14 Best Restaurant Website Templates

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Website builder platforms, like Wix and SITE123, offer several restaurant website templates for you to choose from. Creating your restaurant website with a pre-built template becomes much easier because it doesn't require coding or design experience. 

It's crucial to select a template that has all the features you need and a responsive design as well, so your pages will function correctly on desktop computers and mobile devices. Then, you can customize the template to add your restaurant's visual identity to it. Check out the article to discover more. 

Wix Restaurant Website Templates

With Wix, you can create your website, manage and develop content to keep enhancing it. You will find hundreds of pre-built templates to choose from, which can be customized using the drag-and-drop editor. 

You can resize, rotate, align, and add new graphic elements. It's possible to have a website with different sections, like a blog, online store, portfolio, and online scheduling. Wix also helps you ensure your website looks great on desktop and mobile devices by using responsive design. 

1 - Chef Restaurant

The Chef Restaurant website template is minimalist and elegant. The highlight on the home page is the image, where you can add a picture of one of your main dishes, for example. On the right side of the pages, there is a menu to facilitate navigation. You can add a booking tool to enable guests to make reservations. 

Chef Restaurant template

2 - Poke Restaurant

With the Poke Restaurant template, you can create a website with a modern and fun design. You can add an appealing image in the home page background to drive customers' attention and link to your social media pages on the right side.

Poke Restaurant template

3 - Italian Restaurant

The home page of the Italian Restaurant template is divided into one part with a picture and the other one where you can add a call to action. The design is simple yet appealing to those who access it. You can add an online order tool, a contact form, and a live chat

Italian Restaurant template

4 - Pizza Restaurant

Having a restaurant website allows you to improve your customer service, for instance by enabling them to make orders and reservations online. The Pizza Restaurant template was built considering that. It has a clean design that can be fully customized.

Pizza Restaurant template

5 - Japanese Restaurant

The Japanese Restaurant template also has a clean design, but instead of using an image on the home page, it has the restaurant logo in the center. In the superior part, the user can access the menu, make a reservation, order, and get to know more about the place in the image gallery. 

Japanese Restaurant template

SITE123 Restaurant Website Templates

SITE123 is one of the best website builders that offers multiple features such as responsive design, an intuitive website editor, SEO tools, and free hosting. You can also create an online store and sell globally. 

With just a few steps, it's possible to have your website running smoothly. Select a pre-built template, edit it to fit your brand, upload the content, review, and publish. If you have any questions or problems, you can count on the 24/7 customer support offered by the platform. 

6 - Ocean's Bounty

The Ocean's Bounty template allows you to build a well-structured website, divided into multiple sections such as the menu, about, and contact. It has a minimalist design, and you can insert pictures of the dishes to make the pages more attractive. 

Ocean's Bounty template

7 - Scoops & Beans

A restaurant website template must be aligned with your brand's identity. In this case, you can add the restaurant logo on the top of all the pages, and use the same font and color to put the page titles. 

Scoops & Beans template

8 - La Fiesta Mexicana

The La Fiesta Mexicana template is simple yet contemporary. An image is used in the home page background while the main information is put in a red box to highlight it, which helps to drive the customer focus. 

La Fiesta Mexicana template

9 - Tipsy Tumbler

The Tipsy Tumbler template has a classic and elegant style. You can notice the attention to details, such as the color of the background that matches the color of the drink in the home page photo. Also, the restaurant logo and the menu options are in the same color. 

Tipsy Tumbler template

10 - Savor Asia

In the Sabor Asia restaurant website template, a dish image is used in the background of the home page, and the name of the restaurant is placed in the center to highlight it. On the top, the website visitor can easily find the other pages and go to them.

Savor Asia template

Webnode Restaurant Website Templates

Webnode has a user-friendly website builder, which will turn the task of developing a website and managing it into a much simpler one. Use the predesigned pages and customize them by adding images and videos, changing colors and fonts, and inserting your brand's identity into them.

11 - Bakery

This template was developed for bakeries and it shows how it doesn't take many elements to make a design interesting. You can use an image of your products in the background, and add the menu at the top and your brand's logo. 

Bakery template

12 - La Cuisine Royale

With a modern and minimalist style, the La Cuisine Royale template will make it easier for you to structure your website. You can add multiple sections like about us, reservations, menu, and contact, and you will have a version of the website for desktop computers and mobile devices.

La Cuisine Royale template

13 - Café Template

Suited for cafes, this restaurant website template has a clean and modern design. You can customize it by changing the colors, font type, including your logo, and much more. It's also possible to insert a contact form and enable customers to book tables online. 

Cafe template

14 - Salad Delivery 

The Salad Delivery template is a minimalist one as well. On the home page, the website visitor already knows what the website is about by visualizing the image and the explanation on the text on the side. The call to action is highlighted by being put in a box that the customer can click and make the order. 

Salad Delivery template

Choose the Best Restaurant Website Template

Now that you have seen some of the best restaurant website templates, choose the one that meets your needs. Remember to review your website before launching it, and keep it always up to date, so customers can have a good experience while browsing through it.

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