How to delegate operators to your online chat on Jivochat.

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As your business grows, you'll need to relocate your operators, especially if you're running more than one site. Knowing that this is a function that can be used in a regular way, Jivochat allows you to delegate operators to your online chat in Jivochat quite easily through the control panel. To learn how to better organize your attendants access, check out the step by step below and also apply them to your website!

How to delegate operators to your online chat on Jivochat

1 -: Access your control panel;

2 -: Find the site you want to organize the attendants in and click the Delegate operators;


3 -: To put a new operator to attend at the chosen site, simply click on its name in the window that will open;


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4 -: To remove an attendant and get your chat access from the site, click on it if it has the green mark on the photo, according to the following screenshot:


5 -: After you have finished assigning the desired operators, exit the window and check the control panel again to confirm the change;


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