20 applications for your digital marketing team

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Clayton Quist
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A digital marketing team is made up of various different types of professionals, from content producers to SEO analysts, not to mention social media specialists. There are a series of apps that can improve the routine and results that all of these different roles achieve. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 20 applications for your marketing digital team!

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1. Todoist

This is a simple web application that works like a to-do list. You can separate your tasks according to project, as well as adding notes and defining priorities. It can be used by individuals or by teams, letting a manager distribute tasks to other members of their team. This tool is also available on iOS and Android, and they recently launched a tool that gives suggestions for reorganising delayed tasks, taking the week’s jobs and the behaviour of the app’s users into account. Click on the link to find out more about Todoist.


2. Trello

Trello has similar objectives to Todoist, but works in a different way, meaning it can be used in different ways. It can be used for administrating different projects and different tasks related to them, as well as, for example, planning agendas for meetings. Working through a system of digital cards, you can designate each card to a member of the team, as well as communicating through making comments on cards, or sending archives or images. Find out about Trello’s features on their website.

3. Asana

This is one of the world’s most used project management tools. Through it, you can access the activities that each member of your team is working on at that moment. It’s also possible to delegate tasks and define priorities through Asana, as well as communicate through an online chat system. Find out about what this app has to offer its users by paying a visit to their site.

4. Cloudvote

Cloudvote lets you create PowerPoint presentations in a collaborative environment. Rather than preparing presentations on your own using Microsoft’s software, other members of your team can access your work whilst you’re doing it and you can communicate, exchange ideas and detect problems in real time. Click on the link to find out more about Cloudvote.


5. SEMRush

Dedicated to search and analysis, SEMRush is one of the most popular tools in its area. Amongst its features, this application lets you compare different SEO data from your site to your competitors, offering reports about how you rank for certain key-words.

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SEMRush also lets you search for ideas for new key-words to include in your content strategy, as well as showing you which pages rank highest according to the search term in question. Go to the SEMRush page to find out how this application could help your SEO team.

6. Google Keyword Planner

This is Google’s key-word tool. The Keyword Planner has similar features to SEMRush, searching for new key-words through other terms or categories. You can do cost simulations for AdWords, through a list of key-words, and find out about the volume of searches for any specific term, amongst other things. You only need Google account to be able to access the Keyword Planner.

7. SpyFu

This application is designed for the analysis of your competition’s search data. It checks the history of the ads used by your competition and identifies the elements of their campaigns that worked well. It can find up to nine years’ worth of data with key-words with adverts bought on Adworks, and report every organic ranking that these sites have achieved. Click the link to find out about SpyFu.

8. Serpstat

This is another app dedicated to analysing your competition’s data. Different from SpyFu, the analysis process and the comparison of data between your site and those of your competitors is done automatically, and it helps you to identify who your main competitors are. Serpstat offers automatic reports as well as analysing future advertising patterns. Find out more about Serpstat by visiting their page.

9. Ninja Outreach

This is marketing tool with a simple aim: to help you locate influencers in your area of business. The tool also puts you in contact with them instantly via social media or email. It also lets you separate these influencers according to the social media sites on which they are most influential, like Instagram or Facebook. Find out more about Ninja Outreach on their site.

Ninja Outreach

10. Inkybee

Inkybee is an excellent service for finding blogs and influencers, in a similar way to Ninja Outreach. It has search mechanisms which focus on the new influencers in certain areas, and lets you catalogue them into different lists which can be divided into separate categories. Check out all of Inkybee’s features.

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11. Mention

This feature works in the opposite way to Inkybee or Ninja Outreach. Rather than working merely as way of searching for influencers in your niche, Mention shows you who is already talking about your brand on the internet. As well as finding out who’s already talking about you, you can use Mention to measure the reach and engagement of campaigns created we’ve these people. Have a look at Mention to find out who’s talking about you right now.

12. Buzzsumo

This is one of the biggest digital marketing tools out there. Buzzsumo incorporates all aspects of digital marketing, and is a vital tool for SEO teams. As well as letting you search for key-words and trends like SEMRush does, Buzzsumo also works as a search engine for influencers, just like Inkybee.

Amongst the various pieces of information the app can provide you with, it shows the dominions of the pages you’ve searched for, as well as their follower numbers, amongst other things. Click on the link to find out more about Buzzsumo.

13. Content Idea Generator

This generates ideas for content production. Content Idea Generator gives you apparently random titles for a chosen topic. Every word or term in a title is explained after the search has finished, as you can see in the screenshot below. Titles for texts in languages other than English can be adapted to the language in question. Just go to the site to start generating titles.

Content Idea Generator

14. Zenpen

Are your content producers are wasting time with lots of distractions? Zenpen could help them to focus on the text. The tool offers a distraction-free environment, letting them redact texts without any buttons or notifications to distract them, especially if used in full screen. Get started writing with Zenpen right away.

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15. TWords

This tool isn’t focused exclusively on writing content, but on improving professionalism in general. TWords can be used so that the writer monitors their progress with a certain text, and analyses their most productive days. For writing practice, TWords provides a text suggestion, along with an indication of how long a writer should take to complete it. Click on the link to find out more about the web application.

16. Buffer

This is a web application aimed exclusively at social media. Buffer lets you program Twitter, Facebook and Instagram publications, as well as providing timing suggestions based on the traffic to your pages on these sites. It also has analytical tools so that you are aware of your engagement on social networks, and an app for iOS and Android. It has a Google Chrome extension, which lets you instantly publish or program any content that you’re looking at the time, without needing to access the social media site. Find out more about Buffer.

17. Klout

Klout can be used to analyse both the engagement your content is generating on social media, and to show how every share, like or comment influences the reach of your content. This information is summed up in a note, provided by the influence analysis done by the app. Find out more about how Klout works by visiting their page.

18. HootSuite

With a reach even greater than that of Buffer, Hootsuite lets you program posts and check publications on nearly 35 social media sites. As well as this, Hootsuite also lets you respond to messages you’ve received on these social media sites through the platform itself. Find out about HootSuite’s features.

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19. Piktochart

Focused on the production of infographics, Piktochart offers nearly 500 ready-made infographic templates which you can add text to, and which can be downloaded in high definition. In this way, you can make your content even more attractive to the reader, making your texts more legitimate. Click on the link and check out Piktochat’s template database.


20. Pixlr Editor

A simple image editor that can be accessed online. This means that Pixlr can be used on any computer that a member of your team is using, including public computers. Pixlr offers simple tools like resizing, image cropping and features that are common to all simple image editors, so it’s more than enough when you don’t need advanced image editing. You can start editing images through Pixlr right now going to their online editor.

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