80 Blog Name Ideas

updated September 1, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Are you looking for blog name ideas to start publishing your articles on the internet? Coming up with a name can be a challenging task, and that's for a reason. How your blog will be called should be aligned with how you want your brand to be perceived. It needs to be in synchrony with the brand's identity. Check out the blog to know more about it:

How to Choose a Blog Name

There are several aspects to consider when selecting a blog name. For example, It's recommended to use an easy-to-spell name without special characters or numbers, so people can search for your blog without difficulty. To help you stimulate your creativity and think of blog name ideas, start by answering those questions:

  • What is the main topic of your blog?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What will be your writing style and tone of voice? More casual, formal, funny?
  • What are your goals with the blog?
  • Who are your competitors?

Once you have your answers, you will see that some words may pop up as a focus to your niche. You can work around them, for instance, write down the names that come to your mind, make a brainstorm. 

Keywords are very important when writing articles because they can help with SEO (search engine optimization) and make your pages rank better on search result pages from Google and other search engines. 

But, they may also be helpful to develop blog name ideas. Search for words that have to do with the main topic of your blog. That's an alternative to name it. You can also look for synonyms and phrases.

Use Your Name

If you already are a known person on the internet, like a digital influencer, and wish to turn yourself into a brand, you can give your own name to the blog. People who like consuming the content you produce will easily connect the blog with you, and you reduce the chances to find a blog with a too similar name. 

Another option is using the name of your company, if you have one, on the blog. You won't have to worry about the readers being able to relate the blog to your brand. Besides, you can use the blog as a channel of communication for your enterprise. 

Use Abbreviations

An abbreviation can be the alternative if the domain name you want is already taken or if you want to use your own name, but it's too long. The abbreviation allows you to keep the blog name short and easy to remember. 

Create a Portmanteau

A portmanteau is when you combine two words and make a new one. It's a fun way to play with words related to your niche without being obvious. Besides, it's easier to find a domain that isn't being used.

Use Words From Another Language

Depending on the type of business you are leading, using words from a foreign language to name your blog makes complete sense. For example, if you have a restaurant that serves Italian food, you can have a blog name that uses an Italian word. 

80 Blog Name Ideas

Food Blog Name Ideas

Love and Lemons home page

Source: Love and Lemons

1 - Minimalist Pastry

2 - Love For (Your favorite dish, type of food)

3 - Learning To Cook With (Your name)

4 - (Your Name) Cooking Secrets

5 - The Experimental Chef

6 - Menu Of The Day

7 - Healthy and Delicious

8 - My Cucina

9 -  Baking the World a Better Place

10 - Taste Buds of (city's name)

11 - Living the Food Life

12 - Foodify

13 - Once Upon a Cake

14 - Sweet Treats

15 -  Vegan Delights

16 - Science for Food

17 - Wonderful World of Recipes

18 - Budget Bytes

Travel Blog Name Ideas

Notes from the Road home page

Source: Notes from the Road

19 - Marvelous World of Travelling

20 - The Adventures of (Your Name)

21 - Flight Mode

22 - Keep Travelling

23 - Love at First Flight

24 - Destination Seeker

25 - Road Trip Lover

26 -  (Your Name) Journey

27 -  (Your Name) Around the World

28 - Discovering Destinations

29 - Unraveled Travels

30 - (Your Name) Travelling Diaries

31 - Flyaway Dreams

32 - Landscaping Pros

33 - Fasten Your Seatbelt

34 - Breathtaking Places

35 - Travel Buddies

36 - Dream Destinations

37 - Life of a Backpacker

38 - Blogging Around the World

39 - Landscape Observer

40 - (Your name)'s Travel Tips

Fashion Blog Name Ideas

Girl with Curves home page

Source: Girl With Curves

41 - Age of Fashion

42 - (Your name)'s Style

43 - Colorful Closet

44 - Maximalist Fashionista

45 - À la Mode By (Your name)

46 - Fashion Through History

47 - Wear Art

48 - Sparkling Style

49 - Make Your Style

50 - My Fashion Diary

51 - Futuristic Fashion

52 - (Your City) Fashionista

53 - The Retail Therapist

54 - A Walk in (Your name)'s Shoes

55 - So Stylish

56 - Uh la la

57 - NOOS (never out of style)

58 - Vintage and Chic

59 -  Fashion Muse

60 - Fashion Inspiration

Beauty Blog Name Ideas

Katie Jane Hughes blog home page

Source: Katie Jane Hughes

61 - Beauty Hacks By (Your name)

62 - Makeup Tricks By (Your name)

63 - Skin Routine

64 - Red Lipstick

65 - Never Out of Glitter

66 - Vegan Beauty

67 - Hair and Career

68 - Pure Elegance

69 - Basic Beauty

70 - Skincare Favorites

71 - Unraveled Beauty

72 - (Your name)'s Beauty Tips

73 - Skin Minders

74 - Beauty Oasis

75 - Keep It Glowing

Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

Cup of Jo home page

Source: Cup of Jo

76 - Welcome to (Your name)'s World

77 - (Your name) in (City's name)

78 -  A Vegan in (City's name)

79 - The Time of My Life

80 - Cherish Life

Choose the Name that Suits Your Blog

Now that you have seen several blog name ideas, enjoy them to inspire you to create a name to your blog. Consider your long-term goals when picking up the name, for example, if you wish to build a brand with the same name, check if there aren't any already registered. After deciding how to call your blog, and create the domain, dedicate yourself to publishing high-quality content, this will be decisive to help you gain organic traffic, and grow online.

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