6 reasons to install an online chat platform on your blog

updated September 9, 2022
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Although the use of online chats for ecommerce sites is a welcome, widespread trend, that doesn’t mean that these sites are the only places these tools can be used. Having an online chat platform, for example making use of JivoChat’s plugin for WordPress, is also really useful for a blog for a series of reasons that we’re going to look at here. Whether it’s to increase communication between author and follower or improve the conversations themselves, keep reading to find out about the six reasons why you should install an online chat on your blog.

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1. Improve your relationship with your followers

Having an online chat on your blog could be a great way of improving your relationship with your followers, being available to answer questions and clear up any doubts they might have. Improving accessibility, you’re more likely to gain loyal followers and keep them involved and interested in your content. Another advantage is being able answer any questions about the products you promote on your page, whether they’re your own, from sponsors or through links to affiliate sites.

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If you’re closer to your readers, it’s easier to invite them to share your content on social media. What’s more, direct communication with your reader could be a good way of getting new ideas for future posts on your blog. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the main needs of your followers, which could in turn provide you with ideas for things to write about.

2. Set your blog apart from the competition

Not every blog allows for such close contact with followers, as people generally only use them for their ecommerce sites, when they have their own shop. This means that, by adopting an online chat for your blog, whether you have a virtual shop or not, you could set yourself apart from other blogs operating in the same area.

Another reason why making use of a platform could make you stand out from the crowd is how quickly you get back to people. Chats are much quicker than email or even social media. This, in combination with the previous reason, could help your blog outstrip the competition.

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3. A way of collecting data from visitors

Through the tools that we offer here at JivoChat, you can collect information about your visitors. Amongst other things, you can find out where they’re accessing your content from, and the pages that they’ve looked at or are looking at on your blog. Add this to the analytical functions of the online chat – which integrate with Google Analytics – and installing an online chat becomes vital, as it lets you keep up with the trends of visitors to and followers of your blog, in real time.

This might be an even better reason to adopt a chat than the direct contact discussed above. Using the tools we’ve mentioned can give you valuable insight into what people are looking for in your area. For blogs, this is one of the most convincing reasons to integrate an online chat.

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4. Ask for more precise information about your followers and visitors

Adopting an online chat to maintain closer contact with your followers doesn’t only help them contact you more easily. It also works the other way round. Through the online chat on your blog, you can gather more precise information than those mentioned in point three. For example, whilst you’re communicating, you can ask for your follower’s email, or other valuable contact details, letting you grow your contact base for, for example, email marketing.

5. Increase conversions

Whatever the aim of your blog, incorporating an online chat is one of the best ways to increase conversions. If your aim is to increase the number of people on your mailing list, point four explains how using the platform will make this easier, but this isn’t the only thing you can achieve.

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Having an online chat could be the way to achieve lots of other goals. Is your current aim to get more followers on social media? Before closing down a chat, ask your visitor to follow your Facebook page, or your page on any other social media platform. Do you want them to see a product offered by an affiliate? Mention it whilst speaking to them, especially if the topic of conversation is somehow related to the product. There are lots of ways to increase your conversions, including the next point on the list…

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6. Increase sales!

Just like the conversions mentioned above, one of the main reasons to have an online chat is also to increase sales. Just like with ecommerce- and especially if your blog has its own online shop – you can direct visitors, followers, and clients in the right direction. It’s also possible to make suggestions, or take advantage of conversations to suggest other products available in your virtual shop.

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Want to find out how to install an online chat on your blog? Make sure you check out the features that Jivochat offers through its WordPress plugin.

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