60 Instagram Name Ideas

updated February 7, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Are you looking for Instagram name ideas? When creating a profile on this social network, it's essential to choose a username, which is how people will find you. However, as there are millions of people using Instagram, sometimes this task is more difficult than it seems. 

Many usernames are already taken, so you need to be creative, and also choose a name that's easy to remember. Try to avoid Instagram names with too many numbers, for instance, it's better to keep it simpler. Check out the article to get inspired and choose the best Instagram name for you.

Why Does The Instagram Name Matter?

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks in the world, and It's used by many brands as an important part of their marketing strategy to gain more visibility, build a closer relationship with customers, and as a sales channel as well. 

If we are talking about an Instagram account for a brand, the Instagram name is part of the image the company wishes to build and it impacts how people perceive it. Besides, when you choose an easy-to-spell name, which is related to your brand, people will find your profile faster. 

The Instagram name can be the first impression that someone has of your business, so don't choose randomly. Include the username as part of your marketing strategies, and think of how it associates with your brand. 

Aspects to Pay Attention When Choosing an Instagram Name

Your Instagram name needs to be relevant according to your brand characteristics or your personal ones. It must be unique because Instagram doesn't allow more than one account with the same name, but also a way to highlight the profile's originality and uniqueness. 

Pay attention if the username fits your brand's image, how does it relate to the content you will produce or to your target audience? If your brand has a more informal image, and a casual tone of speech, you may choose a fun Instagram name. On the other hand, if the brand is more formal, a fun name wouldn't be aligned with its identity. 

If you are creating an Instagram personal account, the first option is your name or a nickname. If those are taken, it's possible to try some variations. When we are talking about a brand Instagram profile, you can use the brand's name, and add the business sector, the area it's located, or some topic-related words.  

Once you have narrowed down your options,  check which ones are available, and analyze if the name is easy to remember and spell. If people find it too difficult to type your Instagram name correctly they may quickly give up on finding your profile, and go to the competitors. 

What to Do When Your Instagram Name Idea Is Taken

If your Instagram name idea is already taken, don't worry, you can try to use the same words but in a different way, changing the details.

  • Insert your location at the end of the brand's name. Ex: @plantshopedinburgh.
  • Include keywords related to your business: Ex: @gardenersinedingurgh.
  • Add prefixes or suffixes. Ex: @theplantshop, @plantshopofficial.

Instagram Name Ideas

Instagram Name Ideas With Your Name

1 - Use words with your name, like "miss", "mr.", "ms.", such as "@mr_andrew"

2 - @theofficialyourname

3 - @yourname_official

4 - @yourname_day

5 - @yourname_life

6 - @yourname_

7 - @your_name

8 - @diaryofyourname

9 - @justyourname

10 - @helloyourname

11 - @onlyyourname

12 - @everydayyourname

Business Instagram Name Ideas

13 - @notabrand

14 - @brandpasta

15 - @iconicolas

16 - @branduniversity

17 - @brandfoundation

18 - @my_businessname

19 - @its_businessname

20 - @thebusinessname

21 - @businessname_official

22 - @original_businessname

23 - @businessname.product/ or service, like @gaia.candles

24 - @businessname.team

Cool Instagram Name Ideas

25 - @hitch.hiker

26 - @garden_rose

27 - @onceuponadime

28 - @ready2go

29 - @storyofme

30 - @undiscoveredyet

31 - @wherearetheavocados

32 - @livingart

33 - @apartmenttherapy

34 - @satiregram

35 - @watts.on

36 - @backpackstories

37 - @marsh_mellow

38 - @litwithamatch 

39 - @selfcare4u

40 - @busyreading

Cute Instagram Name Ideas

41 - champagnefabulous

42 - @kissesanmartini

43 - @vanillaatack

44 - @isntitdarling

45 - @booksandpeonies

46 - @sweetnessoverload

47 - @sparklingrainbow

48 - @idreamofunicorns

49 - @booksforbreakfast

50 - @randomactsofpastel

51 - @junemoment

52 - @youthfulyellow

Fun Instagram Name Ideas

53 - @thisismyusername

54 - @mustlovecats

55 - @textsformyourex 

56 - @cheeseymoments

57 - @anonymouse

58 - @notaninfluencer

59 - @crazycatlady

60 - @morgan_not_freeman

Choose the Instagram Username You Prefer

Now that you have seen several Instagram name ideas, what about starting creating your or your company's profile? Don't wait too long to make the account, otherwise, you run the risk of losing the username and having to come up with another one.

The username is one of the steps for using Instagram as a digital marketing tool. After the account is all set up, focus your attention on how to produce the best content for your target audience.

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