10 tips to improve the images of your e-commerce

updated May 22, 2023
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Luciano Larrossa
Luciano Larrossa
Marketing Magician

Knowing how to work with photos of your product is essential to succeed in your online store. Here, we have given some tips to get the best photos of your product to include on your site. This time, our tips not only involve the photos, but how to improve the images of your e-commerce in general. With these tips, your conversion increases and you sell more, bringing more results to your business.

1. Use white background in images

It can not be considered a tip to improve the images of your e-commerce, but rather a requirement. Marketplaces only accept images with white background, then all of them should be in this background, as shown in the example below.

Fundo branco

2. Do not use filters

The tip may seem counterproductive, but not using filters can prevent headaches in the future. While it is necessary to improve the images of your e-commerce to gain more sales, do not use filters to improve these photos. Using them can give a much better impression than the actual product, and upon receiving the product, a customer may be dissatisfied and accuse him of misleading advertising.

3. Use multiple images

One way to sell more by using photos of your products is to use multiple images for each product. An e-commerce that sells dresses, for example, may sell better by providing photos of the front, back and side of the dress, so that a visitor can see how he stands from every possible angle. Analyze the angles of most interest in your product and take photos of all of them to make available on your site.

4. Weight: compress using Caesium

A free application, Caesium allows you to reduce the weight of your images without loss of image quality. The app has several versions: for Windows computers, mobile devices, browsers and even a version that does the work through lines of code. It is possible to compress several images simultaneously, making the photos of your products not occupy so much space available in your web domain.


TIP: Click here to know more about Caesium and do not forget to check this text 21 applications for your digital marketing team.

5. Send images in 360 °

A feature still rarely used by the virtual stores, some alternatives to eBay allow you to send 360 ° photos. With them, a visitor can visualize each angle of the product they are selling. In 2011, a story published by Digital Commerce 360 revealed that the site Due Maternity converted 27% more after starting to use 360 ° photos to demonstrate their products.


6. Add context to images

Rather than just displaying a product you're selling, try creating an image by putting it in context. That is, not just show the product, but show someone using it. If you are selling sports products like running shoes, try to publish an image with an athlete using sneakers.


7. Balance the amount of zoom allowed to the user

Most of the e-commerce websites allow you to configure how much zoom a visitor can give in your product. However, it is necessary to find a balance to this freedom. Allowing too much zoom, for example, can cause your image to become out of focus and the prospect can no longer see the product. Already restricting the zoom of the images too much may be useless, without revealing anything too much to this visitor.

8. Have one image for each color available

If your product comes in different color options, it is mandatory that you include at least one image for each color. In this way, your visitor will be able to see directly how the product will look in the chosen color.

This can be done in two ways. The first is offering a list of options and, when the visitor chooses the color, show how the product will look. The second is simply to include each available color in the product image gallery.


9. Demonstrate the size of your product

Images on the internet may not indicate size well. A mobile shown in a small picture, for example, may give the impression that it is smaller than it really is. In these cases, ideally, place your product next to something else that can be used as a comparison. Also, always leave the product dimensions available in the item description.

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10. Show hidden features

If the item you are selling has some kind of functionality that can not be seen on a photo, be sure to create an image with this feature displayed. For example, if a bed has a box inside to hold sheets, duvets and pillows, show this extra compartment in one of the pictures. This type of functionality can be used as an asset for sale, inclusive. To make your pictures look even better, you can also enjoy product retouching services, to enhance lighting and other details.

Funções escondidas

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