5 tips to have excellent customer service in e-commerce.

updated May 22, 2023
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Luciano Larrossa
Luciano Larrossa
Marketing Magician

Before being a great novelty in the market, the service in the e-commerce area has evolved considerably over the years, mainly with the change in the relations between consumer and customer in social networks. But a challenge remains the same and will probably be an issue within the industry: being able to respond comprehensively and efficiently.

To help with the task, we at JivoChat have compiled a list of 5 tips to have quality service in your e-commerce, be it in action or reach. Let's go to them:

1. Offer several service platforms

Here the rule of "the more, the better" becomes quite valid. Of course, every administrator must take into account his and his team's ability to manage all these channels, but the more accessible his company is, the better his reputation. Phone, email, live chats and presence on social networks are almost mandatory items in the list of any online store.

2. Keep an eye on social networks to learn how your business is reacting to your business


A prime item in web business and, in some cases, outside it as well. With the reach promoted by social networks, a simple case of service can viralizar and elevate its mark to the skies ... or throw it in a particular hell. So it is necessary to keep an eye on what customers are talking about your brand. Tools like Hootsuite or Buffer can help with this task, since they can crowd the main social networks in one place.

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3. Have a live chat system, preferably with mobile access

Mobile app

Especially for small teams, getting a live chat system on your page is essential so you can solve problems in an agile way. Platforms like jivoChat have services that allow you to deploy the system on your page, in addition to offering service metrics. In addition and other functions, the platform has applications for Android and iOS, perfect to track your calls on your mobile device, ideal for when you can not be in the office or in front of a computer.

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4. Avoid sarcasm and ironies


The world is less and less patient. If a century ago a service could only be carried out by letter and often took weeks to be repaired, today everything has to be resolved in a matter of hours, or even that. Because of this, it is not good to leave a customer waiting, especially during business hours. Therefore, have well-defined processes and time-out to give the response to a customer.

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5. Be understanding and empathetic

Going to the most humane side of the business, there is no point in having the best customer service tools in the market if your service does not do its best to solve the problem. What counts, in the end, is that the customer is satisfied even if he can not help. Therefore, emphasizing empathy and understanding in training your attendants or social network administrators are critical to getting where you want.

With the five tips shown here, it is now possible to start your customer service operations. Whether on platforms such as JivoChat or "acing" on social networks - preferably both - following these tricks can help you stay focused on customer service and watching consumer trends, helping the entrepreneur to have more time on his hands plan the future of your business.

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