Integration with MailChimp

Included for free in plans

Integration via JivoChat app

The integration will let you automatically transfer leads generated in JivoChat directly to a list of contacts in your MailChimp account.

To connect MailChimp, access your JivoChat web application or one of our Desktop apps and go to Manage -> Integrations -> MailChimp.

Insert a name for the integration, select which channels in your account will be connected to the integration and press "Connect" to continue.

Next, click to "Continue".

Insert your MailChimp credentials and click to "Log In".

Select an existing List from your MailChimp where you want the contacts generated in JivoChat to be sent to and click to "Continue".

That's it! The integration is now successfully connected. After a chat containing client's data is closed in JivoChat, the lead will be automatically sent to your selected list in MailChimp.

Integration via Zapier

You can integrate JivoChat with thousands of different platforms by creating a Zap using our Zapier integration. With this integration, we send the "chat_finished" event so that you can forward data from chats and clients from JivoChat to any of the thousands of apps available for integration in Zapier.

One of the available integrations is with the email marketing platform MailChimp. To integrate JivoChat with MailChimp, please follow the steps below:

Please go to Zapier and log in to your account. If you do not have one yet, you can create it for free. Free Zapier accounts can have up to 5 2-step Zaps.

After you are logged in, come back to this tutorial and click this direct link or copy this URL and paste it in your browser:

You can also simply search for "JivoChat" in the list of available integrations inside Zapier.

When it is loaded, you will see the page below. Click on "Start using JivoChat now!".

Now you will see the only event we send from JivoChat. Click on "Save + Continue".

In this step, you will connect your JivoChat account. Click on "Connect an Account". A new window will open for you to log in with your JivoChat credentials.

After logging in, please choose the channel to connect and click on "Save + continue".

Here you will pick a sample to make your Zap. Just click on "Continue" once more:

The JivoChat configuration part is now done. Click on "Add an action" or click the button below as shown in the screenshot.

Search for the MailChimp app and select it from the list.

Please notice that there are many integrations available in Zapier, each with custom fields not controlled by us. If there are any issues with integrating third-party apps, please contact Zapier's support team directly.

Select the desired action and click "Save + Continue". In the example shown in this tutorial, we chose the most commonly used action called "Add/Update Subscriber".

Connect your MailChimp account, select it from the list and click "Save + Continue".

Configure the integration template any way you want, selecting at least the Audience and Subscriber Email fields. In the Subscriber Email field, click to select a field from JivoChat (1) and choose the "Visitor's email" field (2). If you wish, you can choose other JivoChat fields to be sent inside the extra optional fields you'll find in the page.

Once you're done, click to "Continue".

In the next step, you may send a test to MailChimp to see how it looks or skip the test if you're sure you got it right.

After finishing or skipping the test, click to "Finish".

Now all you need to do is give your Zap a name and activate it.

That's it! Now you'll receive the selected data from our "chat_finished" event directly in your Audience data in your MailChimp account. The contacts generated in JivoChat, which contains at least a contact email from the visitor/client, will generate or update a contact in your selected Audience in MailChimp.

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