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As we know that many of JivoChat users use Wix to sell your products or services, we decided to create a tutorial explaining step by step how you can combine this powerful tool with your JivoChat chat to increase your sales. We recall that Wix and JivoChat do not have direct integration. However, it is possible with some even use our chat on your Wix site and thus improve your results.

After logging in to your Wix account and opening your site editor, you will have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Inserting the HTML Code

Now that you're already on your dashboard, you need to click Add.

Passo 1 Wix

Then, click More, and then click HTML Code.

Passo 2 Wix

Step 2: Code Settings

After inserting, it will open a small rectangle for you. Click on the gear.

Passo 3 Wix

Then select the Code option if it is not preselected.

Passo 4 Wix

Step 3: JivoChat Control Panel

Now it's time for you to go back to the JivoChat control panel and get your html chat code. If you do not have a JivoChat account yet, do not forget to create it for free right now!

Passo 5 Wix

Step 4: Inserting the code into Wix

Now take this code and insert into your html, paste and click refresh.

Passo 6 Wix

You should note that when you insert it it appears half cut. But cool, there is a way to solve this. For this you need to change the size of this window where the chat is inserted to 420 of width and 500 of height.

Passo 7 Wix

Step 5: Showing the chat in all pages

If you want it to appear on every page, be sure to select the Show All Pages option:

Passo 8 Wix

Remember to also place the chat in a fixed position. For this you need to click the right mouse button and select the Fixed Position option.

Passo 9 Wix

And it selects wherever it appears. Remember to put the zero and zero coordinates.

Passo 10 Wix

Now just click on publish and ready, your chat is installed on Wix!

Below you can also check out this video tutorial (in Brazilian Portuguese, but tottaly understandle if you follow step by step):

Any questions? Talk to us here in the chat or leave a comment! :)

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