How to Use Instagram Filters

updated June 9, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Do you know how to use Instagram filters? There are thousands of them, which you can use to make your stories and edit the videos and pictures you will post on the platform. Many filters are made by Instagram users, and they are a huge success.

You will find funny filters, cute ones, and filters that look like you have applied makeup to your face. Some brands even create their own Instagram filters to promote their products and interact with their audience. Check out the article to know more about it.

What Are Instagram Filters

Instagram filters are an edition tool that allows you to take pictures and record videos with special effects. For example, some filters add different elements to the picture background, change the image colors, brighten up your face, and even add makeup to it. 

Instead of having to adjust the pictures and videos by changing the light, and contrast, and making other editions, you can just add a filter. The filter can be added before you take the picture or start recording a video with Instagram, or put on the image when you upload it. 

How to Use Instagram Filters on Stories

When it comes to how to use Instagram filters, the good news is that the social media platform offers you a very intuitive interface. Therefore, it's very easy to choose the filter you prefer and use it in your stories. 

1 - Open the Instagram app, and log into your account;

2 - Click on the "Plus" icon to start making your stories;

3 - On the bottom of  the screen, you can select the filter you want to use by swiping to the left on the record button;

Instagram story page

4 - Once you have chosen, just click on the record button to take a picture or make a video. 

Instagram story page

5 - Then, click to publish the story.

If you don't have any  Instagram filters added, swipe to the right until you select the magnifying glass icon, and click on it. Then, you can check the trending filters, and choose the one you prefer. 

The image shows the Instagram filter options

How to Use Instagram Filters on Pre-Made Stories

Just as you have the option to record the stories the moment you are going to publish them, you can also upload videos or photos that you have taken previously. In this case, it's also possible to add filters.  What you need to do is:

1 - Open the Instagram app, and log into your account;

2 - Click on the "Plus" icon;

3 - Click on the small square on the left side of the screen to upload the video or photo from your camera roll;

Instagram story page

4 -After you have uploaded it, click on the filters icon;

Instagram story page

5 - Select the  filter you wish to use, and click on "Done";

Instagram story page shows the image of a plane with a lighting filter

6 - Click on "Your Stories" to publish it.

Instagram story showing a plane above the clouds.

How to Use Instagram Filters on Your Feed Pictures

Instagram filters can also be used to edit the photos you are going to publish on your feed. 

1 - Open the Instagram app, and log into your account;

2 - Click on the plus icon;

3 - Select the option "Post", and choose the photo you will publish;

3 - Click on "Next" and select the photo filter you prefer;

Instagram page to add filter to the photo. it shows a plane photo and below the filter options.

4 - Once you are done, click on "Next" again;

5 - Add a caption to your post, and other details like location, and tag people;

Instagram page to publish photo

6 - Click on "Share". 

How to Use Instagram Filters on Reels

The short video format that became known as reels on Instagram is very popular and offers you the opportunity to increase the reach of your account by publishing them.

If your account isn't a private one, your reels can be shown in the reels section and be seen not only by your followers but by other users who are interested in the type of content you make. To make things better, you can enhance your reels by using Instagram filters. 

1 - Open the Instagram app, and log into your account;

2 - Click on the plus icon;

3 - Select the "Reel" option;

Instagram reel page

4 - Click on the filters icon;

Instagram reel page

5 - Choose your favorite filter; 

The image shows Instagram filter options.

6 - Click on the record button to start recording the reel;

7 - Once you are finished, click on "Next", and edit the video as you wish;

8 - Select "Next" again, add a caption, and click on "Share". 

Have Fun With the Instagram Filters

Now that you have learned how to use Instagram filters, enjoy them to produce high-quality content for your target audience. They can be a very useful tool to drive their attention. However, be careful to not exaggerate when it comes to using filters that change your appearance, they can create an image that doesn't show who you really are.

This may push away your target audience, as people like to see they are engaging with real people, who aren't perfect. Besides, the continuous use of makeup filters may even affect how you perceive yourself. 

On the other hand, when you understand how to use Instagram filters properly, they become a valuable tool. You can use them to make funny videos or create a filter with your brand's logo, for example,  there are thousands of possibilities.

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