In the Jivo Tutorials section on our blog we will teach you how to use JivoChat in an advanced way and how to integrate with other tools, sites and systems.
Security and data protection on the internet has been the motif of strong debates worldwide. Regardless if we...
updated September 28, 2023
Understanding how to choose a WordPress theme, if you are building a website on this platform or already...
updated October 28, 2021
Does your company have a website that helps you conquer more leads and customers? Does it represent your...
October 22, 2021
Time management, customer relationships, enhance productivity, and keeping track of your business needs are all challenges that small...
updated May 22, 2023
The first step to build a website for your company is learning how to host a website. You...
updated May 22, 2023
Figuring the right time to hire your first support employee can help maintain customer satisfaction and service quality
updated May 22, 2023
JivoChat can positively impact your sales by helping you to retain visitors on your page
updated May 6, 2022
Today, customers want to get their problems solved and questions answered as fast as possible, learn how a knowledge base can help you achieve that.
updated November 24, 2021
Sending files through JivoChat is very simple! Learn how to do it and what types of files you can send!
updated May 22, 2023
Follow these 8 steps to add or promote operators to team managers on Jivochat!
September 5, 2017
Get to know step by step how to reorganize your attendants through the online chats of your ecommerce!
August 17, 2017
Get to know the various ways to attract conversions using one of our top tools!
July 17, 2017
Just follow this step by step to have your chat installed easily on Wix!
June 19, 2017
Viber can be an excellent channel of communication with your customers!
November 18, 2016
Find out why having a live helper chat system should be your priority!
October 19, 2016
One of the main excuses that e-commerce owners have for not using a chat on their site is related to the lack of time to be in front of the computer to answer the questions of their potential customers.
June 24, 2016