15 Free Newsletter Templates

updated September 1, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Counting with free newsletter templates is a great resource for starting your own newsletter. Since the template is pre-made, it doesn't require you to design one from scratch, and many platforms provide you with an online editor, so you can make the changes you wish to customize the newsletter.

This way, you don't need to be a design expert in developing a newsletter that offers eye-catching and interesting content to your target audience. Check out the article to know more about it.

What is a newsletter? 

A newsletter is written content that is periodically sent via email. It can approach different topics and be used for multiple purposes. For example, some authors write newsletters to send short stories to their readers.  

Some digital influencers write newsletters with recommendations for books, movies, music, and products. On the other hand, many companies enjoy newsletters as an opportunity to establish a close relationship with their customers, show new products, promote sales, and much more.

Newsletters are a great opportunity for brands to avoid being forgotten by their audience. While for authors it's used as a way to promote their poems, chronicles, and books. They have different formats, and it's important to choose a template that fits the brand's identity and text structure better. 

Free Newsletters Templates


1. Green Modern Monthly Updates School

The image shows a kid writing in a book, and a kid reading.

This newsletter template was built for schools. It's a space to announce events and activities. The green palette is very elegant, and the title in cursive letters gives a charm to it. The texts are structured in blocks positioned on the side of the student's images. The readability is great because the letters in black have a good contrast with the background in light green. 

2. Real Estate Newsletter

The image shows a real estate newsletter on the left isde there is the image of a house.

This free newsletter template suits real-estates who are looking to enhance their relationship with customers or promote the properties available. The picture of the house on the top of the message highlights their beauty and the background with a mix of neutral colors makes it more sophisticated. 

3. Minimal Modern Company Newsletter

The image shows a newsletter with the title Innovation, there is an image of a building and the text is structured in boxes.

With a minimalist design, this free newsletter template is a great choice for internal company emails. The main focus is the text, but it has just a few details that help highlight some information. 

4.Skin Care Newsletter

In the image it's written "There is something new coming", below the text there are some skin care products.

This template uses soft colors like peach, which matches the topic. Another important thing is that the products are shown in the center of the image. This is a great example that it isn't necessary to write too much when the design and text are well aligned. The main message is clear and direct.

Adobe Express

5. Coffee Lovers

The image shows a newsletter about coffee lovers. On the top of it appears a cup of ocffee.

This template has a minimalistic design which enables the reader to focus on the main information. The combination of colors gives an interesting contrast in the image, and the picture of the coffee indicates right away what the newsletter is about. While important information is put on boxes with different colors to emphasize them. 

6. Clean Eating

The image shows a bowl of salad

This free newsletter template has a simple yet effective design. The photo on the top of the page emphasizes de topic of the email The text is well-structured, so the reader won't have any problem finding the information they need, 

7. The Fashion

On the top of the image it's written "Fashion", then there are two images of tops, and two texts on their sides.

The Fashion template has an aesthetic that matches the topic perfectly. The use of shades of gray keeps it minimalist and elegant. When you look at it is possible to see this newsletter was made by a modern brand. 

8. Teens Book Guide

The image is a newsletter with the title "Teen Book Guide"

The Teens Book Guide template uses a dark color in the background in contrast with the text in white and pink. It's interesting to notice that the font type and graphic elements follow the teen aesthetic. Every topic of the text is marked with a different icon that represents the book.


9. Creative Newsletter

The Image is a newsletter, along with the texts it shows a wiman eating, another woman smiling and a plate of food.

This free newsletter template has a modern design. It places the texts in boxes of different colors, which helps to highlight them. If you are looking for a fun theme that may be the one for you. 

10. Product Showcase Newsletter

Product showcase newsletter

This template uses darker colors in the details and has a minimalistic yet sophisticated design. It presents the product's benefits and also shows its images, so the customer can know what they are talking about. 

11. Community Service Project

The image shows a newsletter of a community project, on the top of the image there is a picture of 3 women smiling.

This template follows a standard structure, which resembles a magazine. The topics are well-divided, and it provides links to social media in the end, so people can follow their profiles. The colors are discrete, but help to highlight de information and are good for readability.

12. Dolce Vita Newsletter Template

The image shows a restaurant, and below it shows a chicken pie, and two other dishes.

This newsletter design is perfect for restaurants. It shows some of the dishes, explains what they are made of, and shows essential information such as the opening hours. One of the most important things in a newsletter like this one is that the food picture needs to be stunning, and make the reader desire to eat the plates 

Vista Create

13. Digital Magazine

The image shows a newsletter with a neon green background, most of it is formed by text. There is only one image illustrating the newsletter which is metal hand.

The digital magazine template uses vibrant color in the background, which helps to drive people's attention, and is modern. Besides, it has everything to do with the theme that is artificial intelligence. The text is organized in small paragraphs, which facilitates the reading. And the graphic elements give a final touch to the template. 

14. Medical Newsletter

The newsletter has the image of a stethoscope.

The colors blue and white are often associated with hospitals. The white represents cleanliness, while the blue is associated with calm. It keeps a minimalist design and the important information is highlighted with the use of bigger letters or by putting them in a separate box.

15. Cozy Home

The image shows a room with a chair and a table with vases on it.

The Cozy Home template also has a minimalist design. The brown on the details mark perfectly the theme of the newsletter, which has a rustic style. The structure of the newsletter organizes the information in a way that's easy for the recipient to read.

Create Your Own Newsletter

Enjoy the free newsletter templates and take your project to the next level. Developing an email campaign can help you reach a new audience and straighten the relationship with loyal customers. Besides, if you are a beginner author, that can be the opportunity to show your work.

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