How to manage your e-commerce chat even when you're not on the computer

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Lucas C.
Lucas C.
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One of the main excuses that e-commerce owners have for not using a chat on their site is related to the lack of time to be in front of the computer to answer the questions of their potential customers. Many entrepreneurs end up spending a lot of time traveling, which makes it virtually impossible to use a chat. However, there are ways to alleviate this situation. Throughout this article, we'll share some things you can do to get a chat in your virtual store even if you spend a lot of time outside the computer.

1. Set hours for attendance

Having an online chat does not mean that you have to be on your computer all the time. Setting a day-to-day routine to serve your customers will take away the pressure of feeling guilty for not being supportive. Many virtual business owners are chatting only 4 to 5 hours a day. After all, it's better to give live support for a few hours than it's ever been, do not you?


2. Get leads in offline mode

When you are not online, chats like Jivochat give a short warning to your visitor that although the support is not live, they can leave your question in the text. This is a very interesting way to be able to help your visitors and still get some leads for your business. This is because, every time the visitor will leave your doubt, he is required to leave your email. In this way, you get contacts and you have possibilities to try to sell, for that same visitor, future products of your store.


3. Use the application on your phone!

Do you want to provide support even when you are on the street? There is no problem. The Jivochat app has the mobile app that works on both Android and iOS. With it, you will be able to support live, needing only an internet connection.

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4. Delegate this task to others

Have you come to think how many reals you may be losing every month for not supporting your visitors? I believe that if you do the math, it's even financially worthwhile to hire someone to do this kind of service.

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