How to Remove TikTok Watermark

updated February 7, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Do you know how to remove TikTok watermark? When you upload a video on the platform and save it again on your computer, the video comes with the TikTok watermark. This may be a problem if you wish to publish the same content on other social media networks, like Instagram. 

If you have a different audience on both platforms, it's pertinent to publish the same videos, so all your followers can enjoy your content. But, to post on Instagram, you should remove the watermark, on the contrary, it may seem like you didn't care about delivering the best reel to your viewers. Check out the article to learn how to do it.

What is a TikTok Watermark?

The TikTok Watermark is the TikTok logo that appears in videos downloaded from the platform. It stays on the side of the video images along with the username of the person who created the video. 

That's important, for example, if someone wants to repost your content because when they save your video it will come with the credits to you. However, when you want to repost your own content on other platforms, it isn't necessary to give yourself the credit.

Keep in mind that if you are going to download TikTok videos from other users to republish on Instagram, the TikTok watermark should be kept. This way, you avoid infringing any copyrights and show respect to the person who made the video. 

 How to Remove TikTok Watermark

There are several ways when it comes to how to remove TikTok watermark. You can crop out the video, use specific apps, save the video as a live photo, or edit the images. Choose how you think it's easier to do. 

Crop Out 

One option to remove the watermark is to crop it out of the video. To do that, follow the steps:

1 - Open the TikTok app on your smartphone, and go to the video you wish to download;

2 - Click on the "..." on the side of the image;

The image shows a TikTok video and there is a red circle on the three dots icon.

3 - Select "Save video";

The image shows the TikTok menu, the button "Save Video" is inside a red circle.

4 - Open the video in your Photo app;

5 - Click on edit;

6 - Click on the crop out icon, and crop the parts where the watermark appears.

The image shows the video in the IOS photo editor app

In this case, as the TikTok watermark is put in different places during the video, you will need to crop out the images according to it.  

Use an App to Remove TikTok Watermark

In order to help people who want to learn how to remove TikTok watermark, there are some companies that created specific apps for this. You will find several of those apps in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Take a look at them, and choose the watermark remover that you prefer. Some of those apps are also available to be used on desktop computers or notebooks if you like. What you have to do is upload the video in the app, then it will detect and remove the watermark for you. Remember, though, none of those apps are affiliated with TikTok.

Among the watermark remover apps available are: 

Use a Video Editing App

If you already have experience with editing videos, you can use your favorite video editor, and apply the necessary changes to remove the TikTok watermark. With the editor, it's possible to not only take out the watermark but make other changes like changing the background, using special effects, and altering the contrast and exposure. 

Take a look at those amazing video editors:

Save TikTok as a LivePhoto

There is an option to save your TikTok video without the watermark. To do that, you will have to follow the instructions:

1 - Open the TikTok app;

2 - Go to the video you wish to download;

3 - Click on the "..." icon;

4 - Select "Live Photo";

The image shows the TikTok menu, and the live photo button is inside a red circle.

5 - Go to your smartphone gallery, open the photo;

6 - Click on the "...";

7 - Select "Save as video". 

Now you have the TikTok video saved in your smartphone without the watermark. But, in those cases, the audio is removed as well. You will have to use another soundtrack. 

Start Creating Short Videos

Now that you have learned multiple ways how to remove TikTok watermark, what about enjoying the opportunity to begin making short videos for TikTokl and Instagram? This video format, which is recorded on the vertical and usually has no more than 1 minute, has become a success in those platforms and will help you to reach a bigger audience.

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