10 Best Instagram Marketing Tools For Greater Engagement & Sales

updated December 15, 2021
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Igor Shekotihin
Igor Shekotihin
Head of International Growth

Instagram is a pretty big deal.

Did you know there are over a billion monthly active users on Instagram and 81% of them say that they use the platform to research products and services?

With numbers like this, brands can no longer afford to ignore the influence of this social platform.

However, creating a strong digital presence on Instagram requires time and effort. It’s not just a simple matter of adding a picture of your product and sprinkling a few hashtags in the caption.

You need to figure out the right times to post and create attention grabbing pictures and videos that attract your target audience and encourage them to engage.

It’s hard work.

And that’s why you need to use the right tools to streamline the entire process and make sure every post you upload is engaging and high-converting.

Let’s discuss 10 best instagram marketing tools that can help with this.


Excellent customer service on social media is essential for businesses to thrive. If you don't promptly respond to comments and messages on social media, it can lead to a 15% increase in churn rate.

However, since it can get difficult keeping on top of messages and comments on Instagram 24/7, investing in an app like JivoChat makes it easy.


JivoChat app, an omnichannel messaging platform, makes it super easy for businesses to reply to comments and connect with their audience on Instagram. The chatbot makes sure that all messages are being addressed quickly, even while you’re sleeping. All messages are routed to a centralized dashboard where they can be transferred to different agents, and synced with your CRM.

**Key features:**

  • Official integration
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Instagram password is protected as all messages are stored on JivoChat app
  • Connect chatbots to answer questions around the clock
  • Assign reps to Instagram requests
  • Track the speed and quality of responses

**Pricing | CTA**

It’s Basic version is free for your first 5 agents. And it’s Professional version is for $19/month per agent if billed annually.


Later is one of the best social scheduling tools in the market. It not only helps to create aesthetically pleasing posts and Instagram Stories, but also in scheduling them with a drag and drop visual planner.

This all-in-one social scheduling tool lets you visually plan your Instagram posts by showing a preview of how they’ll look once uploaded.

This ensures your grid looks cohesive and amazing, no matter what.

It also helps in finding user generated assets through hashtags so you can engage with those posts and share them. This is a great feature for businesses where UGC is a critical part of their marketing strategy. It also gives hashtags suggestions if you’re out of all the good ones.

It’s analytics give a general overview of how your post fared on Instagram. This comes in handy when you’re trying to find out which of your posts are driving the most engagement and which one’s aren’t doing very well.

And if you’re operating multiple instagram accounts, Later lets you develop content libraries for each of them, which makes for easy organization.

In short, Later helps you focus on creating engaging, amazing content for Instagram without worrying about scheduling, analytics, or anything else!

Key features:

  • Easy scheduling
  • Instagram analytics
  • Linkin.bio
  • Hashtags suggestions and analytics
  • Find and share user generated content

**Pricing | CTA**

Later offers several plans for all types and sizes of business. It’s Basic plan is free and includes 1 social set and 30 posts per social profile. It’s Starter plan is for $15/month, Growth plan (it’s most popular plan) is for $25/month, and Advanced plan for larger teams is for $40/month.


What started off as a social media scheduling tool for Twitter in 2010, Buffer now helps you schedule content for all social media platforms, including Instagram.

Manually scheduling instagram posts can be a big pain, and that’s where using a social scheduling tool like Buffer comes in. It helps to create and schedule your Instagram posts with ease. From using its chrome extension to add content from the web, to shortening all the links that you share (to make it more Instagram-friendly), Buffer does it all.

It’s comprehensive analytics reports ensure that you’re meeting your Instagram goals month after month. It also helps to create content that’s working well and getting maximum engagement on Instagram and discard content that isn’t.

Key features:

  • Add team members
  • Post scheduling
  • Reply to posts from within the app
  • Simple and user friendly UX
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Link shortening

**Pricing | CTA**

Buffer has a Free plan for up to 3 social channels and an Essentials plan for $5/month per social channel.


Agorapulse is another instagram management tool that makes the life of a social media manager infinitely easier.


From publishing and engagement management, to analytics and scheduling, it offers it all. The best part about this tool is that it lets you schedule your content in advance and also add content in ‘queue’ to fill in any content gaps that might arise.

It’s social management feature allows you to monitor all your post comments and respond to them directly through the app or the desktop site.

Key features:

  • Automated Publishing
  • Brand Tracking
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Engagement Tracking


It has several plans for different social media needs. There’s a free plan for individuals just getting started, $79/month for small social media management teams, $159/month for agencies and growing teams, and custom Pricing available for enterprises.


Hashtags are important on Instagram. They not only increase chances of users finding your content and engaging with it, but also help discover industry trends and build your brand on Instagram.

Hashtag generators like LeeTags help you create a comprehensive Instagram hashtag strategy for your brand. With a database of over a million hashtags, it analyzes top hashtags and generates a plethora of relevant hashtags that you can easily copy and paste on your Instagram captions.

It also contains main categories of hashtags and sub categories within them to help you craft a list of perfect hashtags for your brand.

Key features:

  • Hashtag generator




If you want to hear what your customers are saying about your brand, engage with them when they mention your brand, spy on your competitors, and analyze the general sentiment surrounding your brand, you need to invest in a robust social monitoring and listing tool.

That's where Awario comes in.

Awario is a social media monitoring and analysis tool that helps you keep on top of brand mentions across the web, monitor your competitors, and engage with your audience online. By analyzing brand mentions it lets you know who are your brand advocates and what is the general sentiment behind your brand on social media.

It also helps you understand how you’re faring on social media in comparison to your competitors.

It further helps you track the right influencers to approach for influencer marketing and relevant keywords and hashtags you need to target to appear higher in social search engines and reach your target audience.

And all this is displayed in an easy to understand way through charts and graphs.

Key features:

  • Real time monitoring
  • Robust analytics
  • Social selling
  • Competitive analysis
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social monitoring for SEO
  • Customizable reports
  • Team collaboration


There are three Pricing tiers in Awario starting from $24/month and going up to $249/month. It’s most popular plan is the Pro plan for $74/month.


What’s the number 1 thing you'd like to do on Instagram?

Increase your Instagram followers organically (no spam accounts or bots)? Expand your reach into new audiences?

This is where Kicksta can help you.


Trusted by over 10,000 influencers and well known agencies, Kicksta helps brands get organic and real followers through AI technology.

It finds profiles that are the best fit for your brand and then engages with their followers on your behalf.

This results in genuine engagement with users who’re a great match for your brand and more followers.

Key features:

  • Video onboarding
  • VIP email support
  • Advanced profile targeting
  • Custom growth speeds


Kicksta has two Pricing plans. It’s standard plan is for $49 and Premium plan is for $99.


Instagram is all about the visuals. If you’d like to stand apart from the crowd, you need to make sure every picture you publish is polished to perfection and all the pictures on your feed are cohesive.

For that you need a photo editing tool. There are several photo editing tools in the market, but one of the best ones (and the easiest to use) is Snapseed.

With 29 tools and filters including white balance, selective enhancement, healing, vignette, lens blur, tonal contrast, and even text, it has it all. For portraits, it also lets you smooth skin, enhance facial features, and correct poses.

The best bit?

Save your edits as a preset and use it for all your pictures for cohesive branding.

Key features:

  • Photo editor with 29 tools and filters
  • Opens JPG and RAW files
  • Save edits as presets
  • Selective filter brush




Another excellent tool for photo and video editing enthusiasts and social media marketing managers. VSCO makes it super easy to edit photos and videos on the go.

While Instagram only offers a few filters, VSCO offers a plethora of filters and presets to amp up your Instagram game.

Most other tools only let you edit pictures, however, VSCO lets you edit your videos as well with the same filters and editing options.

You can also create video montages by layering a mix of photos, videos, and shapes.

Key features:

  • Photo editor
  • Advanced photo editing tools
  • Video editor
  • VSCO montage


VSCO has a basic free plan and a membership option for $19.99/year.


Instagram marketing is incomplete without the incorporation of Instagram Stories. Why? Because Instagram users love watching them.

According to Instagram,

  • 1 billion Stories are shared every day
  • 58% of people surveyed say they have become more interested in a brand/product after seeing it in Stories.‏
  • 45% of people surveyed prefer Stories for becoming aware of new trends
  • 50% of people surveyed say they have visited a website to buy a product/service as a result of seeing it in Stories

So businesses serious about creating a strong presence on Instagram and using this social platform to market their business need to invest in a tool that creates eye-catching videos and Instagram Stories.

That’s where Renderforest comes in.

It’s an online video creation tool that helps you create stunning videos for Instagram, especially Instagram Stories. It has a ton of professionally designed templates and a plethora of royalty-free stock footage and videos to make the entire video creation process a breeze.

Key features:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Search/Filter
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Data import/export
  • Customizable branding
  • Speed adjustment
  • Customizable templates


Renderforest has multiple options for different businesses.

It’s Free plan gives you 300 MB storage and lets you create 1 minute videos. It’s Lite plan is for $4.99/month with 10 GB storage and upto 5 minute videos, Amateur plan is for $9.99/month with 20 GB storage and upto 15 minute videos, Pro plan is for $19.99/month with 40 GB storage and upto 30 minute videos, and finally its Agency plan is for $49.99/month with 80 GB storage and upto 60 minute videos.

Which Instagram Marketing Tools Are You Going to Try?

In 2023, the number of monthly users on Instagram is expected to reach nearly 1.2 billion users. Instagram is quickly becoming the number 1 platform for users to hang out on and businesses to market on.

If you’d like to create a strong presence on Instagram, you need to have a robust strategy in place and invest in tools to streamline your Instagram marketing process.

However, with a plethora of tools available online, it can get a little difficult to determine which ones are the best for your needs. So start off with these 10 best Instagram marketing tools and keep adding more as your needs grow!

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