How to Grow a Network on LinkedIn

updated September 1, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Learning how to grow a network on LinkedIn is very important for professionals that are searching for new opportunities or want to become a reference in their area. The social media platform that focuses on making professional connections enables you to highlight your skills, and get to know more people that are relevant to your area.

You can promote your career or company, find business partners, close incredible deals, and engage in important debates, all through LinkedIn. But, to do that, you need to become an active user of the platform and make more connections. Check out the article to know how. 

1. Send Personalized Connection Requests

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When it comes to how to grow a network on LinkedIn, after creating your profile and adding the connections you already know, it's interesting to make a list of people that are important in your business sector and who you wish to keep in contact with. 

Look for their  LinkedIn profiles, and, instead of just sending a connection request, write a personalized message for them. Present yourself, and explain why you are engaging with them. 

This may enhance your chances of them adding you as a connection, and is an opportunity to start a fruitful conversation. Avoid creating a message that is going to be sent every time you add someone, this sounds too impersonal. 

2. Enjoy In-Person Network Opportunities

Corporate events like workshops, lectures, and seminars offer you the opportunity to connect in person with professionals from different companies and regions. Enjoy those occasions to exchange your LinkedIn profiles and add them later on the platform.

This way, you can keep in touch with them, and benefit from future opportunities. If you didn't have the time to add someone during the occasion, search for their name on LinkedIn, and send a connection request, presenting yourself and telling how you met this person. 

One of the greatest advantages of participating in these events is networking, therefore, make the most of it. Extend the connections to the digital world where you can maintain the conversation with them. 

3. Join LinkedIn Groups

There are thousands of groups that are focused on different professional niches. They are places where you can participate in important conversations related to your sector, and keep up with the latest news as well. 

Besides, LinkedIn groups also give you the chance to increase your network and connect with more professionals. Search for groups that are interesting to you and become an active member of them. This will drive attention to you and your profile on the platform. 

4. Update your LinkedIn Profile

Imagine you see someone you find interesting on LinkedIn, then you visit their profile but it's completely outdated and lacking information. Would you still send a connection request? Many people wouldn't because this type of profile usually indicates the person doesn't enter LinkedIn often. 

On the other hand, can professionals who visit your profile find all the important information about your career? Take a look at the LinkedIn sections such as work, education, courses and certificates, skills, and summary, are they all fulfilled highlighting your most important skills and experiences? 

If not, it's time to update your profile. Write a LinkedIn summary that shows who you are and what your goals are, be clear and direct. Upload a high-quality professional picture, and add relevant links such as your website and your portfolio. 

5. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile

If you have a blog or use or use other social media platforms, you can promote your LinkedIn through them. For example by adding a link to your LinkedIn profile on all of your blog pages. You can also link it on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account. 

Promote your LinkedIn profile with your e-mails as well. Add a link to it on your email signature, so your contact may follow you there too. Work presentations, business cards, and WhatsApp bio are other places where you can insert a link to your LinkedIn. Enjoy the opportunities and nurture your network. 

6. Post Your Own Content

Besides having a complete and well-written LinkedIn profile, another way to gain more visibility on the platform is by producing your own content and publishing it. You can write articles on LinkedIn about themes that are trending in your sector, and comment on news and reports, for instance. 

Try to include images in your LinkedIn posts, it helps to drive attention to them.  Another possibility is to record videos for your profile, which also help you to be seen by more people. But, remember that the video content must be related to your niche. 

7. Comment, Like, and Share Content

To grow your network on LinkedIn, you need to be an active user on the platform, which means interacting with the content you see. Comment on the posts you find interesting, and share some of them on your profile, use the like button too.

All of these are ways to nurture your current connections. Besides, while you are browsing through LinkedIn, you can discover new profiles that are interesting to your network, and other people will see you as well, and add your profile. 

8. Talk With Your Connections

Beyond growing your network, it's also fundamental to foment the one you have, otherwise instead of adding connections you may lose some. Take a look at the posts your connections are publishing and sharing on their profiles, interact with them and try to start meaningful dialogues with them. 

9. Connect With Alumni and Former Co-Workers

A valuable way to increase networking is connecting with alumni and former co-workers because you already share something in common with them, which can be the beginning of a conversation. 

Visit your college LinkedIn profile, search for people who took the same course that you did, and send a message to them. You can do the same with the places you have worked at, find former co-workers, and reconnect with them through LinkedIn.

Enjoy Your LinkedIn Network 

Now that you have understood how to grow a network on LinkedIn, put those tips into practice. Analyze how you can turn your connections into opportunities, and also how you may help to boost other people's careers. A network is an exchange where it's possible to grow and learn together.

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