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updated June 9, 2023
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Paulo Andraus
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Have you ever stopped to think about how an online chat may be just what you need to improve your hotel’s online presence and conquer your potential guests’ trust? Hotels are constantly receiving guests from all over the world, and an increasing amount of people are researching and booking rooms online. Many times these potential customers have questions to ask before making their final decisions, and relying on email and phone contact alone to address their issues just isn’t enough.

Travelers spend hours comparing hotels when planning their travels and nobody wants their hard-earned holiday or business travel to be ruined by a wrong hotel choice. It is by taking all these important factors into consideration that you should think about implementing an online chat on your hotel’s website.

Address your potential guests’ issues in real time

Travelers are not always able to call a hotel’s landline phone, and more often than not they won’t be willing to wait for an email reply sent to your hotel’s customer service before making their final decision on which hotel to book for their vacations.

An Online Chat allows your customers to immediately contact your hotel representatives and get their questions answered. Being able to deliver high-quality customer service in real-time will definitely boost the customer’s confidence in your hotel and help to ensure that no conversions are being lost because your customers did not get the answers they wanted in a timely manner.

Work together with your booking system and increase its value

A conversation with your customer may start with a quick simple question and end up with a booked room! An online chat allows your hotel representatives to collect the required information from your customers and go through the whole booking process while still maintaining contact with your customer and keeping them informed, as well as forwarding them their final booking receipt.

Being able to speak to your customer from the first contact gives your hotel a great opportunity to offer additional services, which can enhance your customer’s experience and increase the average value of your bookings.

Good online chat solutions will allow you to do this either through chat or using Instant Calls, letting your visitors call your representatives from anywhere without having to deal with additional costs.

Hotel Increase Bookings

Online Chats allow you to be proactive

Sometimes customers will run into problems when trying to finalize their purchase or other kinds of issues while browsing through your hotel’s website, the chances for this to happen are even higher if it’s their first time trying to book a room in your hotel.

An online chat allows you to be proactive and set up well-timed greetings that may just be what your customers need in these situations, assisting them through the entire booking process will greatly enhance their trust in your hotel.

You can also use an online chat to inform visitors of new special offers, events happening in your hotel or on its surroundings, new products and services you are starting to offer. Don’t just wait for your visitors to come to you, being proactive and catching your visitors attention will definitely increase your bookings and boost the confidence in your hotel.

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Use an Online Chat for internal communication and connect your departments

An online chat can be used internally for communication between different departments. Allowing your hotel to make use of the convenience of real-time conversations and connecting different departments can greatly improve how effectively employees are doing their tasks and forwarding critical information to responsible departments.

A customer can request services at your Front Office and the employee will be able to quickly forward it to the responsible department through chat or an instant call, for example.

Hotel Connect Departments

Deliver a personalized customer experience and gain a competitive edge

With every chat session, your hotel will have the chance to offer a personalized customer experience to potential guests visiting your website, which will boost your online presence and your visitors’ satisfaction.

Your online reception desk should be able to offer the same experience as your hotel’s front desk. Assisting potential guests from the very first point of contact and helping them through with their decision making, giving your hotel the opportunity to stand out and truly show why it is the best choice for your potential guests.

Having an online chat on your hotel’s website will certainly give your hotel a competitive edge against other choices that do not deliver this kind of customer service, which will lead to more conversions.

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Receive Feedback from your guests

An online chat gives your visitors and guests an easy way to provide your hotel with valuable feedback, These can range from how well information is being displayed on your hotel’s website to how satisfied a guest was with his room service.

Being able to hear your customers complaints and transform them into improvements is an important matter for any company that seeks the highest possible customer satisfaction.

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Hotel Feedback

Jivochat is the online chat solution for your hotel

If you were wondering which online chat solution would allow you to achieve everything described in this post, Jivochat is the answer. It allows your visitors to contact your hotel not only from its website but also from different apps such as Facebook’s messenger, Viber, Telegram and more. Jivochat also offers a mobile app which will never let you miss a potential guest.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of an online chat, and how it can increase your sales, head over to Jivochat.

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