5 Influencer Marketing Tips All Brands Should Follow

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Ksenia Tatarintzeva
Ksenia Tatarintzeva
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Promoting your brand is becoming more difficult with each passing day. As more people become aware of the promotional content they see, they have started to see through it. This means using traditional advertising methods is futile. With so much competition, it’s easy to get lost among the competition, too.

There’s one thing that’s perfectly clear – the need to evolve your approach so you can begin to better promote your brand and company. Influencer marketing is an effective way to gain more exposure and better reach your target audience. When you collaborate with social leaders, you can gain significant public exposure. Also, posts made by Instagram influencers appear much more legitimate since there’s someone else who is vouching for what you offer and your brand.

This is why influencer marketing has begun to gain the system in recent years. More marketers are using this strategy as a part of their bigger marketing plans. If you plan to jump on this bandwagon, you can’t risk failing and letting your competition get ahead of you.

If you are ready to create effective influencer marketing strategy, you need to plan carefully and use the tips found here.

Make an effective influencer marketing strategy


1. Define the Goals You Have for Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Don’t begin your influencer marketing campaign unless you have an end goal in mind. It’s crucial to develop your goals to ensure your campaign is planned more effectively.

You could have several goals, such as generating leads, getting more revenue, and increasing your reach.

You can use your goals to help you plan the metrics you use to assess your performance. You can create target goals for each metric/KPI by providing a numerical figure. Once the campaign is in place, you can analyze the overall success by comparing KPIs and statistics.

If your goal is to increase the reach of your brand, you need to measure the comments, impressions, shares, and likes for your campaign. This provides you with an idea of how many people have engaged and even seen your content.

If you have set the goal to generate new leads, you can have influencers share your landing page link. You can use the number of leads generated to determine the cost per lead and to calculate your ROI.

Is your goal to generate revenue? If so, you can collaborate with several influencers. After that, you can create custom affiliate links for each one so you can keep up with the purchases made with the links.

2. Define Your Brand’s Target Audience

You need to define your target audience as well as the goals. It is a basic, but vital tip for any influencer marketing campaign. Based on who you are targeting, you are going to get a clearer idea of how to develop a plan.

There are several factors to consider when figuring out your target audience. This includes the audience’s demographics, age, locations, interests, and other things. By defining your target audience, you can ensure your campaign is reaching the right people.

By doing this, you are going to make your job of finding the right influencer for your brand much easier, too. You can search for influencers directly by looking for those with similar interests as your target audience.

Define your brand's target audience


3. Look at Smaller Communities

Well-known and popular influencers can help you expand your reach. However, if you want to achieve sales or short-term traffic, you need to think about finding smaller communities.

By finding influencers in smaller communities, you can get highly targeted traffic. Some places to look for influencers include:

  • Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook related to your niche

  • Websites that help you get traffic

  • Platforms like Quora or Reddit where questions are being asked about similar products

  • Active social media users who interact with others who are in your niche

4. Research Influencers Well

The popularity of influencer marketing has helped to increase the number of influencers in the market. Many fake influencers have gone to social media with the goal of tricking brands into paying them for sponsored content that’s ineffective.

Brands want to find influencers with large audiences because they have the opportunity to reach all these people, too. In turn, influencers can charge higher fees because of the increased demand. The fees typically depend on the total followers the influencer has.

A fake influencer is one who buyers likes and followers to help inflate their overall engagement and follower count. There are some influencers who even have followers who are bots. If you partner with these influencers, it can cause a huge loss for your brand because there isn’t any real engagement from a real audience.

When you begin an influencer marketing campaign, remember this. By doing so, you’ll remember to do plenty of background research about the influencer and their social media profiles. Look at the number of followers the influencer has, the average engagement per post, and other factors. Also, determine if the influencer has worked with any recognizable or reputable brands before.

5. Consider the Influencer’s Audience

An important influencer marketing tip is to avoid considering your exposure alone. You need to think about the influencer’s audience. The campaigns need to be created for their audience, rather than for you.

Make sure to look at the interest level of the audience, along with their content engagement. Broader audiences may get more impressions, but an engaged and interested audience has a higher likelihood of converting.

To do this, you need to approach micro-influencers. These are the ones who have a highly engaged audience that can help you increase conversions. Since they don’t have as many followers, they may even be willing to collaborate with you for a more affordable rate.

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Now is the Time to Use Influencer Marketing

As you can see, influencer marketing can be an effective way to get more likes, followers, and engagement, but you have to do it the right way. Make sure to keep the tips here in mind to ensure your influencer marketing efforts are effective and successful. This is going to pay off in the long run.

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