18 Engaging Social Media Content Ideas

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Coming up with social media content ideas may be a challenge for many companies. However, it becomes easier when you have a good social media strategy, well-defined goals, and know your target audience well. 

When you produce content aware of its purpose, you can analyze it better, and find the proper tools to achieve the expected results. Considering who you are speaking to and the platform the content will be published is fundamental as well. 

You must understand what is appealing to your target audience to not only have good ideas for content but also choose the right format and tone of speech. Another important factor is keeping content ideas aligned with your brand's identity. Check out the article to learn more. 

Top 18 Social Media Content Ideas

1. Tell the History of Your Brand

Storytelling is very important when it comes to drawing the readers' attention and instigating their curiosity. You can use that to tell the story of how your brand was created and allow customers to know more about the company they are going to buy from. 

This is an opportunity to humanize your brand, highlight the values behind your business and engage with customers. You can create a series of posts that are going to be published once a week, for example. To make the content even more interesting, use videos, and high-quality images. 

2. Present Your Team

Customers want to know who makes the products they are going to buy. This connects them to the brand and is a way to ensure your company offers proper work conditions to your employees, which is something that consumers are worried about. 

Conscious consumption is a strong debate, and this includes buying from companies that allow customers to see their manufacturing processes. You can make a social media takeover where one of your employees will be in charge to make a post showing their perspective about their work. It can be a post about their work routine, for example. 

3. Show the Behind the Scenes

Following the same idea of showing by whom and how a product is made, another interesting social media content idea is the behind-the-scenes post. You can record videos showing the manufacturing process, and the work of different sectors of the company. 

For example, if you have a makeup brand, one alternative is to record how the products are created in the lab, highlighting some curiosities. You can also make videos of photoshoots made for marketing campaigns. 

4. Post About Your Company's Culture

Deciding to buy a product or a service involves several factors, and one of them is identification. Customers prefer to purchase from brands they relate to and which defend the same values that they do.

Therefore, use your social media channels to talk about your company's culture. Explain the company's values and mission, and show how your brand acts to put into practice what you believe. 

Dell Instagram post showing a box with a keyboard inside. In the box it's written: "Dell recycles. E.waste for recycling".

5. Talk About News From Your Business Sector

What topics are trending in your industry sector? Would your target audience like to know more about them? If so, post news about them on your social media channels. The post format will differ depending on the platform.

You can post a link to the news on Facebook or LinkedIn, for example, with a personal comment about the theme. On TikTok and Instagram, instead of a link to the news, it would be pertinent to record a video explaining the topic and why it matters. 

6. Post Inspirational Quotes

Inspiration quotes are a great social media content idea because you can use them to make posts on different platforms. For example, you can choose one quote and make a beautiful illustration to post on Instagram and invite readers to share the post with the ones they believe will get inspired by the quote as well. 

Another option is to post the quotes on Twitter. It has to be a small text, though. Then, your followers can retweet you, and you have the opportunity to get more visibility and reach non-followers. 

7. Make Quizzes and Polls

If you are looking for ways to make your audience interact actively with your posts, quizzes, and polls are a great asset. On Instagram, you can publish them using the stories, the viewers will click on the option they prefer, and as a benefit, you get to know them a little better. 

You can make polls to include your followers in decisions. For instance, you can ask if they prefer getting a 10% discount or free shipping, and even ask about what products they would like your brand to launch.

Mac Cosmetics Instagram posts showing several lips. On the top there is the question: "Which peony petal lip are you?".

8. Share Customer Reviews and Comments

Customer reviews add credibility to your brand and help indecisive customers to close purchases. Publish the best reviews and comments you receive on your social media channels. Actions like that make costumes feel valued and emphasize that their opinion matters to you. 

Drunk Elephant Instagram post showing a customer review.

9. Post Memes or Gifs

Memes and gifs are part of the internet vocabulary, and you can make use of them on your brand's social media accounts too. It's important though, to choose memes and gifs that are aligned with your brand's identity, and that your target audience can relate to. 

If your brand tone of speech is more casual and fun, it's easier to insert memes and gifs in the content. On the other hand, if your brand image is more formal, you need to be more careful to be coherent. 

10. Share Articles from Your Blog

Maintaining a blog, where you and your team post high-quality articles regularly, is a valuable tool to increase organic traffic to your website. You can also enjoy this content to make posts on your social media, and direct visitors to enjoy your blog. 

11. Give Tips and Advice

Another engaging social media content idea is the posts where you share relevant tips about a specific topic. For example, if you have an online clothing store, you can make a series of posts giving tips about how to style basic clothes, such as jeans, leather jacket, white shirt, and black dress. 

If you own a furniture store, you can give tips about how to decorate different spaces of the house. In the case of a skincare store, you can talk about the essential products in the skincare routine for different types of skin. The key is to understand your target audience's demands and provide advice that helps to solve them. 

12. Celebrate Holidays

Special dates such as Christmas, Mother's Day, and Thanksgiving are worth a post on your social media. You can write a beautiful message to your customers, record a video, and use your imagination.

Timing is essential in this case, so write down the dates on your social media content calendar. You can include dates that are specific to your business sector, for example, World Design Day, International Accounting Day, and Teacher's Day. 

Dreaworks Instagram post celebrating the International Day of Families.

13. Make Live Videos

Live videos are a success on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. It's a great way to interact in real-time with your audience and open space to read their comments and answer their questions. 

You can make different types of live videos. It can be an interview with an expert, or with someone from your team, to launch a product, or live stream an event. It's an opportunity to bring your audience closer to you and enhance engagement,

14. Answer Questions From Customers

An interesting way to learn more about your target audience's demands is by asking them to send you questions through your social media channels. It can be a valuable asset to get insights about how to improve your products and services and also to make social media posts. 

Select the most asked questions, and make a series of posts to solve those doubts. You can even invite an expert to offer their opinion. On Instagram, it's possible to open a question box in the stories and answer them after. Your followers will like to see their questions appearing on your profiles, it shows you care about them. 

15. Post Company Accomplishments

If your brand has won awards or any other recognition in its sector, that's important information to highlight to your audience. Make posts about that explaining why the accomplishment is important and what it means to your company. If it's an award or a certificate, post its picture. Posts like that help to add credibility and trust to your brand. 

16. Make Tutorials

How-to videos make a lot of success on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, and they approach different topics. Recipes, make-up tutorials, how to paint a wall, there are multiple tutorials available on the internet, and there is a reason for that, people find those videos useful and enjoy watching them. 

Choose relevant topics that are related to your products and services, and record videos explaining step-by-step how to do something. You can even use your products in the tutorials, which is also a way to promote them. 

Google Instagram post explaining how to use the new generative AI experience in Google Search.

17. Share User-Generated Content

Do your customers post pictures using your products? Do they mention your brand in their posts? If the answer is yes, that's an opportunity to use organic engagement to gain credibility. 

Research for those posts, get in touch with the customers and ask them to repost the content on your profile. This way, you show their opinion is valued and encourage other people to make posts about your brand as well.

18. Create a Challenge

Challenges are a trend on social media and a fun way to engage with your audience. It consists of proposing a challenge to your followers, which can be, taking a determined picture, drawing something, cooking a recipe, and so on. 

You must publish a post explaining the rules of the challenge, and invite users to tag your profile when they post the challenge. You can even create a hashtag they should use. Then, select the best posts and re-share them on your social media. To encourage people to participate, make it a contest and offer an award to the best one. 

Put the Social Media Content Ideas Into Practice

Now that you have seen some amazing social media content ideas, consider the ones that match your brand's image and start making the posts. Social media channels offer the opportunity to engage with leads and customers, create brand awareness, and increase sales without having to pay for ads. 

However, the social media potential to boost a brand can only be fully enjoyed if you have an effective social media marketing plan, and post regularly. If you don't keep your brand's social media profiles updated, people lose interest. Make sure to publish at least one post per week on the platforms you choose to be a part of and keep track of the interactions, compelling customers to build a relationship with your brand.

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