How to Sell More During World Cup: 3 Crucial Steps

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Paulo Andraus
Paulo Andraus
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Being the biggest football event in the world, the FIFA World Cup is more than just a platform for entertainment. It is also a great opportunity for marketers and businesses to boost their own sales. That is exactly why market giants such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Visa invest so much to be its official partners.

Your company doesn’t need to be as well-established as Hyundai or McDonalds to include the World Cup into your marketing strategy. During this period of the year, many people from all over the world have their eyes locked on this event which features 32 national soccer teams competing to become World Champions. If your goal is to score as many sales as possible, here are 3 crucial steps you need to follow to ensure your strategy is on the right path to achieve that.

1. Leverage Social Media

Today, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are great places to advertise and promote your brand. During the FIFA World Cup, every big company will be incorporating aspects of this globally renowned event into their posts, tweets, advertisement material and even on its brand design.

For local companies, consider posting not only advertisements but also genuine sports content to cheer on your country whenever it plays. This will make your local target audience enjoy your brand’s standpoint and sometimes even share its social media actions as a way to propagate the feeling further to its connections.

Companies that act on an international market usually maintain different social media divisions for each country they’re in while also keeping its global main page. This makes it easier for them to work in separate countries and cheer for its team without harming the brand's reputation anywhere else. Take Coca-Cola for example, a world-wide company will not pick a side on any World Cup match, but if you check its Coca-Cola Brasil Twitter account, they are actively posting status updates and cheering for its team whenever they are playing. That only reaches its Twitter followers, in this case, the Brazilian audience.

Coca Cola Brasil Twitter

Tackle this global event on a daily basis and promote true engagement with your local audience on social media. Consider for example sharing videos or pictures of your employees wearing its country football uniforms and establish a strong social media presence for the whole World Cup duration, or at least for as long as your country’s team is still on it.

Also, it is crucial to set up a Plan B in case your nation’s team gets taken out of the competition and have it roll out immediately when that happens. Stay tuned with match outcomes in order not to enrage frustrated fans with out-of-place posts. In this scenario, always show compassion and positivity instead.

2. Adapt Your Products and Services

This is a crucial step to incorporate the World Cup in your strategy. Having football or World Cup related material applied directly in your final products is a great way to show your target audience how commited your company is to its marketing campaign. This will boost the trust in your company and will directly impact your sales. Consider using symbols such as the flag of the country your company acts on, national team’s emblems and uniforms and elements related to the game such as soccer balls.

Take Budweiser for example, promoting itself as the official beer for 2018 FIFA World Cup, directly changing its bottle cover design to represent that. But food and drinks are not the only industry that can benefit from that. If you own an online shop that sells custom-made t-shirts, consider creating special designs that represent the World Cup, for example. These well-crafted designs and strategies attract true football fans during the event.

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Budweiser World Cup 2018 Bottle

This can also be done for companies that provide services instead of selling products. If you own a hair salon or barbershop, for example, consider promoting special haircuts to match famous football players.

It all depends on your field of work, but even if you can’t insert its elements directly into your products and services, you can still adapt your website design to stay in tune with this period of time. As mentioned above, you could also have your employees wear its national team uniform on match days. These are all great ways to incorporate the spirit of the FIFA World Cup in your own business and make your company different from its competitors.

3. Plan Special Deals and Limited-Time Offers

This may sound like an obvious step, but many companies fail to use this great opportunity that is the FIFA World Cup to attract more customers with special deals. During this period of time, people are on the lookout to spend their money because they know many brands and companies will be offering special deals, considering past World Cup experiences.

There are many ways to tackle this opportunity depending on your company’s industry. McDonald's, for example, has its own special World Cup menu promoted only in Brazil, where they offer different kinds of burgers representing world cup nations every day.

McDonalds Brasil World Cup Menu

Think of ways to create offers that will actually synergize with the World Cup schedule. Such as offering free-delivery on products for as long your nation is in the competition, or include world cup-related items such as keychains, stickers, plushies of your nation’s mascot or miniatures of the championship trophy. McDonalds and Coca-Cola have partnered up to create sweepstakes with a chance to win a trip to the World Cup, for example. During this time many companies establish partnerships to further boost their sales and impact, look out for brands that could resonate with your company’s goals and partner up to improve and enhance your offerings.

Coca-Cola And McDonalds Partnership

Another smart way to increase your presence is to use your country’s colors when promoting sales and offering discounts on items during the World Cup. Make use of every kind of avenue to leverage the FIFA World Cup for your company growth. Don't let this great opportunity that only happens every 4 years slip away.

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