Learn how to compare your online sales between desktop and mobile in Google Analytics

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As we said in our text on mobile market growth, online sales by mobile devices already outnumber desktop shopping. Obviously, this is not necessarily true for your business, although the trend is that it is interesting - and, in many cases, mandatory - to adhere already and adapt your ecommerce to suit customers coming from mobile devices. To learn how to compare your online sales between desktop and mobile, we have prepared a tutorial dictating all the steps to do your analysis and conclude that now is the perfect time to adjust your business.

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How to compare your online sales between desktop and mobile

First, you should be able to access your account in Google Analytics, the best platform to analyze your Internet business performance - but not the only one, check out these [Email Marketing tips] (/blog/marketing/email-marketing-tips-for-ecommerce.html). Then, go to the option ** Public** in the menu on the left;


From the submenu that opens, choose Mobile Devides e Overview, as can be seen in the screenshot below:

Dispositivos móveis

You'll be taken to a new report, which separates the volume and percentage of visits from a desktop, smartphones (identified as mobile) and tablets. To change your view, click one of the icons located above the report on the right side of the screen. You can put the information as a pie chart, for example.


Since the goal at this point is to compare sales, rather than the number of hits, simply change the value being measured in the report. Above the graph that formed after performing the last step, there is a bar that changes the comparison parameters. Click it and choose ** Goal Value ** to compare the value of online sales between desktop, mobile, and tablets. You can also organize them by the number of sales by switching to the ** Goal Completions ** option.


** Attention **: If you do not already have goals configured in your virtual store, it is imperative that you execute [The 16 Steps To Setting Up Analytics In Your Ecommerce] (/blog/ecommerce/set-up-analytics-for-ecommerce.html). If you do not have your goals set, the step described above will not work.

How do I know which devices are accessing my ecommerce?

Google Analytics still gives you more details about the devices that are accessing your virtual store. To learn which smartphone brands and models most access your site, return to the Public menu and click Devices.


When you access the menu, a report ranking the devices that most access your site will be shown, with data such as number of sessions, bounce rate, average duration of a session, including how many purchases were made on these devices. Check below:

Lista Dispositivos

As with the desktop and mobile comparison menu, you can also show the ratio of the devices through graphics. In addition, there is also the possibility to check which brands, tasters and even mobile operating systems originate their visits and sales.


3 tips to increase your mobile visits

**1. Do not use Flash on your site **: If your site uses Flash elements and you want to increase your mobile visits, this is the time to get rid of them. IPhones and iPads, for example, are not supported, and visitors to those devices may leave your site because they can not see it properly;

**2. Abandon Non-Clickable Popes **: Some popus take the entire screen and can not be excused because of the screen size of smartphones. Therefore, avoid using them as you may lose visitors because of this;

** 3. Get rid of links and buttons that are too small **: Although small buttons and links work well on your computer screen, it can be a real challenge to click on them if a visitor is browsing your site on a mobile device. That is, it is very likely that he will leave your site if you can not click on a link;

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