How an Online Chat Can Help Your Ecommerce Grow!

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Every day an increasing number of people make purchases online, browsing through different stores and platforms looking for the best offers and services. For an ecommerce, it is important to do everything to impress and catch the visitors’ attention. Having an online chat on your website will boost the customer’s confidence in your brand and give your ecommerce a competitive edge.

An online chat is a great platform to provide great customer service through your own website, helping to captivate and satisfy your visitors while at the same time directly impacting your sales, generating leads and increasing conversions. But how exactly can we use an online chat to achieve that and have a positive ROI (Return on Investment)? Here are 10 ways for you to explore.

1. Offer immediate solutions in real time

Frequently potential customers have questions about products or services. Having an online chat on your website allows your visitors to get the answers they seek in real-time, on-demand, without having to wait for an email reply sent by the customer support team.

Being able to address customer issues as fast as possible is a crucial matter to any business, and an online chat will make you ace that while also boosting the confidence of potential customers in your company.

2. Provide personalized service

An online chat allows you to deliver personalized Customer Service to your visitors. When it comes to sales, being able to customize the way your company interacts with potential customers can go a long way, transforming what would be a generic user experience into a personalized one, guaranteeing higher customer satisfaction. This can be done because your chat representative is not a robot and can address your visitors by using information such as their name, what issues they are facing and products they are interested in, or even suggesting new products and services based on the customer’s past experience and purchases on your website.

It is important to make sure that your staff is trained to close sales, guiding your visitors from the first point of contact through your products and services, reaching out to meet their needs and satisfy them.

3. Care for Customer Privacy

Your visitors value their privacy, and that is why an online chat is one of the best ways to deliver online customer support. Very often a potential customer won’t be willing to provide their email address, phone number or any other kind of personal information on the very first contact with your brand, fearing that they could get swarmed with advertisements and unwanted messages.

With an online chat, your visitors can get the answers they seek without necessarily having to provide any kind of personal information, respecting their privacy and while giving your ecommerce an edge compared to others that don’t offer this convenience.

Online Chat Ecommerce Privacy

4. Receiving Feedback and discovering pain points

Receiving feedback is one of the most important topics for any business, very often your customers will have valuable information for your ecommerce. These can be about the products you sell, services you provide or even how easy to navigate is your website. An online chat allows your ecommerce to receive this feedback while at the same time creating an opportunity to make your customer feel like what they have to say is being heard, and in case of a negative feedback, allowing your team to address the situation and attempt to satisfy the customer. Use this feedback to improve your offerings and how well information is displayed to your potential customers.

5. Gathering information

When it comes to sales, the more information a company has about its customers and target audience, the better they can adapt and provide personalized service, as previously mentioned. If a potential customer is able to interact with your company through an online chat and gets satisfied with the experience, they are more likely to provide information, such as his email address, which can be used in future email marketing campaigns sent to your leads!

Online Chat Ecommerce Email Marketing

6. Customize your chat

When it comes to online chats, proper design and customization can be much more important than you imagined. Making sure your online chat fits with your website is as important as making your online shop look professional and attractive.

Building trust through branding, displaying your company’s logo, making sure your chat stands out on your website and is easily accessible, using social widgets and connecting different platforms are important factors when attempting to deliver quality service to your visitors.

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7. Be proactive with well-timed greetings

Good online chat solutions allow you to setup up different triggers for a representative to approach your visitors. Having personalized greetings just at the right time can make a big difference. These can happen when your customer is facing problems or browsing specific sections of your website. An automatic greeting at the right time can many times just be what your visitor needs and may be the deciding factor for a conversion.

Your company won’t need to wait for your visitors to come looking for answers and solutions anymore, you’ll be able to be proactive and reach out to meet their needs.

Well-timed greetings can also be used to upsell your products and services. This can be done by informing your visitors of discounts, special offers, ongoing campaigns, and events.

Online Chat Ecommerce Proactivity

8. Be available anytime

Potential customers can visit your ecommerce website at any given moment, that is especially true if you’re the owner of an international business. Being able to be there whenever your visitors need can be very important and will boost your visitors’ confidence in your brand.

If you’re not sure when your customers are usually looking to buy from your online store, consider investing in keeping your chat live for 24 hours and measure the peak hours. A company that can assist its visitors at any given moment has a competitive advantage.

9. Increase your employee’s efficiency

While in a physical environment your employees would most of the time be able to assist only one customer at any given moment, with an online chat that can be heavily improved. One employee may be able to help many visitors, without having them waiting in a queue, which could potentially result in loss of interest and damage your store’s reputation.

As long as your potential customers are getting their problems solved and questions answered in a timely manner, they won’t be bothered with how many people are being assisted by the same representative at the same time, which will make them feel important and valued in every chat session.

Online Chat Ecommerce Employee Efficiency

10. Be available on Mobile and provide different forms of contact

Making sure that your ecommerce is available on mobile is a big deal. More than 50% of the Internet traffic happens through smartphones and mobile ecommerce grows every day. No company wants to lose the opportunity to reach this audience. Having an online chat that works on mobile devices allows you to be available to your potential customers anywhere. Your visitors will surely be satisfied with the convenience and this will directly impact your sales!

Also, sometimes your visitors just won’t be able to have a text conversation with your representatives, so always make sure that there is an alternative route. Good online chat solutions can also provide different forms of contact such as Instant Calls, by using the same platform you are able to assist a potential customer in any situation, be it through text or voice.

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