15 AI Web Design Tools to Create a Website

updated March 25, 2024
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing several areas of technology, and with that AI web design has been created. When it comes to designing websites, landing pages, newsletters, and other digital arts, you can find different types of tools that use AI to facilitate your work. 

It isn't necessary to be a coding or designer expert with the solutions AI provides. It's possible to use an AI website builder, for instance, that will come up with a website layout based on some questions you need to answer. It simplifies and speeds up different processes. Check out the article to learn more about it.

What's AI Web Design?

AI web design can be described as an area of web design that uses artificial intelligence to create design products such as website templates, logos, email templates, landing pages, illustrations, images, and much more. 

AI web design includes different types of tools: website builders, image editors, font type creation, color palette generators, and logo makers for example. Web designers can enjoy artificial intelligence to automate tasks, and focus on more difficult processes. 

Why Use AI Web Design Tools

Imagine you have to create a website from scratch but you don't have any experience with that, or you are a web designer with multiple projects to be delivered soon. AI web design tools can benefit both types of people. 

Don't Require Special Skills

For someone who doesn't have coding or design experience, you can use AI web design solutions to make a website template automatically. Most AI website builders enable you to do that by asking a few questions about the type of pages you want to build, your website goals, and business characteristics, and then the artificial intelligence delivers a layout based on your answers. 

You don't need to spend time or money on a drag-and-drop editor, the AI comes up with a personalized template in a few minutes. However, you can still modify the details that don't meet your expectations.

 If you don't want to use AI to build the website, you can enjoy it to create your logo, make illustrations and even edit images, without requiring you to have experience in any of those tasks. 

Automate Tasks

On the other hand, if you are a web designer,  it doesn't mean AI web design tools will replace you. Your creativity and knowledge remain valuable and unique. With AI, you can skip time-consuming tasks and assign them to artificial intelligence. 

Instead of losing hours editing an image, use an AI web design tool, and only review it to give your final touch. Are you looking for the right color palette? You can use a color palette generator by uploading the photo or video that is your reference, and you will receive it automatically. 

You avoid spending time choosing each color and creating multiple combinations until you find the right one. 

AI Web Design Benefits

Some of the benefits AI can offer are:

  • Quick image and text generation
  • Automatic image enhancement
  • Automatic background removal
  • Decrease costs
  • AI-generated movement
  • Build a website quickly and easily

How to Choose AI Web Design Tools

There are some aspects that you should consider when choosing AI web design tools. Pay attention to what they can offer to you and how they will make your tasks simpler  


An AI web design tool must be easy to use. That's one of the most important requirements. Because those tools were developed to facilitate your job, not complicate it, if you find it too difficult to implement artificial intelligence in your project. 

It will take more time to learn how to use it than enjoying its benefits. In the end, it isn't worth the hustle. Therefore, look for AI solutions that provide an intuitive interface.


When choosing which AI web design tools you are going to use, analyze the price. The benefits must be worth the investment you are going to make, otherwise, it's better to look for other solutions. Many platforms offer tools for free or a pre-trial, which is useful to ensure you will choose what you are really looking for. 


Pay attention to what features the AI web design tools you are going to use offer. For example, if it's an AI website builder, it should allow you to customize the layout after delivering it to you. You may also need to integrate your website with third-party applications. 

Make a list of the features you wish to enjoy in the AI web design tools of your choice. Some essential features are: 

  • Intuitive interface
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Tools for ideation and conceptualization
  • Customer support

14 Best AI Web Design Tools

1. Wix AI Website Builder

Create a Wix website today

With more than 250 million users worldwide, Wix is one of the world's most popular website builder solutions. With the development of Wix AI, they intend to make it even easier and faster to create different web pages to fit your needs.

When you access the AI website creator, you will be required to write a brief about how you want your website, in terms of design and features. Then, the platform will generate a website based on the guidelines you gave. With just a few clicks, you will have an entirely customized layout to fit your content.

You don't need to know how to code or be a design expert, the AI will do the hard work for you. Once the AI generates the website, you can modify its details as you wish, changing the colors, and fonts, inserting images and videos, and much more.

Key features:

  • AI-powered
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive design
  • Suffle layouts
  • Customization tools
  • Built-in business solutions
  • Optimized to load fast
  • Escalable and reliable web hosting
  • Business growth solutions
  • 24/7 customer support

2. Webnode

Webnode home page

If you want to build a website with just a few clicks, Webnode enables you to do that with the help of AI. You can use its artificial intelligence to have text content written for you and obtain relevant images from a photo bank. 

Besides, Webnode offers several benefits, such as redesigned pages that can be customized by adding images and videos, changing colors and fonts, and inserting your brand's identity into it.

You will also rely on safe and stable hosting servers, which enable you to get more space and higher bandwidth as your website traffic grows. Use the backup feature to make regular backups of your website and keep your data safe. 

Key features:

  • User-friendly website builder
  • Reliable hosting
  • SEO tools
  • HTTPS for safe browsing
  • Edit on any device
  • Pre-built templates
  • Responsive design

3. WiziShop

Wizishop AI tool page

WiziShop uses artificial intelligence to help you create your online store. You can use it to write product descriptions, translate texts, create advertisements, and write meta descriptions too.

 If you are going to have a blog, it's possible to enjoy WiziShop AI to get insights about the themes you will approach, and even find images to illustrate it. You can build your ecommerce in just a few minutes and count on video training and customer support to solve your doubts. 

Key features:

  • Automate your ecommerce with AI
  • SEO tools
  • 400 pre-integrated features
  • Video training
  • Easy to use
  • Hosted in the cloud

4. GetResponse

GetResponse page showing the AI benefits

With the GetResponse AI website design tool, you can have a personalized website created in minutes just by answering some questions. You will have to answer questions like "What type of business do you have?", and "What kind of website do you want to build?", and select the features you wish to add to your website.

Based on your answers, artificial intelligence will analyze what is the best structure to design your pages and deliver a website completely designed. After this, you can add your content, make changes you feel necessary, and launch it. 

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • SEO optimization
  • Analytics tools
  • Marketing automation
  • Sign up forms

5. LeadPages

LeadPages AI Engine page

LeadPages AI Engine enables you to generate copy with a single click. You can enjoy this tool to create headlines automatically. The AI will suggest several options and you choose the one that fits your needs best. 

Another advantage is that you can optimize the performance of your pages by creating multiple A/B tests with artificial intelligence suggestions. 

LeadPages also provides several other features for you to build amazing landing pages, for example, built-in conversion guidance, and page editor. You can integrate with other apps too, like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Salesforce to create unified marketing campaigns.

Key features: 

  • Pre-built landing page templates
  • Built-in conversion guidance
  • Unlimited lead collection and traffic
  • Unlimited page publishing
  • Unparalleled page load speed
  • Code-free drag-and-drop customizations
  • A/B testing
  • Integrations

6. AppyPie

AppyPie home page

AppyPie AI web design tool is easy to use and you can have your website ready to launch with a few clicks. First, you will need to describe your website in one or two sentences, then click on "build". 

You will have to log in to your Appy Pie account or create one. After that, you can test the website design that was made just for you. If you don't like the results, you can click on "regenerate" to get other suggestions. If you decide to use it, click on "customize" to personalize the details of the pages. 

Key features: 

  • Easy to use
  • Free domain
  • Free Google Workspace
  • Customizable
  • Convert website to mobile app

7. Canva

Canva AI tool page

Canva also has its own AI web design tool. It's an artificial intelligence image generator, which you can use for free. All you have to do is type the image you wish to make and the AI will come up with a suggestion for you. 

You can choose the size of the image or select a predesigned one, then type what you have in mind. The AI will give you image options according to what you have asked, and you can use Canva edition tools to make your own design. 

Key features:

  • Image generator
  • Generate images from texts
  • Various art styles
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Edition tools

8. Shutterstock Creative

Shutterstock AI image generator

You can use Shutterstock AI image generator to boost your website as well. This AI web design tool is easy to use and allows you to select the image style you wish to make. For example, it can be an illustration, a 3D image, a scene, or a photo. 

First, you will imagine the image, then type what you want, and click on "generate", then the AI will come up with suggestions. Use the Shutterstock edition tools to edit the image. Once you are done, it's possible to download the image and use it in your projects. 

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Create images from text
  • Image editor
  • Multiple image style options

9. RecCloud

RecCloud home page

Reccloud is an AI-powered multimedia platform where you will find several features that will simplify the content creation process. With the AI subtitle generator, you can have subtitles created with just a few clicks.

All you have to do is upload a video file, and the artificial intelligence will create accurate subtitles for it. You may also enjoy the subtitle translation feature that translates into more than 99 languages, including English, French, Chinese, and German.

Transcribing is a task that takes too much time when done manually. You need to pay attention to every detail of the audio and usually replay it over and over to make sure you didn't miss a thing. With RecCloud, that isn't necessary, thanks to the speech-to-text feature.

Key features:

  • AI subtitle
  • AI video translator
  • AI speech-to-text
  • Trim video
  • Video to gif
  • Crop video
  • Extract audio
  • Merge video
  • Image to video

10. Uizard

Uizard AI design page

Uizard has an AI design tool that transforms screenshots to designs, hand-drawn sketches to wireframes. It was developed to allow you to create UI design projects easier. For instance, you can type your idea, and the AI will generate a mockup based on that. 

Another possibility is to upload a sketch, which will be scanned by the AI and turned into a digital design. It will save you time and doesn't require special skills to make an attractive interface.

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Generate multi-screen mockups
  • AI UI design tools
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Text assistant
  • Editor

11. DALL.E 2

DALL.E 2 home page

Created by the same company responsible for the Chat GPT, OpenAI, DALL.E 2 is an AI web design tool that creates images from text. 

You will need to describe in detail the image you wish to make, and click "Generate". Then the artificial intelligence will build an image based on what you have written. You can also upload an image to edit it. 

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Create images from descriptions
  • Edit images
  • Expand images beyond the original canvas
  • Create variations of the same image

12. 10Web

10Web home page

With 10Web, you can enjoy artificial intelligence to make your website. You just need to answer a few questions and AI will generate tailored content and images based on your answers. After that, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to edit the pages and give your final touch.

10Web also offers ecommerce and marketing tools to help you build a high-performance website and achieve your goals. You can also count on automated hosting, real-time backups, 1 click migration, and a safe platform. 

Key features:

  • AI website builder
  • AI business name generator
  • AI SEO tool
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Easy to use
  • Automated hosting 
  • Real-time backups

13. Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei page

Sensei is the AI web design tool created by Adobe, and it comes with several features. You can use it to save time when editing images, for example by applying the same change on a video, like cutting an object from a scene.

Another possibility is to make an object search and look for insights for your projects. Adobe Sensei can be used as well to optimize and scale experiences, predict customer behavior based on data,  and engage audiences with custom offers and headlines. 

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Object search
  • Automatic image edition
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Data-driven insights
  • AI-powered analytics

14. Sketch2Code

Sketch2Code home page

Sketch2Code is an AI web design tool developed by Microsoft. It enables you to convert hand-written drawings into HTML prototypes. Imagine, you and your team are sketching an interface on a whiteboard, this AI uses computer vision to understand what has been drawn and transform it into code. 

Then, you will have your web page designed as you want without needing to know how to code. Microsoft has been working to perfect this tool and it's also implementing AI into other projects. For example, using optical character recognition (OCR) to extract a handwritten math equation and show how it can be solved. 

Key features:

  • Convert drawings into HTML prototypes
  • Facilitate teamwork
  • Use computer vision
  • Dynamic design

15. Bookmark

Bookmark home page

Bookmark is an AI-powered web design tool that allows you to create beautiful websites without coding. You will start by answering what your location, business type, and goals are, that's where AIDA, the artificial intelligence design assistant, gets to work. 

AIDA will build you a personalized website in minutes. You can use the self-service editor to make changes as you see fit. After your website is launched, AIDA analyzes its performance, identifies which elements are more efficient to achieve your goals, and sends you smart predictions to improve user experience.

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Customization tools
  • Visitor score
  • Smart predictions
  • SEO optimized
  • Mobile-ready

Enjoy AI Web Design Tools

Now that you have discovered some amazing AI web design tools, explore what they offer, and discover the ones that suit your needs. After that, start implementing them into your design projects. You will see how you will be able to develop interfaces, create websites and edit images much faster.

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