Top 11 free email marketing tools

updated October 6, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Are you starting to develop marketing strategies that include sending newsletters, sequences of emails to help your customers through the buyer's journeys, and looking for solutions that don't require expanding your budget to do it? You are going to find excellent free email marketing tools that enable you to create effective actions. 

Counting on a platform to build your email layout with no coding or design skills needed, being able to automate tasks, like sending and tracking your email campaigns is going to save you time and make your actions much more efficient. 

Email marketing is not a thing from the past, it offers several benefits that can be used to enhance customer relationships, close sales, and increase revenue. Email keeps being one of the main digital platforms for communication, use that in your favor. Having free tools is the opportunity you were waiting for to begin.

1. Brevo

Brevo logo

Implementing email marketing strategies includes several steps, planning, having a layout that matches your brand visual identity, developing the content, segmenting your audience, setting different series of emails, testing, and analyzing the results. Brevo allows you to do all that in a single platform, with a free plan.

When someone opens your email, it isn't only the written content that calls their attention to stay and read it. The choice of colors, font,  images, and the way to position the texts, has a strong impact on this decision. Drag their eyes to elements on the page, intrigue them, inviting them to pay attention to what you have to say.

At the Brevo platform, use the drag-and-drop editor to customize everything. You will have access to an email template library where you can choose the layout that suits your needs, and use it as a base. 

Creating the perfect email isn't going to work if you don't send it to the right people on your list. To select who is going to receive each email sequence, you can segment your audience through Brevo.

You are going to create smaller groups of contacts, dividing them by the categories you desire, such as location, and age. Brevo also enables you to follow the path of each email sent, analyzing its effectiveness and understanding what needs to be altered to improve the results.

Highlighted features: 

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Create transactional emails
  • Automate sending emails
  • Email list segmentation
  • Email campaign stats

Free plan:

  • Email campaigns
  • Mobile-friendly email designer
  • Email template library
  • SMS marketing
  • Email and SMS personalization

2. E-goi

E-goi logo

As E-goi's website highlights, email marketing is a strategy for everyone, regardless of the size of your company, and the platform makes sure to offer the features that fit each enterprise’s needs.

Free newsletter templates, mobile-friendly design, an easy-to-use editor, and the possibility to develop dynamic content where different products are shown to each customer, based on their data, enhance the chances of success.  

But, in the first place, your email needs to be delivered. To prevent it from going directly to the spam folder, E-goi complies with email good practices, respecting GDPR.

Besides, it gives you analytical features to check metrics such as bounce, open, and click-through rates. You can also have a preview of how your email is going to look at different devices and email platforms. 

Highlighted features: 

  • Free newsletter templates 
  • A simple and professional editor
  • Dynamic content
  • A/B Testing
  • List segmentation
  • High deliverability rate
  • Automate your email marketing
  • Analytical reports

Free plan:

  • Unlimited email marketing campaigns
  • Up to 100 contacts
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • List segmentation

3. Mailify

THe image shows Mailify logo, and under it's written "Starting with Mailify How to set up Mailify"

Mailify provides a 30-day free trial to get to know the platform better and its features. If you need an email marketing platform engineered for mass email campaigns, the bulk email feature is going to positively surprise you.

You can create different types of emails, such as a newsletter, prospection, promotional, or a transactional email, through Mailify editor, which provides a drag-and-drop builder and an HTML editor. There are no limits of contacts to import, once you have our mail list set, it's up to you to segment it using multi-criteria targeting. 

You will be able to automate the emails, according to your leads and customers’ actions, personalizing their experience. Mailify will provide you with solutions based on your business needs. You will have access to valuable data about each email sent as well, including global geotracking, individual behavioral tracking, calculation of the reading time, and others. 

Highlighted features:

  • Email builder
  • Library of royalty-free images
  • Unlimited contact imports
  • Add dynamic personalized fields
  • Advanced multi-criteria targeting
  • Automatic removal of duplicates
  • A/B testing
  • Generate detailed statistics reports

Free plan:

As Mailify offers a 30-day trial, you can opt for the plan that best suits your needs, and try all of its features. 

4. GetResponse

GetResponse logo

No doubt, GetResponse is one of the most popular free email marketing tools, and there are many reasons for it. Through the email creator feature, you can use the drag-and-drop builder to develop your layouts, which were built to be mobile-friendly, adapting to different devices.  

This will certainly make a difference in user experience, helping you to encourage them to follow the suggested actions in your newsletter. You can also use sections to structure the email, insert gifs, images, videos, add basic blocks, and save them to use in other emails. 

With a 99% deliverability rate, Get Response provides automated features as well, to segment your email list, build email sequences and send each message at the best time with the Perfect Timing tool, considering different time zones. 

You will be able to have dynamic content based on your customers' preferences, for example, recommending products automatically. Another advantage is that you can manage all the campaigns on a centralized dashboard and follow up on your email marketing stats. 

Highlighted features:

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Mobile-friendly templates
  • Goal-oriented templates
  • 99% deliverability rate
  • Perfect timing tool
  • Dynamic content
  • Automatically recommend products

Free plan:

  • Drag-and-drop email creator
  • Free templates
  • Build custom segments
  • Integrate with our online store
  • Run multi-channel campaigns on the same dashboard
  • A/B testing
  • Receive customized reports

5. MailerLite

MailerLite Logo

When it comes to creating the perfect email layout and content, MailerLite gives you many resources: drag-and-drop-editor, HTML editor, and pre-built templates.

You can set a series of emails triggered by your leads and customers’ actions. For example, when they subscribe to your newsletter, a welcome email is sent automatically. 

Also, by using the automation resource, it's easier to update the customer about the status order, or sending an abandoned cart email to a potential customer. Other advantages offered by MailerLite are creating segments based on customer behavior, and track results. 

With the email automation workflow, it's possible to review and restore all the previous actions. The data you are looking for can be easily found by searching for the date, or selected action. 

Highlighted features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • HTML editor
  • Rich-text editor
  • Mobile-friendly templates
  • Lists segmentation
  • Email automation
  • Track results

Free plan: 

  • Up 1.000  subscribers
  • 12.000 emails per month
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Rich-text editor
  • Built-in photo editing
  • File manager
  • Mobile-friendly templates
  • Email automation
  • Advanced segmentation
  • A/B testing
  • Email campaign reports

6. Moosend 

Moosend loho

Moosend is a platform that aims to make the task of creating great email campaigns simpler for you. It allows you to segment your email list by different categories, such as location, age, gender, or more complex criteria like past purchases, and last seen products. That certainly will make the experience much more personalized for your subscribers. 

The platform also provides features for developing your emails, with responsive pre-built templates that you can customize, and show unique content to each subscriber, according to their profile. 

To enable you to build even more effective strategies, Moosend provides several data about your campaigns for example, open, click-through, bounce, and unsubscribers rates. Every activity is reported, so you can continuously improve your marketing plan. 

Highlighted features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Content personalization
  • Data analytics
  • Real-time reporting
  • A/B testing

Free plan:

  • Email campaigns
  • Sign-up and subscription forms
  • Custom-coded templates
  • AI Engine product recommendations
  • Automation workflow designer
  • Pre-built automation templates
  • Tracking data
  • Reporting and insights

7. AWeber

AWeber logo

Create, send, and grow: AWeber is a free email marketing tool that can help you develop each of these steps of your strategies. Inside the platform, you can use Canva to design your layout, add images, insert the text, and position them the best way. 

Instead of sending each email manually, you can automate everything. Just build the email series you need and schedule them. But to whom are you going to send the emails? Manage subscribers, and segment them according to the criteria you desire. 

To grow your business, use the email marketing analytics AWeber has, you can track each step, from open rate to sales. The stats are also available to consult at AWeber mobile app. 

Highlighted features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Pre-built templates
  • Free Stock Images
  • Design with Canva
  • Schedule messages
  • Email segmentation
  • Reports & analytics

Free plan: 

  • Up to 500 subscribers
  • 3.000 emails send per month
  • 1 list profile
  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • Pre-built email templates
  • Free Stock Images
  • Email segmentation
  • Simple subscriber and message analytics

8. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus logo

If you already have an email list, you can import it to EmailOctopus, and start creating amazing emails with the pre-designed templates offered by this free email marketing tool.

But, if you are someone who prefers using HTML, you also have that option. Mobile-friendly, your emails are going to look incredible no matter what device your subscribers are using,

After that, use the automation features to set automatic email sequences to nurture, drive actions, and also build a close relationship with your leads and customers. To give an even more personalized experience, EmailOctopus makes it easier to segment your audience.

In the platform, you will have access to campaign reporting and various important rates, which must be analyzed. To help you manage your marketing actions, you can integrate your account with other apps, such as Gravity Forms and Squarespace.

Highlighted features:

  • Easy-to-use email editor
  • Set campaigns on auto-pilot
  • Segment your subscribers
  • Create personalized emails
  • Apps integration
  • Campaign report

Free plan:

  • Up to 2500 subscribers
  • 10000 emails per month
  • EmailOctopus branding on emails
  • Basic support 

 9. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho logo

Zoho provides a 30-day free trial for its users where you will have the opportunity to know its highlights and compare them to other free email marketing tools. Start by creating your email layout and content, which can be done through the drag-and-drop builder, choosing among 240 pre-designed templates.

Automating emails is another Zoho feature. You can segment your audience and develop triggers, such as an abandoned cart email, to engage with your subscribers and drive them to do suggested actions. 

The platform also enables you to run A/B tests, and gain insights from targeted email analytics. Another benefit is the campaign workspace where you can easily manage every detail of your email campaigns, such as launch date, status, and progress.

Highlighted features:

  • 240 pre-designed templates
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Email automation
  • A/B testing
  • Email analytics
  • Centralized campaign management

Free plan: 

30-day free trial to use the plant that suits your needs best, and analyze if that's an investment you want to do.

10. Benchmark

Benchmark logo

When the subject is free email marketing tools, there is no way to leave Benchmark out of it. After subscribing, you can choose how you want to build your email, using the drag-and-drop editor or the HTML one. You are going to find several pre-built templates for different occasions and needs.

Then, it's time to use the automation features, segment your audience and build unique email series to personalize your subscribers' experience. You can have a welcome email sequence, and a follow-up, for example.

To create your mail list, you can integrate Benchmark with other platforms, or import the contacts from different types of files. With the email campaigns running, you will receive reports about their performances, to understand even better your consumer needs. 

Highlighted features: 

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • HTML editor
  • Pre-built email templates
  • A/B testing
  • Automation features
  • Subscribers segmentations 
  • Analytical reports

Free plan: 

  • Up to 500 contacts
  • 250 emails per month
  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • Responsive email templates
  • List management
  • Basic segmentation

11. Mailmodo

Mailmodo's logo

Mailmodo is an email marketing tool that will help you to create amazing campaigns in a simple way. You can use the drag and drop AMP blocks to design the emails, personalize the content for each user, and upload your own HTML file or other code-snippets.

The platform also enables you to automate email sequences according to user behavior and market data. Use the visual journey builder to create user journey maps that are going to help you to draw more precise strategies. 

You can send bulk emails, opt to integrate with AWS, SES, Sendgrid, and Netcore Pepipost. Trigger emails by user action and segment users based on previous campaigns metrics.  

Highlighted features:

  • Drag and drop tool
  • Personalize emails
  • Automate emails
  • Visual journey builder
  • Send bulk emails
  • Segment users
  • A/B testing
  • 24/7 customer support

Free plan:

Free Trial - 250 emails per day with Gold Plan features and Mailmodo branding.

Features to look out for in free email marketing tools

The image shows a man in his office, he is in front of a computer where pages icons a going out of it

As you could observe, there are many amazing free email marketing platforms available, each one of them with its specificities that will allow you to discover how email can be a powerful tool to increase your revenue.

Before deciding which one to opt for, it's important to pay attention to some basic features that make the whole difference in an email campaign. You should be able to customize your message layout, segment your audience, automate email series, and have access to your campaign data. 

This allows you to start, save time from sending emails manually, enjoy opportunities by setting the right send-time, and evaluate the effectiveness of your emails. You certainly can grow from that.

Limitations free email marketing tools have

Free email marketing tools may offer many features, but they also have their limitations, it's essential to pay attention to that. For example, the number of subscribers you can have, and the number of emails you are allowed to send per month.

This depends on your company's needs. If you have a small business, maybe a 500 contact list will be enough to start your campaign. Another characteristic to consider is that many of them will include the platform brand on the email. 

Also, while paid plans may give you the opportunity to make advanced segmentation, some free marketing tools enable you to set only basic criteria. Similar to when it comes to data access, check if in-depth reports are available in the plan of your choice. 

Although, even with its limitations, having free plans options is incredible because it can be a push for you to start. Then, when you see the returns of your campaign, you can escalate your strategies, and upgrade to a paid plan. 

Send bulk emails for free

If your company needs to develop mass email campaigns, a free plan that limits email lists up to 500, for example, or has a limited number of emails per month, may not supply your needs. Pay attention to that.

Mailify, for example, is a platform focused on bulk email marketing and provides a free trial. 

There are also other free options that don't limit these quantities, but it's necessary to make sure if they can supply your other needs. 

Customer service in free email marketing tools

When developing an email marketing campaign, if there is any problem with the editor or the automation feature, certainly counting on the platform customer support is essential to solving it.

Many people are in doubt if opting for a free plan gives access to this specialized help, but usually yes. The services provide online material to guide you through each step, and some offer assistance through their technical support team. 

Follow up your email campaigns closely, and, in case of any problem, get in contact with the platform you choose. Nobody wants to have results affected by technical problems, right? 

How to develop an email marketing campaign

The image shows a girl sitting on the floor holding a poster with a lamp.

An email marketing campaign starts with planning, defining which are your goals and what actions should be taken to achieve them. For example, if you want to turn leads into customers or if the purpose is to build customer loyalty, the types of emails you are going to create are completely different from one another.

Tracing your prospects, leads, and customers' profiles is also essential to guide you through understanding what type of content you should create. Define the number of emails included in your campaign, and the number of contacts. This will be useful when deciding which free email marketing tool to use.

Also, rank the metrics according to their relevance. If your goal is to sell, the number of sales is a priority, but if the objective of an email is to present your company, the open rate and time reading are more relevant. 

Don't forget that your strategies are going to be in constant change, influenced by the rates you get and the  A/B testing. That enables you to continuously expand, developing more insights, and conquering a bigger number of customers. 

Choose the best free email marketing tool for your business

Now that you have known more about free email marketing tools and their advantages, what about putting your plans into practice? Don't be scared by the possibility of having small rates in the beginning,

If you don't give the first step you will never be able to succeed. Study the platforms, their features and choose the one that suits your business better. 

Email is a means of communication used by millions of people every day. If you build the right strategies, with the help of a free email marketing tool, it's possible to reach a bigger portion of the market and expand your business.

Be aware of how email messages are being used by your competitors, update yourself constantly, and always keep in mind how to offer the best customer experience.

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