Legit, Scam, or Waste of Time?

updated October 26, 2023
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Paraphrase-Online is an up-and-rising online paraphrasing tool that’s getting more and more popular by the day. It works well, has good features, and is generally likable as far as online tools go.

But, if you haven’t used it yourself yet, you could be wondering whether it is actually a good tool or is it just a waste of time. If you have that question in mind, don’t worry. You’re at the right place.

We have used Paraphrase-Online ourselves and we have quite a bit of an idea about it by now. In this review, we will first take a look at the performance of this tool, followed by its features. That will give you an idea of how worth using this tool is.

Paraphrase-Online: A Brief Overview

Before we get started, however, we should fulfill the formality of talking about the tool first.

Paraphrase-Online is an AI-driven paraphrasing tool. It utilizes various AI technologies and models in its working – which makes it stand out from the rest of the simpler tools that you can find on the Internet.

The main function and purpose of this tool are simple and straightforward. It is made to paraphrase content, and that means it is made to change and reword the content it is given.

Paraphrase-Online: The Performance

Here is a look at the performance of this tool. The purpose of showing the demonstration below is to highlight just how extensive the changes it makes are and how true to the original context they remain:

Paraphrase Online page

For the purpose of this demonstration, we used a premium account and paraphrased the text using the Creative mode. We will explain the modes later on.

In the output, you can see that the changes made by the tool are numerous, heavily made, and, at the same time, contextually accurate.

Here is another piece of text that we’re going to paraphrase using a different mode:

Paphrase Online shorten mode

This particular mode is called Shorten – and as the name indicates, it’s made to summarize the text along with rephrasing it. You can see that the word counters indicate a 50% reduction in the size of the text while the changes themselves are also properly made. For some reason, the changes were not highlighted in this mode.

Paraphrase-Online: Understanding the Modes

The different paraphrasing modes are a big feature of this tool, so we’ll discuss them next.

When you’re using Paraphrase-Online, you can choose from the modes by clicking on them at the top of the text box. The modes are essentially different paraphrasing styles – each of which has a separate method of making changes to the text.

There are a total of five modes that are available on this tool:

  • Word changer: This mode focuses on changing the individual words in the given text. It does make changes at a paragraph level or anything. The individual words are analyzed and changed by the tool.
  • Sentence Rephraser: This mode is made to alter the sentences of the given text. In other words, it does not just replace the words with their synonyms. Rather, it changes the formation of the sentences on the whole.
  • Academic: This mode changes the given text to make it look more crips and formal-looking.
  • Creative: This is the mode that heavily utilizes AI to understand the meaning of the given content and then heavily alter it while keeping the same meaning. It sort of combines the intensity of the Word Changer and Sentence Rephraser modes in that it makes both types of changes.
  • Shorten: This is a paraphrasing mode that rephrases the text and also shortens it. We showed this mode in the testing part above.

What are some of the helpful features of Paraphrase-Online?

During our experience with this tool, here are some of the nice features and pros that we found of Paraphrase-Online:

  • It is free to access

Possibly one of the best features of this tool at this point is the fact that it can be used for free without any sort of payment or subscriptions. There is no obligatory signing-up process, nor is there any requirement for payment details and whatnot. You can load up the page, use the tool, and then be on your way.

As someone who uses online tools regularly, we appreciate the perk of free access.

  • It comes with multiple different languages

This is another feature that we found to be both impressive and useful. There are multiple languages that you can select on the tool’s interface. If you want to paraphrase some text in Spanish or Indonesian, etc., you can select that language.

When you choose a language from the list, it gets applied to the entire interface.

  • You can upload files directly from your local storage

This feature can also be very helpful if you are using the tool on a regular basis. If you have a file on your system that contains the text you need to paraphrase, you don’t need to go the long route by opening the file first, copying the text, pasting it into the tool, and then starting the process.

You can click on the upload button and import the file directly. Once again, while this feature is generally useful and everything, it is even more helpful if you want to use it frequently.

Paraphrase-Online: Pricing

As the title of this review states, one of the purposes that we’ve set out for is to see whether this tool is a scam or legit. The pricing page is one of the places where this reality can unfold for most tools. For example, if you see a shady page with exaggerated prices and no details about payment security, etc., you can take the site to be a scam.

But, none of those problems exist on Paraphrase-Online. For one, the prices are extremely low. Plus, the payments are accepted with safe and encrypted methods like PayPal and credit card.

Here is what the pricing details look like:

Paraphrase Online pricing


There are, as we’ve demonstrated above, no issues with the performance of this tool. There are no issues with the features of this tool, and there are likewise no issues with the pricing and the paid plans, etc.

With that said, we can say that Paraphrase-Online is not a scam or a waste of time. It is a valuable, legitimate, and helpful paraphrasing tool that you can and should use for your paraphrasing needs.

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