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updated June 9, 2023
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Selling on social networks has already become common, even if sales can not be completed on it. When it is sold through Facebook or Instagram, it is normal to negotiate "word of mouth" or that you are taken to a checkout page to finalize a purchase on the seller's website by clicking on a Facebook ad, for example. This formula has not changed yet, but you can create a store on Facebook through your Fan Page.

That means you can include your product catalog - be it physical or infoproducts - in a section of your Facebook page, in a similar way to what we see on an ecommerce home page. That is, you can send images of your products, add a description and the price charged. When deciding to buy a product, the buyer is referred to the checkout page. Facebook is working on ways to finalize a purchase directly in the store and it is possible that, soon, the whole process can be done there. So, enjoy the moment and learn how to build a Facebook shop right now to prepare for this likely change.

How to create a Facebook Store

Before creating a store on Facebook, you need to create a Fan Page, which will be the home of your ecommerce on the social network. Just click the arrow located in the upper right corner of the screen and select the option Create Page.

Criar Página

From there, follow the steps indicated by Facebook itself to get your page in a few minutes. If your business already has a Fan Page, just start with the steps below:


1 - Access the Settings of your page, located to the right in the bar above your cover photo on Facebook;


2 - Click in Edit Page;


3 - Scroll to the bottom of the page and access the button Add a tab;


4 - Find the Shop option in the list of available guides and go to Add tab to include it in the side menu of your Fan Page;


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From now on, the Shop tab will appear in the menu to the left of the home page of your Facebook page.

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How to add products to your store on Facebook

Now that your Facebook store was created, it's time to add products to it. Keep following our step by step just below!

1 - Return to the homepage of your Fan Page and click Shop in the menu on the left below your profile photo;


2 - Choose whether the sale can be traded through Messenger or whether it will direct buyers to finalize on another site. If you already have an ecommerce operating, we recommend that you select the second option and click Continue;


3 - Select which currency you want to sell your products in and click Save;


4 - After making the settings above, click the Add Products button to start populating your store on Facebook!


5 - A new window will open asking you to send information besides image and video of your product. The ideal image size for products from the Facebook store is over 1024x1024, according to one's own Help Center from the social network. The images will always be in square format and check how the information was filled in the screenshot below:


PS:: Different from what we did in the example above, AVOID putting your company logo in case you sell physical products.

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How to create a product collection on Facebook

If you already have a number of products in your ecommerce ready to be sold by Facebook, you can also add several products at once. Access your store on Facebook and click Add collection to continue:


1 - Click again Add collection on the page and give your collection a name and click Save;

Nome Coleção

2 - From there, your collection will already be created, but with no product added to it. Click the name of the collection you just created to return to the edit screen;


3 - Click in Add Products;


4 - Select the products created in your store from the list that will open and click Add;


5 - Complete the process by clicking on "Save **" to make your collection available;


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