5 Best Monetization Platforms You Should Know for 2022

updated November 3, 2023
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Agnese Repule
Agnese Repule
Agnese Repule is a passionate Content Marketing Manager and SEO specialist at website monetization platform Setupad.

As a website or an app owner, you might be wondering: "Is there a way I can earn money from it and still provide my content for free to users?" The short answer is yes.

Thanks to monetization platforms, you can provide your content or game for free and display programmatic ads to increase your earnings. The most important thing to remember is not to overcrowd your site with too many ads. 


Too many ads can result in a bad user experience (UX) and less ad revenue. What matters is the proper ad formats, sizes, and the right ad placements.

This article includes the 5 best monetization platforms for 2022. Make sure you go through the list and find the best fit for your site or app. 

But before we dig into details, let us emphasize points you should keep in mind when choosing a monetization partner.

Where to keep an eye on? 

When considering your monetization partner take a look at the company's:

  • Requirements
  • Client support
  • The difficulty level of implementation
  • Variety of ads
  • Partners they are working with
  • Policy guidelines
  • Payment terms
  • Reporting system
  • Other additional features

5 Best Monetization Platforms for 2022

1. Google AdSense for New Websites

Google AdSende home page

Why is it a good idea to start your website monetization journey with Google AdSense?

When your website is new, you are building up your online presence on search by crafting as much fresh content as possible and making it SEO-friendly

Simply speaking, it can take some time to reach more than 100K monthly visitors. And that's why Google AdSense is an excellent way to start–there is no monthly traffic threshold compared to other companies.

What should you keep in mind when choosing AdSense?

  • You should create high-quality content.
  • Google AdSense takes 32% commission from your total ad revenue.  
  • There is only 1 demand partner who buys your ad inventory-Google.

Since Google AdSense pays on a cost-per-click (CPC) model, you will earn money each time someone clicks on your ads. This means you should keep an eye on your click-through rate (CTR). If your CTR is > 1% and remains stable, Google AdSense can generate a nice revenue stream.

2 . Website Monetization with Setupad

Setupad's home page where it's written "Earn money from ads on your website

Since Google AdSense is a great way to start your monetization journey, the next step would be partnering up with a monetization platform.

Setupad is one of the best website monetization platforms out there. This monetization platform provides the best-performing ad formats for desktop and mobile devices, like interstitials, video ads, AMP ads, and many more. Also, Setupad has direct partnerships with 20+ demand partners, including Google. 

How can Setupad help you to increase ad revenue?

Setupad uses header bidding technology that allows connecting publishers' ad space with more than one demand partner, thus increasing the competition between them. Did you know that 69% of top 10K US publishers were using header bidding in Q4 2021?

Ghraphic "What % of US publishers do header bidding?"

Source: Kevel

Thanks to connections with 20+ best ad networks in the industry, like Google AdX, Pubmatic, Magnite, and many more, Google is pushed to bid with higher prices, thus allowing publishers to reach maximum ad revenue.

Usually, monetization platforms pay on the cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) model, thus making your ad earnings more predictable. In the CPM payment model, total ad revenue depends on how many users have viewed your ads, not how many have clicked on them. 

The best time to switch to Setupad is when you have reached more than 100K monthly visitors. 

3 . App Monetization with Google AdMob

According to the latest data by Statista, one of the most popular app monetization methods in 2021 was video ads. 82% of app publishers worldwide used video ads to monetize their gaming apps, so app monetization will also be a thing for 2022.

Graphic showing most used monetization methods for mobile gaming and non-gaming apps

Source: Statista

The industry's leader and top performer for app monetization is Google AdMob. This monetization platform is also the largest global ad network that sells publishers' ad space to premium advertisers, thus increasing their ad revenue.

Google AdMob's page. It's written "Earn more revenue with your apps".

Google states: "As one of the largest global ad networks, AdMob works with millions of advertisers to compete for your ad space, while you stay in full control of the process, to maximize your earnings."

This monetization platform connects publishers with premium advertisers based on their geolocation. Thanks to ad customization, this monetization partner promises a great user experience for your app's users. 

Google AdMob's ads match your app's design. Usually, they are inserted at natural transition points, for example, when the user switches to the next game level.

4 . Instream Video Monetization with ShowHeroes  

First of all, instream ads are one of the most popular video ad formats. According to the latest studies, the video market is booming, and each year advertisers increase their ad spend for this ad format. 

The image shows a graphic about digital advertising worldwide from 2015 to 2021.

Source: ShowHeroes

Instream video ads are displayed while the user is viewing a video, meaning a video player is required to use this ad format. For example, YouTube relies on instream ads. 

The image shows a smartphone, in the screen a video player is positioned on the top.

If you decide to use this ad format, you will be paid on a CPV (Cost-per-View) or CPM basis. And here comes the company that focuses on video ads–The ShowHeroes Group. 

ShowHeroes is the leading instream video ad solution for many premium publishers in Europe. Their video library consists of thousands of engaging videos that will definitely fit your website. They also have a superpowerful reporting system to monitor the amount you have earned from this particular ad format.

The image shows ShowHeroes website

Will video ads work great for all publishers?

It actually depends on each publisher's needs and wants. Simply speaking, video instream ads can be displayed on any website. These ads can generate more money for publishers because of the high ad engagement rate.

Just remember, even though video ads usually have a higher CPM price compared to other ad formats like banners, you shouldn't place them everywhere–it can harm your UX.

5 . Outstream Video Advertising Monetization with VDO.AI

Here is what VDO.AI says about outstream video advertising: ''It is a joint effort of publishers and advertisers to ensure a balance between revenue and experience.''

VDO.AI's home page

Outstream video ads do not require a separate video player on your website. They are served outside of video content. You get paid when the user views the video for at least 2 seconds.

The image show how outstream video ads appear on screens

The greatest thing about outstream video ads is that they only launch when a user performs a specific action, for example, clicks the play button on the ad.

VDO.AI is one of the best outstream video advertising platforms out there. This platform helps website owners to access the power of video content and advertising to improve their ad revenue.


We have covered 5 best monetization platforms for you to choose from. Remember, while displaying programmatic ads can be beneficial to increase your revenue stream, your users should always come first! 

It's crucial to provide a great user experience, especially for apps, create high-quality content, and use the best-performing ad formats and placements.

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