Top 4 Shopify Apps you should use to boost customer service levels

updated May 22, 2023
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Emma Longridge
Emma Longridge
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Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms you can use to set up your new online store. It offers all the essential tools you need to start selling online, as well as an extensive app store - which allows you to install tools and use services to help your new business hit the ground running.

When it comes to selling online, relying on discounts and marketing strategies to engage visitors isn’t enough. To really have an edge, you should interact with customers who browse your store. You must be able to interact with customers as they browse your store.

Providing live chat customer service helps you increase customer loyalty, drive sales and retain more visitors. Today, 42% of online shoppers prefer live chat over any other customer service channel, and that’s more than enough reason for you to offer it on your Shopify store.

Live Chat and which Shopify Apps to Use

Before we get into the different types of customer service apps, let’s define what good customer service looks like. Customer service is the role dedicated to helping customers get the value they paid for from a product or service, especially when things go wrong. Many businesses have a dedicated customer service department, but those invested in delivering great experiences make support a company-wide priority.

While great customer service is especially important for businesses that have a strong financial incentive to retain their customers, the bar has risen across all industries, and customers are rewarding businesses that keep pace. This shift has, in turn, evolved support into a revenue driver.

Choosing the right customer service channels

The support channels you choose determine the level and types of customer service you can provide. The tricky part is deciding where you’ll meet your customers and how you’ll support them when you get there.

The right support tools help keep your standards high and your response times reasonably low.

It’s unrealistic for most small shops to accommodate every possible point of contact that exists today, but it’s essential that you choose support channels that fit your business and your customers’ needs and commit to a presence there.

Here are a few foundational channels to consider.

  1. Email: Provide fast, asynchronous support
  2. Social media: Support your customers in public and simultaneously build a brand reputation
  3. Live chat: Fix customer issues in real-time

You might want to use live chat to invite potential customers who are browsing your site but haven’t finished their order or enable live chat for customers who have just made a purchase but might have a question or issue.

That’s exactly where professional live chat features, such as JivoChat’s Smart Triggers come in, allowing you to approach visitors proactively and offer assistance before they leave your page.

Live chat doesn’t have to be available 24/7. You can set hours and post them on your website so customers know when they can find you. Live chat availability can be based on your highest-traffic times, with additional hours added during a sale or immediately after sending out a promotional email.

Tools for live chat support

If you’re looking to offer high-quality customer service to your website visitors, consider using one of the following website solutions.


JivoChat is an all-in-one customer service platform that connects you to your customers wherever they are, such as on mobile, phone, email, social media, and more.

You can easily install JivoChat on your Shopify store and customize it to fit in perfectly with your brand. It also offers Android and iOS apps, which allows you to continue to assist customers through your mobile devices.


Shopify Chat

Shopify offers its own live chat software, which lets visitors reach you easily and allows you to turn visitors into customers by providing real-time customer service to people browsing your product pages and categories.

With Shopify Chat, you can add and customize a chat button on your online store, assist visitors using Shopify Ping - its mobile application - and send products, discounts, and new orders in chat.

Shopify Chat

Apple Business Chat

Would you like your customers to contact you directly in Apple’s Messages app? Then you should install the Apple Business Chat widget on your online store and let customers reach you easily.

You can add your logo and custom colors to the chat and let visitors ask questions using Messages on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. To use it, you must enable Apple Pay on your Shopify account and install Shopify Ping.

Apple Business Chat


Last but not least, Drift is a great live chat solution that streamlines communication with your customers. It allows you to set up forms and chatbots to qualify leads and boost your team's efficiency.

Drift isn’t directly available through Shopify’s app store, but you can still easily install it on your online shop and start talking to visitors in real-time.


Use the right tools to provide high-quality customer service

Customer service is important. It allows you to boost your retention rates and keep customers engaged. To achieve these goals and leverage customer service to drive online sales, you need to start using a live chat.

Don’t waste any more sales opportunities because you can’t approach visitors on your website. Install a professional live chat solution on your Shopify store and measure its impact on your metrics to see why live chat is considered the preferred customer service channel for online stores.

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