What Are the Benefits of a CRM for Your Ecommerce?

updated June 9, 2023
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Paulo Andraus
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Every business today should have its customers as the central and most important goal. Customer satisfaction isn't easy to achieve, thus companies spend a lot trying to make sure their systems, offerings, and platforms are suited to deliver the highest quality experience to customers.

And that is exactly where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems come in handy. They are built solutions that will help your company gather critical information about your target audience and potential customers, such as their preferences and demands. Read on and get to know all the benefits of a CRM system and why you should consider having it for your Ecommerce.

What Is a CRM?

Before we start explaining the benefits of having such systems in your ecommerce, it’s important we understand what they are. A CRM is a system responsible for managing the interactions between a business and its customers. They can be employed in many kinds of industries, not being something specific for ecommerce. Each CRM is tailored to meet its business expectations.

Ecommerce CRM systems are focused on gathering and organizing customer information in a way to provide strategic leads for the company to employ in its marketing and advertisement campaigns. But what are the real benefits of having a CRM tailored specifically for your ecommerce? Read on!

What is CRM

Improve Your Email Marketing

A great CRM solution will allow you to automate email marketing campaigns while delivering a personalized experience to each lead based on the previously gathered preferences and demands. That means every person gets his own list of products or services they are most interested in.

Personalized service will positively impact your sales and your campaigns are less likely to fall flat and be overlooked. Potential customers are going to see what they like, which makes a big difference on whether they’re going to follow through and browse your ecommerce listings again or not.

Back Your Customer Support Up

Customer support is one of the most important things in today’s market. Every business should focus on making sure their visitors and leads feel valued and are getting satisfied. As such, your customer support solutions and representatives must be on point when reaching out to visitors on your page.

Today, customers want their questions answered and problems solved in a timely manner. Also, delivering personalized support is critical to ensure a positive experience is being provided.

Good CRM systems are either going to provide a complete support tool or allow you to integrate your already functional customer support platforms, such as your website’s online chat, in a way to provide your representatives with critical information regarding general customer’s preferences.

Customer Service

Enhance Customer Engagement

The best CRM solutions in the market are going to provide you with tools designed to attract more customers to your store, such as dispatching notifications about discounts and new products added to your listings, providing sales catalogs and special deal coupons, amongst other possibilities.

These are not only attractive for new visitors, they are also great to re-engage older customers in order to make them feel interested in buying from your store again. Providing content and keeping in touch with existing buyers helps to build fidelity, a crucial factor for ecommerce success, seeing how fierce the competition can be in the online environment.

CRM Reports Can Help Your Strategy

CRM systems are supposed to provide complete reports on your company’s target audience. They’ll be able to clearly showcase which products are most interesting to your customers, which marketing and engagement campaigns had the biggest impact on your growth, amongst other analytical data. You should be able to use this to your advantage when planning and implementing new sales strategies.

Being able to create streamlined focused strategies is very important for your company’s growth. Gather data, adjust your approach and employ new tactics to remain competitive in today’s online market.

But Which Are The Best CRM For Ecommerce?

Of course we wouldn’t leave you empty handed. Here’s a list of 5 of the best CRM solutions in the market that can help boost your ecommerce growth. If you’d like to find more options, be sure to read our list with the 10 best CRM tools.

1. Salesforce


Salesforce is one of the best CRM solutions in the market today. The system is built entirely in the cloud, allowing users to access it from any device, anywhere. They offer a 14 days trial on all of their plans. The most basic plan, Lightning Essentials costs $25/month with a limit of 5 unique users. Salesforce offers different solutions tailored for specific businesses, such as Nonprofit companies, Startups, and of course, Ecommerces.

2. HubSpot


The best thing about HubSpot is that it offers one of the best CRM solutions in the market at zero cost for individual entrepreneurs and beginner marketers. You’ll have free access to a great lead analytics dashboard, different forms, contacts activity, management and insights as well as Facebook and Instagram ads lead. HubSpot also offers paid plans for bigger businesses, starting at $50/month.

3. Insightly


Insightly offers a complete, out-of-the-box CRM solution for your Ecommerce starting at $29/month. You’ll be able to try each of their plans with a free trial. The company also allows you to request a demo. Get access to a well-made cloud dashboard or access it through its mobile app. Keep track and manage your contacts, enhance your email marketing campaigns and access reports to adjust your sales strategy with their services.

4. Zoho


Zoho is great for ecommerce companies, being also one of the cheapest CRM solutions, considering the quality of its service. Their most basic plan starts at $15/month and provides email marketing tools, condensed analytics and reports, sales forecasting and more. You’ll be able to access Zoho in the cloud or with its mobile app. Also, you can test each of their plans with a 15-day free trial.

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5. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s complete CRM solution, which integrates a series of different business tools that work together to improve your sales, customer service, finances, lead tracking and more. Their system is cloud-based and has everything your company needs in one place. But of course, being such a robust solution, it doesn't come at a low cost. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is most recommended for medium and big businesses.

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