The story of the entrepreneur who set up an ecommerce on Instagram.

updated May 22, 2023
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Lucas C.
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Are you trying to use your ecommerce and feel you are not having results? Well, sometimes getting around this situation using social media can be interesting. This was the case of Alexandra Moraes, an entrepreneur who created an innovative method of ecommerce in the fashion area through Instagram. A biologist with a master's degree in genetics, she migrated to the business area after not being discovered in Biology. In this way, ended up discovering a unique opportunity, creating a business from scratch and profiting already in its first month.

Nowadays working in the field of online courses, she teaches how to use her own method so that others also achieve success. We talked to her and we broke some of her ecommerce success stories. She told us how to overcome the first difficulties and how today is a case of success in online business.

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Ecommerce in Instagram: Directions, objectives and how was the beginning of the new journey

After the birth of her second child, Alexandra realized that she did not want to continue in the area, leaving the company and focusing on the creation of her children. As she told us: "Working in the corporate world I always had to give up several moments with my eldest son because of work. With the second child, this desire to stay with them was very strong."

Around 4 months after the birth of the second child, Alexandra began researching on the internet ways to work that would allow her to stay with her children, reconciling both sides. In these surveys, she found a unique opportunity in the area of women's fashion, in which began to structure her ecommerce for sale of women's clothing online.

From there, Alexandra began to establish her channels of service but, going in the opposite direction of the majority, she went to work with Instagram, WhatsApp and email, instead of inaugurating a ecommerce website. The entrepreneur mainly used Instagram to raise her clients. WhatsApp was used for online customer service and direct contact with customers.

Inauguration of the site and the twist in ecommerce

The result of Alexandra's initiative, which was to check the demand of Instagram users on profiles of wholesale networks - that is, that they sold only to stores and ecommerces - and thus plan the acquisition of these clothes and the sale, did very well and, in a few months, she could no longer meet all the demand that came to her store on Instagram.

The process worked very simply: "I detected a demand on Instagram of wholesale stores. In the photos that these wholesalers posted there were dozens of people commenting that they wanted to buy the parts but could not buy because the supplier was an exclusive wholesale. so I started to get in touch with them, one by one, through Instagram's comments, and they started looking for me whenever they wanted parts from certain brands. "

That's when she thought about creating the site for automating some of the processes she was still running manually. Having said that, she invested in the website and inaugurated it, but made a miscalculation.

She told us that in the process of the site, she had not calculated the amount of time it would take for maintenance tasks, such as updating the photos and measures of the pieces sold and the work to get people to the page. However, the main problem Alexandra faced was not these, but the conflict between the ease of navigating the site and the personalized service she was doing through WhatsApp to close the purchase. In other words, the site became just a showcase and, in addition to not generating much return, ended up increasing the workload, rather than reducing as intended.


Business Renewal

Despite the problems with the site, she never thought about giving up on her online business, since social networks still had a lot of results. That is, with the problems on the site, she abandoned it at once and decided to take a step back, returning to the original format and reinventing it in other ways.

Among the following strategies, she adopted the mailing lists in WhatsApp and email marketing techniques to increase its reach, including summoning family assistance to the company's operational processes. "It was more financially feasible to afford the costs of a second person in the business than to keep the site running," she said.

Along with this, she also created a structure and visual identity in order to pass on great credibility to her business. This meant that, despite the personal contact, their way of attending passed the impression that they were dealing with a brand of large ecommerce structure, when in fact everything was organized from an apartment room.


Migrating from ecommerce to teaching

Alexandra currently teaches online courses in digital marketing, passing lessons on what he has learned in his own business. While leading her ecommerce, she began to study on the subject and take online courses in the area, falling in love with the subject in the process. This has paid off, since it established a network of contacts with authorities in the area, which resulted in a partnership with Ana Tex - a specialist in digital marketing and Instagram - to teach methods for online sales in the fashion area without using a website, the same one she used with herself.

Currently, the course has 8 months since its launch and has already registered 500 students with impressive results, according to Alexandra herself. The only setback was the time available that prevented her from keeping the two businesses running simultaneously, at which she chose to remain in the teaching area, passing on her successful method. To learn more about Alexandra Moraes, check out her Facebook Page.

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