10 Ways to Gain Conversions with Jivochat's Proactive Invitation

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Luciano Larrossa
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A study by Forrester consulting and research firm revealed that the return over investment (ROI) of an online chat that only attends the call of visitors is 15%. On the other hand, online service platforms that have the possibility to address possible customers in a more active way generate a return of 105%, or 90% more than just reactive chat.

In JivoChat, one of the new features most used are proactive chats. With this feature, instead of waiting for the visitor to come and talk to you, the chat opens automatically as soon as the user enters your page, increasing your sales possibilities.

If you still do not know exactly how you can program it in a way that encourages your visitors to interact with your team, check out 10 ways below to earn conversions with Jivochat's proactive invitation.

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1. Look at the visitors that are on the checkout page or in the shopping cart

If there are visitors who are out for a long time on the checkout page or the shopping cart of your ecommerce, they should pay more attention. In addition to indecision, other reasons for these people to be on the pages may be ignorance of some things like the value of freight, if the product is reliable, the indecision of how long it will take to get home, etc.

That is, some visitors are stopped because, somehow, they do not know how to finalize their purchase. Use proactive chat to help with completing the process and follow up with your customer until he or she completes the process.

2. Talk to returning visitors

A person returning to your online store already knows a little about the brand you are dealing with. If he is back, it is quite likely that his first impression has been neutral or positive. This makes them more likely to make you win conversions with the proactive invitation. Jivochat lets you see how many times a contact has entered your site, allowing you to send a message acknowledging your return in a friendly way, such as a "welcome back! How can I help you?"

3. Stay tuned for the region of your biggest buyers

If your business is virtual and distributes products to different cities, knowing which places most buy in your ecommerce is valuable strategic information that can be used in your strategy to win conversions with the proactive invitation. In this case, just identify the visitors of the places of greatest purchase and send a personalized message, offering some exclusive promotion for that area, such as discount or free shipping.

4. Pages with high bounce rate

It sounds like counterproductive advice, but approaching visitors on pages with high bounce rates may be the best way to increase your time on the page and resolve any questions or issues that that page is presenting. You can find out which pages have the highest bounce rate on your site through [Google Analytics] (/blog/ecommerce/set-up-analytics-for-ecommerce.html) and set up proactive chat to make contact before the average drop-out time.

This way, it can help visitors and potential customers to ask questions - especially if the page contains some request, such as an email marketing form - and thus convert visitors who would have abandoned your page. You can configure your message to ask the visitor if they have any questions about the page in question, for example.

5. FAQ page visitors

Keep an eye on the Help or FAQ section of your site. Visitors who are browsing through it are certainly interested in your product, whether to purchase one or to fix a problem if it has already been a customer in the past. Addressing these visitors is beneficial in both cases. While in the first case you increase your chances of winning conversions with the proactive invitation, in the second you prove to your client your interest in solving any problems that he may have.

6. Product Pages

The product pages themselves are one of the best ways to sell using your online chat. It is quite likely that a visitor who spends some time on the page of a product is interested in it and is pondering whether to buy or not.

That is, just set up a rule in your Jivochat to send an automatic message after a visitor spends 20 seconds on a particular product page, for example. In the approach, the ideal is to ask if the customer has any questions about the product or to offer some discount or offer.

To do this simply select the Automatic Activities option

Definir tempo na página

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7. To increase an already guaranteed sale

One of the best ways to use Jivochat's proactive invitation is to increase the sales value for a customer who is already buying. Our platform can track each visitor's shopping cart, allowing someone on your team to approach that visitor by offering things like a product package or presenting some kind of other offer, such as free shipping on higher-value purchases.


8. Visitors that came from other pages

It's important to know where your page visitors are coming from. Some may come through a search on Google, a link on Facebook or from the disclosure of a promotion on some site that advertised, for example. With this information in hand, you can increase your chances of winning conversions with the proactive invitation by communicating with the customer by citing their source. For example, if you have made a promotion announcement on Facebook, you can send a message asking if the customer has any questions about the promotion.

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9. Set up messages according to the pages of your site

As you may have noticed throughout the text, Jivochat allows you to configure various messages according to the page of your site. This is one of the best tools to close your sales, since each page indicates which stage of the conversion your visitor is on. Check out three examples below of how we use the tool on our own site. Here's how chat windows have different phrases depending on what pages you visit:




10. How to configure automatic messages for proactive invitation in Jivochat

To end our list of recommendations for winning conversions with Jivochat's proactive invitation, learn how to configure the messages. First, you should access the Control Panel. Then click Settings, as shown below:


Click Automatic Activities:


Go to Configuration:


Set the condition in which proactive chat will be activated. In this case, we set up our site to send an automatic message when a visitor stays 10 seconds on our [features] (/features/). Soon after, we created the automatic message that will be sent to this visitor, as can be seen in the image below;


To add a new automatic message, save the message previously made and click on the button Add to action:


Set the trigger for the message and name it Active invitation for dialogue. Then just set the new action in the same way you did before and click on "Save" to finish the process, repeating according to your strategy.


Test the proactive Jivochat invitations for 14 days for FREE!

As you can see throughout the text, there are several benefits and opportunities to gain conversions through proactive invitations. To find out the real potential of this functionality for your ecommerce, click on the link and sign up and test all the functions of Jivochat for 14 days FREE!

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