are geared towards online sales or business management. However, it also has an area devoted to social media, commenting and teaching about content on these types of platforms.

11. Sprout Social

A platform for managing multiple accounts in one place, Sprout Social has its own blog with presence in Brazil. For the most part, the website has articles and infographics related to social media, including tutorials for managing them, as well as texts that teach you how to use your own tools.

International Blogs

The following 9 items from list below are examples of international blogs that are a reference in the social media area. It is worth remembering that its contents are available in English. Even if you do not speak English, we strongly recommend adding some of them to your feed, even if you need help from Google Translator.

12. Buffer

Another social networking dedicated platform – just like Sprout Social -, Buffer has in its blog extensive and in-depth content on social networks. Recently the site opened a podcast that talks about the same subject. You will find tutorials on how to create strategies for social media like Snapchat and general tips to achieve good results with your profiles.


13. Social Media Examiner

A great reference in the social media area, the Social Media Examiner gathers all types of tutorial. In addition, it also covers and publicizes events, as well as serves as a kind of curator of content, disseminating and revealing other sites and blogs with relevant and well researched content. It also brings more dedicated texts to digital marketing as a whole.

14. RazorSocial

Like many of the Brazilian blogs, RazorSocial is a digital marketing consulting service with a blog to promote services. Through texts that include indications of tools, tutorials and strategies, the site brings relevant and constantly up to date content.

Focused on using Instagram to drive business, Jenn´s Trends´ blog addresses various aspects of Instagram's use within digital marketing strategy. The content includes tutorials, which can teach things like "how to use direct messaging marketing in an effective way" or how to make a live broadcast with Instagram Live.


16. Simply Measured

A dedicated tool to calculate costs and return on investment (ROI), the Simply Measured Blog has content directed to the use of social media and content marketing. Their content brings tutorials of various kinds, including articles on best-practice in an industry or how to give greater purpose and meaning to your strategy, among others. It also leverages case studies to give examples.

17. The Social Media Hat

Besides its curious name, the The Social Media Hat blog also has content focused on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram – although it deals with digital marketing as a whole. Despite being recommended by sites with the Social Media Examiner itself, the page seems to have a confusing layout, which makes it difficult to access the content. On the other hand, it has unique content types, addressing angles from a non-standard point of view.

18. Social Mouths

Just like blogs like Viver de Blog e RazorSocial, the Social Mouths addresses the subject in a more "cool and fresh" way than most blogs on that list. As stated on the website, "the goal here is to provide a lot of value without conning anyone". Despite this, the blog does not seem to bring different content than what we see on other websites. Still, the blog brings relevant content to the subject along with the option to enroll in courses provided by the author.

19. Rebekah Radice

A blogger dedicated to helping small businesses thrive on social networks, Rebekah Radice shows in her blog a few successful cases of companies in the area. Not limited to this, the author also has articles aimed at giving tips for increasing reach, infographics and trends in social media, among other things.

20. Buzzsumo

Another one of the biggest digital marketing platforms like HubSpot, Buzzsumo also has a blog of their own. Unlike other international blogs, its coverage is considerably large, addressing smaller or more niched social networks – such as Medium - as well as tutorials of its own tool. It's a great way to gain insight on different aspects of digital marketing without having a specific focus. Our recommendation is to check it out, but also follow blogs with a more specific focus, such as Jenn's Trends.

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