12 Best Programs To Install Shopping Cart Into Your Ecommerce

updated June 9, 2023
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Luciano Larrossa
Luciano Larrossa
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We already recommend several programs and platforms so you can create the ecommerce of your dreams or, at least, the closest to it considering the resources that you have at your disposal. In addition to indicating the steps to set up your virtual store, We showed 20 websites to start your ecommerce and commented on some strategies to use in your commercial chat. This time, let's talk a little about the final steps of the sale, indicating the 12 best programs to install shopping cart in your ecommerce.

It will be through this program that your visitors will close the conversion and change their status to their customers. Therefore, using a stable system that allows this visitor to go through the process without major problems is one of the priorities when selecting one. Check it out below!

1. PrestaShop

This free tool is one of the most used by virtual stores. Free, it has tools to manage your inventory, as well as the real-time delivery process. One of its advantages is in the way you handle purchases by directly sending the amount to your bank account. Another advantage of PrestaShop is that it allows the installation of other modules together.


2. AgoraCart

Another of the most used shopping cart programs, AgoraCart is an open-source tool - and, free, portannto - that can be integrated into an existing ecommerce. One of its main advantages is the compatibility with several digital payment systems, such as PayPal and its alternatives. It also has customizable visual and inventory management options, among others.

3. Opencart

One of the special functions of Opencart is also to have a system that allows users to write reviews of the products sold. Opencart has an extension store that allows ecommerce owners to choose things like what digital delivery and payment tools they will use in their business. One of its highlights is its optimization for SEO, making it easier for your online store to rank better in Google.

4. ZenCart

Among the main features of this software, ease of use by non-programmers is one of the most publicized by the company behind the program. Besides the ease of handling the software, it also has other options mentioned in this list, such as several options for digital payment. The platform also allows to implement discounts by quantity and use of coupons by the buyers.


5. Broadleaf Commerce

One of the paid tools in this list, Broadleaf Commerce has a wider range of options than most other items on the list, and can be customized according to your business area. Along with tools common to shopping carts, this software also has functions to manage email marketing, as well as integrations with social networks and Google Analytics.

6. Oscommerce

With a large community of ecommerce owners dedicated to the platform, Oscommerce uses a model similar to that seen in Opencart. Like the program cited, its strength lies in the varied range of extensions that can be included in the tool. It also allows the inclusion of several currencies and a system that facilitates the printing of purchase receipts.


7. Ubercart

Unrelated to the well-known paid carpooling application, Ubercart is a shopping cart program that is compatible with Drupal, one of the largest free ecommerce platforms. In addition to synchronization, the software allows you to sell and charge for a variety of product types, including premium content and downloading of unique files.

8. Loaded Commerce

Loaded Commerce has free and paid editions, which can be purchased according to the current situation of your business. It has a wide range of themes to customize your ecommerce and other functions common to the tools shown in this list. Other possibilities of personalization involve editing of registers, receipts, purchase orders, among others. This allows purchases in the system to be made more flexible, such as changing the order of a customer who made the change request or made a mistake at the time of purchase.

9. nopCommerce

A free open source tool, nopCommerce has as its main advantages the possibility of using your code to create a program for your own shopping cart. It also allows it to be installed on its own server or on partner servers. It is also known to be a simple tool to use, with documentation to help beginners.


10. TomatoCart

Born as an offshoot of Oscommerce, TomatoCart is a paid tool that offers common features such as a wide range of options for digital payment, purchase order management, delivery, and customer management. Apart from them, the program also provides reports and statistics about your ecommerce, dedicated tools for promotion and links optimized for SEO.

11. DigiStore

Like TomatoCart, DigiStore was also born from Oscommerce. Unlike its base, changes made in the DigiStore focus on improving the overall management experience and ease of use by the end user. Among its features, it allows the addition of offline payment options such as checks and credit cards. It also has digital payment options. Lets you block some of these options by region, useful for locations that do not use a particular service.

12. Zeuscart

Zeuscart has the proposition of having an open source tool that allows a wide range of options without sacrificing the user experience. Tools like inventory management, SEO optimization, compatibility with gift cards and discount coupons, personalization of taxes included in the price and newsletter services are some of the ones compatible with Zeuscart.

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