Top 5 Most Used JivoChat Features

updated January 3, 2024
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Pavel Sikachev
Pavel Sikachev
US Manager

JivoChat is one of the few omnichannel free live chat solutions available on the market. We specialize in small to mid-size businesses with industries ranging from e-commerce to customer service, hospitality, tech, and more. Regardless of industry, our clients all have one common goal: to impact their customers by providing a unique experience.

Wanna know our clients’ favorite JivoChat features? The vote’s in. Take a look at the top 5 most used features by our customers and find out how they use JivoChat, a chat client for websites, to provide great customer service, happy clients, and help streamline their conversion process.

1. Track Visitors

Using JivoChat live chat software, you can keep track of the exact number of website visitors browsing your webpage and landing pages. In specific, you can:

The ability to track visitors makes it possible to identify your new leads every time they visit your website, helps you validate your digital marketing campaigns, measure campaign success levels, and gives you insight into where to target your customers.

Track your visitors with JivoChat

2. Proactive Invitations: Smart Triggers

The Proactive Invitation, AKA Smart Trigger- is one of the most-used features by JivoChat customers. This feature has the potential to revolutionize online customer service. Why? You can track and identify visitors with this feature and you can also approach them through chat widget popup windows.

Set up custom messages that are most relevant to your unique visitors with a call to action to offer discounts, tips and advice, assistance in solving a problem, and more.

Don't expect customers to search for your support number and call you. Instead, use JivoChat’s Smart Triggers to start chatting and surprise them with attentiveness, convenience, and high service quality.

Approach visitors with smart triggers

3. The JivoChat Mobile App

Today, we can count on our mobile devices to perform any task that we would complete on our desktops. Our chat client for websites, JivoChat, is no different.

With JivoChat's mobile apps, you can continue to assist customers wherever you are, either by text messaging via the JivoChat platform or by calling using the Callback tool.

This way, you don't have to worry about neglecting your customers if you need to step away from your desk. Remember, JivoChat is an omnichannel service platform, you can continue your conversation with a client via live chat, Facebook message, and more, even when you’re not nearby your desktop.

Additionally, for developers, you can use our API to integrate chat with your own app on iOS or Android.

4. Integrations

In addition to assisting visitors through our mobile app, JivoChat customers enjoy using our integrations with CRM’s, messaging, apps, business tools, and more.

Our free live chat can be integrated with Zapier, your favorite social media outlet, OpenCart, Wordpress, and more.

Integrations help you group your messages and chat history from every one of your channels into a single platform for convenient access.

Facebook Integration

5. Voice Services: Callback

According to an Econsultancy survey, phone customer support is considered the worst service channel by consumers.

One of the main reasons for this low satisfaction rate is the long waiting time that many customers experience. I’m sure you’ve experienced it before too- listening to a "hold" tone while you wait for someone to help solve your issue. It can be a major pain.

This is exactly why a real-time callback tool is game-changing. The JivoChat Callback feature enables your customers to request a call right from the JivoChat app. You can set it up to where your visitors don’t have to wait longer than 30 seconds to get their answers.

Fortunately, our chat client for websites also offers this solution, allowing you to completely change how customers view phone customer service.

Ready to boost your sales and customer service levels with JivoChat?

We hope you see the same value our trusted customers have seen in our business messenger platform. If you think these tools can help you drive sales and retain more customers, know that our free live chat still has much more to offer, such as automatic translation, data transfer, CRM and email marketing integrations, amongst many other great perks.

Check out why live chat is worth it with us and see how you can offer the best customer support experience for your website visitors: JivoChat

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