Google Ads Editor: How to Use

updated February 14, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Do you know Google Ads Editor? If you are investing on promoting a brand through Google Ads campaigns, the editor is a very useful tool. It allows you to download the ads you have created and work on them offline. 

You can make the changes you need on multiple ads, and upload them to Google Ads. Advertising on Google can help you increase traffic on your website, gain leads, and sell more. But, to do that, it's important to understand how to use Google Ads and enjoy its resources to create effective campaigns. Check out the article to know more about how Google Ads Editor works. 

What Is Google Ads Editor?

Google Ads Editor is an application that you can download to manage and make changes to your Google Ads campaigns. It allows you to search and replace text, move items, and redo or undo changes too. 

If you want to make the same alteration in more than one ad, you have the option to edit in bulk, facilitating your job. Besides, you can review the ads offline by downloading the campaigns, then see the edits in the draft before approving them. It's also possible to import and export files to share with your colleagues. 

With the editor, you also can download reports containing important campaign metrics such as click-through rate, cost, and conversion rate. This way, the ads performance data will be saved on your computer, and you can send them to everyone you want. 

Google Ads Editor contains several features to make the task of managing campaigns easier. Mainly when you need to keep track of multiple campaigns, it's important to have an app that helps you to navigate through them, and quickly locate information details that have to be altered. 

Work Offline

Google Ads Editor enables you to work on your Google Ads campaigns even when you are without internet access. You don't need to be online to review the ads and change them, you can make all the necessary changes, and upload to Google Ads once you connect to the internet. 

Bulk Edit Google Ads Campaigns

If you work in an advertising agency, you may be responsible for multiple ad campaigns from different companies. It's necessary to dedicate yourself to analyzing their performance individually and defining how to improve them. However, when you have to make the same change in more than one campaign, you don't need to do it one by one, just use the bulk editing tools and your work will be much faster.

Review Changes

Once you have downloaded your ad campaigns through Google Ads Editor and made the changes you wanted, you can save all the alterations in the draft. Review everything offline, and only upload to Google Ads after doing that. 

View Performance Statistics

Performance reports that show valuable data about your ads should be analyzed with calm. This way, you can identify the strong and weak points of your ads, have new insights, and understand how to enhance performance. Google Ads Editor enables you to download them and check important metrics even when you are offline.

How to Use Google Ads Editor

First Steps

Google Ads Editor dashboard

To start using Google Ads Editor, go to Google Ads and download the application. Install it on your computer, and open the editor. Sign in to your Google account to start, then choose if you want to download all your campaigns or only the ones you choose. 

On the left side of the screen, you will see the campaigns list so you can navigate and search through them. In the account overview section, you may check the number of clicks, impressions, click-through rate, and cost per click from a campaign. It also shows you the changes that haven't been posted yet and the optimization score. 

Search for a Campaign

In case you have to manage multiple campaigns, with Google Ads Editor, it is very simple to find the one you want, edit and track it. To search for a campaign, type a keyword related to it on the search bar. After finding it, click on the arrow on the left to see the ad groups as well.

Making Changes Through Google Ads Editor

One of the main features of Google Ads Editor is it allows you to edit ad campaigns. If you have seen that some keywords are more effective and want to apply them to an individual campaign, all you need to do is copy them and paste them into the campaign selected. To make changes in bulk, import the list of updated campaigns or choose the option to replace text across multiple ads

Edit Video Campaigns

If you have video ads on YouTube, it's also possible to use Google Ads Editor to manage them. You will see a camera icon on the side of the campaign name to identify if it has video ads. You can use the editor to add a call to action (CTA), insert headline fields, and create bumper ads and ad groups. 

The cost of a Google ad campaign depends on the cost per click, and the bids that are given to the keywords you are aiming at. You can determine how much you want to spend, so there won't be any bids that trespass the limit. Use Google Ads Editor to write down the recommended budget for each campaign, and everyone who is managing them will be able to check your recommendations. 

Download Campaign Reports

You can access the campaign reports even offline with Google Ads Editor is very simple. Open the application, and select the campaigns and the metrics you wish to see to download them. 

Share Proposed Changes

After you have made the changes you wished for in a campaign, you can share them with your colleagues. First, export the changes in AES files, then send them to everyone that needs to review the alterations. The person that received the files will import them into the editor and they can upload the ad or send it to someone else.  

When a file is imported to the editor, the changes are highlighted, and you and your team can accept or reject them. 

Enjoy Google Ads Editor

Now that you have seen Google Ads Editor's main features and how to use them, enjoy it to enhance your ads. You will see how the tools provided can make a big difference in optimizing your ads and making the most out of them.

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